The 67th Hunger Games-COMPLETE-

Cyanna Harlech, a fellow Career from District 4, has been chosen to participate in The Hunger Games. Leaving her Mother and sister, Pearl she is uncertain she will win. Winning means game and fortune. Losing means certain death...


17. 17

"Cyanna. Cyanna!" Jax's voice got me up. I fell asleep. Accidentally.

"What?" I ask.

"Look..." She whispers. I get up off the floor and look ahead of me. It was Laud. I grab my bow and arrows and run closer to him. He throws a small knife at my calf and he doesn't miss. It goes through the flesh. I scream in pain and aim at his stomach. I let go of the string, and the arrow goes straight through. I can't see any blood though, but there is blood pouring out of my leg. Laud's cannon fires and I count how many people have died. Seventeen. Seven left already. I stumble over to a cave, and Jax runs over with the packs. She pulls out the knife and sees how deep if is. Not very deep, but you can see alot of blood.

"I might not make it..." I whisper, wheezing.

"You can. I believe in you Cyanna..." Replies Jax, with a small tear rolling down her cheek. She picks up my bottle and squeezes some water on my wound. I bite my lip, trying not to scream at how much it hurts. I won't get through this. There's too much blood.

I hear a beeping sound and Jax rushes outside and comes back in the cave with a silver metal parachute. She opens it and reads a note. I take it out of her hands.

Cyanna and Jax. If you need medicine, I've got what you need. Cyanna, use this on your leg. The pain will go away and the flesh will be back soon. You can win. -District 3.

So we do have sponsors.

"Thank you... District 3." I smile and get the medicine out. It's some sort of ointment, that smells of mint leaves. I dab some on my leg and take a long breath, as Jax wraps her arms around me.

"See? Even my district wants is to win!" She whoops.

"We have to now. Now that I will make it." I reply.

She passes me my pack and I take out the small pack of dried beef. I hand Jax a piece and give myself one. Then I put it back in and nibble on the sides. Instead I wolf it down, and take a sip of water.

"Cyanna. Can you walk?" Asks Jax. I get up and walk outside the cave. I can walk, but very slowly. Let's call it limping.

"Let's move." I suggest.

"No! We need your leg to heal."

"You sound thirty, for a twelve year old when you say that,"

She grins and pops her head outside of the cave. She frowns.

"Stay here. District 11's girl is here."

Jax wonders out of the cave and I hear an agonised scream. I hope it's not Jax... I shut my eyes tight, until I hear footsteps coming into the cave again.

"I'm back!" She smiles.

"How did you kill her?" I ask.

"I uh. I shot an arrow at her. I retrieved it!"

"Arrows aren't for you. You can't shoot straight!" I object.

"But I got her."

"True!" I smile and give Jax the sleeping bag. She tells me to get in and I do, and she does also.

"Get some rest. We both need it," I yawn and Jax rests her head on my chest again. My leg still stings, but it won't for long when we put more ointment on it.

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