The 67th Hunger Games-COMPLETE-

Cyanna Harlech, a fellow Career from District 4, has been chosen to participate in The Hunger Games. Leaving her Mother and sister, Pearl she is uncertain she will win. Winning means game and fortune. Losing means certain death...


12. 12

Sixty seconds. That's how long we're supposed to stand on our metal plates for. Step off in less than sixty seconds, your legs get blown off. I look around at all the supplies, but with the corner of my eye I keep watching the bow and arrows.

Thirty seconds...

Twenty seconds...

Ten seconds...

A gong is rung and all the tributes step off the plates and rush to get to the supplies. I look behind me and look forward again and groan. It's gone! My only chance! My weapon has gone! I run in a circle and see a small green backpack. I lunge forward and grab it. Just as I'm about to run back, a boy from District 7 grabs it with me. We pull for a minute or so, until he drops to the ground. I spin around and see Varnia, the girl from 1 holding a spear and rushing forward. I'm her next target. And she never misses. I run off into the trees and see that she finishes off the boy from 7. I hear cannon fires, which signals that people have died. I stop to a halt and count them. One... Two... Three... Four... Until eleven. Eleven dead, thirteen more to go. I sling my pack over my shoulder and climb up a slender tree. I decide to set out what I've got. I flip open the flap and take out everything.

A black sleeping bag, a bag of crackers, a knife, a pack of dried beef and a two litre water bottle. A water bottle! This is great! I rush my fingers over my lips and feel all the cracks. I haven't drank all morning. I open up the bottle to see it is bone dry. Really? Bone dry? How hard is it to fill up a water bottle? It takes a second! I look around to see if a river is around, but no luck. If I have my water bottle, there's got to be a river or lake. Precisely.

I hold my hand on my pin and think of home. I take a deep breath, and exhale cautiously. Thinking of this, reminds me of Carter. Where is he? Is he trying to track me down? And- Jax! Where's she? Is she dead? Did Carter kill her? I shiver at the thought. If Carter kills Jax, I will avenge her death. Wait- what if she has an ally? Maybe then she'll kill me. I sigh, and put all my things back in the pack, except the knife.

My stomach rumbles, but I do not dare to break into my precious store of crackers and dried beef. I begin to cut away at a piece of tree bark and put it in my mouth. It will be hard to adjust, after the worlds best food. But hopefully I'll adjust quickly.

When it is nighttime, the anthem booms around the arena. I lay in my tree and look at the faces, crossing my fingers it's not Jax.

All the Careers and I are alive. Both from 5. The boy from 7. Both from 8 and 9. The girls from 10. And, both from 12.

I imagine how much sorrow their families will be in, crying and wanting to kill who killed their daughters, and sons. I sigh. I pull out my sleeping bag and wriggle in. Also, I wrap my belt around it so I don't fall out. Lastly, I put my pack inside. No one will see me, because of how dark it is. My eyelids get heavy and I drift off to sleep.

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