Honeymoon in Mars

The story is set in distant future in the year 3000 A.D. which witness two people unite after going through a lot of struggles. The two men Jason and Edwards rescue Jane from the underwater city and they get married.
The destination for their honeymoon will be Mars.


6. Episode6(The Articus Voyage - Part2 - Black Hawk Down)


Previously, our heroes were attacked by a Giant Squid.


The squid damaged the outer glass-fiber structure of the Gallian pipe. A hole was created inside the pipe and so the entire pipe structure was de-attached.


In the mean time Edwards summoned the Bubblemarine which was a last hope of their safety.


The two men were under the ocean dressed in their ocean suits. The temperature down there was pretty low. They started attacking the giant squid which laser blasters in hydro-mode.The attack did not bother the squid much as it was aggressively approaching towards Jason and Edwards.


Suddenly they noticed an object approaching towards them.It was getting brighter and brighter.


Jason: Hey Edwards, look up. Something is approaching towards us at high speed.

What is it?


Edwards: I am receiving a strong signal in my BubbleCommander device. I think it is Bubblemarine. The bright objects are actually the headlights of the machine. I think we shall be safe soon.


Jason: Lets enter the Bubblemarine from the top very cautiously. Let us not allow any water to run into its interiors.


Edwards: You are right. Here it comes.


Edwards pressed a button in his BubbleCommander device and the Bubblemarine stopped and its

top entrance opened so that our heroes can enter.


Both entered into the device.Edwards was in pilot's seat and Jason was sitting beside him.

Jason took charge of the weapon controls of the Bubblemarine. Edwards was responsible for navigation of the Bubblemarine.


Edwards: I am switching connection mode from auto-pilot to manual. It is in my hands now.


Jason: I am targeting this giant menace. I am waiting it to be closer such that it is in my range and I can hit it with my best shot.


Edwards: I am navigating the Bubblemarine closer to the squid. I know it is risky but the monster spoiled my mood. I t has to pay for it.


Jason: Right Bro, I can lock it now. I am firing a blaster torpedo.

In 5..4..3..2..1 . I launched it.


The torpedo did not have much affect on the squid.The squid was abnormal one mainly due to mutation but biological waste dumped under the sea. It make the squid more angry.


It attacked the Bubblemarine with its tentacles. Jason started firing hydro adaptable bullets . The squid screamed. It swam away but was again approaching towards them for another attack.


Edwards: We do not have much weapons left. This Bubblemarine is not a combat submarine, it

was designed for deep sea navigation.


Jason: Its put up or shut up time. The last weapon we have is the ballistic net with electro-shocker.Let me use this with more power. If I am not wrong this attack will paralyze the sea beast.


When the Squid approached nearer, Jason fired the ballistic net and the squid got trapped.


Now he activated the electro-shocker and started sending strong currents throughout the net.

It did not have much affect on the squid.


Edwards: Oops, Jason this squid is not giving up. Do something.


Jason: I am increasing the intensity of the elctro-shock. The elctro-shocker is not producing enough voltage to paralyze the squid. I am bypassing the connection from the electro-shocker to the main battery of the machine. It will produce close to five thousand volts enough to paralyze giants.


The trick worked and the squid was paralyzed by such a high voltage shock but at a cost.

The battery of the Bubblemarine was drained and only fifteen percent was remaining.


Edwards shouted in excitement,"Black Hawk down".


Edwards: Your last attack cost us much of our energy. We can utilize our remaining energy to travel till Articus main entrance.


As they reached near Articus, they found the entrance door locked.


Jason: Victor, why is the Articus main entrance locked. I am trying to ping the Articus base administrators to open the door yet no reply.


Victor(on radio): Yes, I know Jason. The door is locked due to emergency. It has attained a sudden death-lock. Since the Gallian pipe was withdrawn forcefully, the entrance gate will open on connection of another Gallian pipe.


Jason: The Gallian pipe was damaged and will take several days to be repaired . I do not have that much time. Any alternative solution?


Victor: The solution I am going to tell you will require all your coding expertise along with the knowledge of Edwards, Victor and the technical administrators at Articus base.You need to decode the death-lock of the Articus base using Hybrid proc language along with error detection and death-lock release.It is definitely not so easy.


Jason: We do not have so much time. Our batteries are drained to such an extent that the Bubblemarine has only fifteen percent energy left.


Victor: This is not a pleasant news, my friend. It looks like we need to initiate forceful release of death-lock through programming.I am praying to Almighty that this works otherwise you do not have enough energy to come back to surface. You can only travel to Articus base and recharge the submarine cell's.


Jason: Need to start programming right away.


Edwards: We are now in a battle of codes and logic. Let's win this one too.


What will our heroes do. Can they decode the code.Find out in our next episode.

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