Honeymoon in Mars

The story is set in distant future in the year 3000 A.D. which witness two people unite after going through a lot of struggles. The two men Jason and Edwards rescue Jane from the underwater city and they get married.
The destination for their honeymoon will be Mars.


2. Episode2(The Road to Articus)

Edwards and Jason decided upon paying a short visit to Articus. According to them, it sounded an interesting excursion. They were aware that they needed written permit from Governor of Global Sea Operation, Mr.George Stevens.

A discussion was held between Jason and Edwards.

Edwards: I hope now is the time to visit George Stevens,hope he permits us to be in the Articus sea base.

Jason: Yeah,right Edward, but what can be an excuse for the purpose to visit Articus.

Edwards(very cleverly): We shall tell him that we want to test Bubblemarine(Submarine version of space-bubble, a semi space shuttle). The Bubblemarine can be remotely operated too and should be tested in high pressure require elite team of scientists at the Articus to demonstrate if Bubblemarine is actually a more efficient way of traveling deep waters at extremely high pressures.

Jason: Sounds like a good purpose to me, lets go with that.

Jason had a metro car.A car which can fly for a certain time ,which had additional boosters that gave it a thrust and attain unbelievable speeds.

Jason took out his metro car and both of them boarded it. They drove to the office of the Governor of Global Sea Operation, Stevens, which was at 75th floor at the towers of legislation.(Which is a building that the members of council of global justice operates from).

It took them about half an hour to drive to the office of Mr.George Stevens.

Mr.George Stevens was a shrewd person and strict in his own held principles.

The two friends got into the chamber of after Digital I-Card verification, criminal record check, Body scan and several 50 to 100 stupid procedures.

They entered the room of . He had an F71-15th generation Laser blaster on his table.

Jason: Hello, myself Jason, this is my friend actually want a written permit to visit Articus.

Stevens: What is the purpose, young fellow. You might know visiting Articus require a clean and pure scientific motive. Its by far not a holiday destination(and laughed at bit).

Edwards(thinking of George Stevens as stupid and started explanation): Well you see , we work for CLIMAX labs and we are not certainly novice. We wanted to test the efficiency of the Bubblemarine and see if it is as good for deep sea navigation as semi space shuttle for interplanetary navigation. Moreover the Gallian pipe is a bi-directional route dependent point to point connectivity between hops. I am sure the success of Bubblemarine can remove such limitation and access multiple hops from single deport the Gallian pipe's hard glass-fiber structure is prone to damage after being attacked by killer sharks and giant white whales(which were lies), the Bubblemarine loaded with defense arsenal can shield itself from such vicious attacks. We are aiming at the welfare of humanity as a effort will surely improve deep sea connectivity. The vision looks bright and the goal even brighter.

Stevens somehow got fooled by those words. He provided them with a written permit.

Stevens: I hope both of you all the very best. The permit has been granted only for a duration of 7 days, make best use of it. Any legal or criminal offense in Articus will be subject of immediate deportation and attract on-surface penalization.

Jason and Edwards looked excited. They came out of the office and jumped in joy.

Jason: I am so happy mate, finally we shall visit the scientific marvel known as Articus.

Edwards: Lots of things to do, lets drive back home, pack our bags and have a nice sleep in our respective homes.

The night passes with both ambitious men dreaming of Articus.

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