Honeymoon in Mars

The story is set in distant future in the year 3000 A.D. which witness two people unite after going through a lot of struggles. The two men Jason and Edwards rescue Jane from the underwater city and they get married.
The destination for their honeymoon will be Mars.


5. Episode5(The Articus Voyage - Part1 - Fantastic Start)

Its a new day and a new morning.

It was around half past ten in the morning. Jason woke up. Jason was in a bad mood. He was suffering from a mild headache.

Edwards was still asleep in his bed and was snoring. Victor entered the resting chamber.He shook the body of Edwards who was asleep. He managed to get Edwards come out of his sleep.

He greeted both of them a very good morning.

There was no real sunshine inside the Techno-base but just artificial lighting.

Victor: Dear Jason, I am initiating the process to connect Gallian pipe to point 'AGP01'. The set up will be completed in around half an hour of time. In the mean time , why don't both of you have some food for your breakfast at the dinning cafe inside our base.

Edwards immediately rushed to the washroom.

Jason: Victor, give me some time. Please commence the process as I cannot afford any more delays. Oh shit, I drank too much last night. I now realize my foolishness.It was a mere stupidity.

Victor: Do not blame yourself so much. Things will get better soon.

Meanwhile, Edwards came out of washroom.

Victor led both of them to the dinning cafe.

Victor began checking the flow of the Gallian pipe. He chose to deploy a fast elevator system for the trip. In about twenty minutes, the gallian pipe successfully connected to 'AGP01'. He further received an acknowledgement from the Articus city point that the setup has completed and passengers could be routed through the pipe.

Victor asked Jason to provide him with the written permit that he acquired from Mr.Stevens.

He entered their names and permit IDs in the system which was received by the Articus gallian base and which confirmed the two passengers to undertake the journey were identified to be Jason and Edwards.

Victor pressed a button to summon the connected elevator system from Articus city.

Victor: I have upload your information to the Articus base. Your permit is verified to be genuine and they will be sending their elevator towards the Techno-Base and then, you are all good to go.

The elevator reached the Techno-Base and was indicated by buzzing of alarms.

Victor: Its time to part,Jason. You need to take a few equipments that may help you in your voyage. First of all you need to wear specially designed hydro-suits that has an oxygen backup for a complete day.It uses compressed oxygen. I have two suits, one for you and one for your friend. You need to have aquatic laser blaster. It can paralyze any underwater creature for a small duration of time. Lastly , my best wishes are with you. Without any more further delay I shall led you to the entrance of the elevator.

Jason burst into tears and told Victor that he was a bit scared.

Victor: Do not worry Jason, I shall personally look into it that you do not face any technical difficulties in your way to Articus.I shall be in touch will the technical staff at the Articus Gallian base.

Jason and Edwards put on the underwater suit and put on their safety helmets.

Victor bade goodbye to both.

So,our heroes start on their most anticipated journey. It was supposed to a short journey of no more than forty to forty five minutes even under worst circumstances. They are set to travel ten miles below to the surface to Arctic ocean.The Gallian elevator displayed miles traveled as they were progressing downwards.

After traveling for around ten minutes, the elevator showed that one and a half miles are already covered, it showed the pressure at this point and displayed temperature around five degrees in Celsius scale.

Jason: Its beautiful. From this glass fiber structure, we can have a bird's eye view of the sea life inside the ocean . Its amazing to see such beautiful sea creatures.

Edwards: Wow, I never imagined things would have looked so stunning.Hey look at the digital display we have already traveled three miles in under twenty minutes or so. I think it will take half an hour or so to reach our desired destination.

Meanwhile,the remote control of the prototype Bubblemarine fell from the pocket of Edwards.

Jason: What, you even carried that equipment down here. Its your Bubble Commander device. Are you sure you can summon Bubblemarine in case of any emergency situation.

Edwards: Perhaps, Yes. I think the Bubble Commander device should work. I shall order the Bubblemarine to travel from New york Base to Miami's Techno-Base. In case even if I summon it will tale around five minutes to reach us.

The Bubblemarine can travel at ultrahigh speeds inside water. It covered a distance form New york to Miami in less than fifteen minutes. It sent an acknowledgement to the Bubble Commander device which Edwards was holding in the palm of his hands.

Edwards: Great,Bubblemarine is now in Miami's Techno-Base. I have sent a message to Victor regarding this and he will take care of the machine and its maintenance in our absence. We have been been travelling since half and hour and covered more than six miles.

Suddenly, the amount of light reaching them dimmed and a strange black figure was approaching towards them.

Jason: How all of a sudden the darkness grew many fold in here. What is that strange thing approaching us. I think its a giant squid.

Edwards: Yes,it seems so. Be prepared with your weapons. I think the Bubblemarine might have to be used as a rescuer.

Jason: Victor, we are going to be attacked by a large monstrous squid. Does this pipe have any defense mechanism.

Victor: The pipe's only defense mechanism is electro-shock.

I shall send strong currents through the surface of the pipe. The electro-shock will be more effective under the water.

The squid started attacking the pipe ruthlessly with its tentacles. Jason screamed for help.

Victor send down strong currents throughout the surface of the pipe which actually had very little effect on the giant squid. Jason and Edwards started using their oxygen backups now which they connected to their helmets. The squid almost damaged a part of the pipe structure. The electro-shock seems to have no or little effect on the squid.

A hole was created in the Gallian pipe following which water started to flow in. Edwards summoned the BubbleMarine for their rescue.Victor was informed of the situation. He immediately de-attached the Gallian pipe.The Articus base also released the hold of the pipe.

Edwards and Jason started firing at the squid with their laser blasters but all hopes in vain. With very little to do , both eagerly waited for the BubbleMarine to arrive so that they can combat the squid with its defense arsenal.

Will our heroes survive. Lets see in the next episode.

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