Honeymoon in Mars

The story is set in distant future in the year 3000 A.D. which witness two people unite after going through a lot of struggles. The two men Jason and Edwards rescue Jane from the underwater city and they get married.
The destination for their honeymoon will be Mars.


3. Episode3(Our Heroes at Miami)


Last night both Edwards and Jason had a nice sleep.

They were greeted by the bright sunshine.

Edwards still seemed to be asleep lying on his cozy bed,meanwhile Jason got up.

He called up Edwards via video call.

Jason: Good Morning,wake up buddy, its a big day buddy, rise up.

Edwards: zzzzzzZZZZZZZZ!!!

Jason: Get up, whats up with you, are you freaking crazy, try and realize the importance of this day, we need to investigate if the Gallian pipe is properly functioning or not.

Edwards(kind of sleepy): Yeah, Good Morning, Jason.

Perhaps you are right,man. The proper functioning of the Gallian tube has to be ensured.

Jason enjoyed a packeted breakfast of cereals and oats that he bought the last night. Warmed it in his microwave chamber and was ready for the day.

Meanwhile,Edwards order his Robo-maid to prepare some nice sandwiches and protein juice for him.He enjoyed his food and spent around half an hour in his own gymnasium.

Jason was busy playing games on his advanced play station console which apparently were in 3D. He was an out and out gaming freak.

Jason drove to Edwards' residence in his metro car and together they drove off to New York linking road leading to tunnel of great GALLIAN(it is a technology hub station that could project the Gallian pipe towards a particular hop. Articus was one out of hundreds of underwater cities , but was certainly the largest and most advanced,it has an Gallian access point of: 'AGP01' – Articus-Gallian-Pipe-01).

Mr.Collins was in charge of the great GALLIAN.

Moments,later Jason and Edwards arrived at the spot.They entered into it after the lengthy verification process.

Collins: Welcome, Are you scientists at the Gordon Manufacturing labs(The lab which maintains the worldwide operations of the Gallian pipe).

Jason: Excuse me, we are not what you assume we are.

Edwards: Wait a minute, we have a written permit from Mr.Stevens.We have the authority to visit Articus. We need Gallian elevator support to help us reach the giant underwater city.That is why we are here.

We work for CLIMAX labs , we are into space research and not production and maintenance.

Collins: Well forgive me for my ignorance, I happened to find that the access point AGP01 is not responding well. In this circumstance, connectivity to Articus looks like near to impossible.Troubleshooting the problem and debugging will take more than a month.

Jason: Oh shit,we have permitted access to Articus only for a week. Waiting for a month is not feasible. If we lose this opportunity, I fear the shrewd Stevens will never renew the permit.Can Bubblemarine provide us some relief at this stage.

Edwards: Bubblemarine is in development stage and is just a prototype.It is our back up option and not truly the best way to travel around 10 miles under the water. The security at Articus may consider Bubblemarine to be a foreign entity and may not lead us in.

Collins: Well, I fear gentlemen, the last hope for you is ti access the Master Gallian pipe, the most successful gallian pipe deployment in the history of States.But its far,it is in Miami.

Jason: Dame it, its quite far. We need to utilize day-1 for completing our voyage to Articus. The metro car is not a viable option to travel so far. Moreover it is not that fast.

The Stratosphere passenger jets can take us there for sure.

Edwards: Not good enough at this time, it will be a bit slower due to heavy air traffic, since it is quite cheap , there will be a heavy rush and getting an air-ticket will be difficult. The only option seems to be the expensive Exosphere-Vessel which bypasses all the low flying air traffic and it is incredibly fast. We can reach there within half an earthly hour.

Somehow ,they managed to get a ticket of the exosphere Vessel which flew at round 400 miles above the earth's surface.First time ,they were excited to undertake such a journey.

It flew close to 10000 km/hr.

Finally they landed at Miami Inter planet space base (like normal airports but 10 times larger).

They hired a metro car for the day and drove to Techno-Base, the main house of the master Gallian pipe.

Jason: Oh yeah, it looks awesome, the city is terrific.

Edwards: Luckily I brought our under water back up suits just to address any emergency, I had an extra one ,so this one is for you.

Jason: Thanks, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Both laughed out loud.

They reached the Techno-Base. Edwards kept his fingers crossed , hoping this time around everything will be fine and that they don't have to face any further unnecessary delays.

The person in-charge of the Gallian pipe at Techno-Base was Mr.Victor.

Personally,Jason knew Victor from his school-days.

They entered the Techno-Base, Victor was greeted by Jason.

Victor: Jason , seeing you after a long time. What a great surprise, whats up friend.

Jason: We are on our way to Articus,We wanted a NY-Art (NewYork-Articus) connectivity but due to some technical glitches, we flew to Miami and need to take the MIA-Art connectivity.

Victor: This is the Master Gallian pipe, it never faces any problems. It is well maintained and is ready to take you wherever you want within it reach. I need to know the destination Access Point.

Jason forgot the access point code. He quoted: "Edwards, do you remember?"

Edwards: Oh ,yes. I think it is 'AGP01'

Victor ,please check and confirm.

Victor: I checked. I am glad to inform you Jason that you friend is correct. It is the correct Access Point code. The Gallian pipe responded positively towards this Access-Point.

You both are set to go. Gear up ,Guys.

Jason: That's wonderful. Thanks,Victor.

They both put on their emergency underwater gear and looked rock solid, ready to run.

Victor connected the destination port of the Gallian pipe to 'AGP01' and led them to the entrance of Gallian elevator service.

"Have a nice journey", Victor shouted.

Our heroes set out for the journey that they wanted to undertake and lets see what obstacles they have to overcome in future.

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