Honeymoon in Mars

The story is set in distant future in the year 3000 A.D. which witness two people unite after going through a lot of struggles. The two men Jason and Edwards rescue Jane from the underwater city and they get married.
The destination for their honeymoon will be Mars.


10. Episode10(Confronting the Destiny's Child)



Previously, Jason and Edwards on being defeated by the wicked gambler Mr.Kevin Starks got trapped into a cyber world. They are now digitized into bits of information .

The digital world looked like a battleground as they were fighting in zombie-land. The trees and stones around them looked to glow and dim alternately as they were images created digitally.


Edwards said,"Ahh! This looks like a creepy place. How do we get out of here?"


Jason replied,"I am not sure, I in fact don't know, ha ha!. Damn it, I am starving"


Edwards said,"Shut up , it's your fault. Why don't you eat those digitized fruits hanging from digital trees."


Jason asked Edwards to shut the hell up.


As they were traveling down the road of data, a strange ghost like creature stopped them. It introduced itself as Quanto,the lord of the digital world.


Quanto said in a weird voice,"You look like a new breed of virus and you must be destroyed."

Quanto ran a scan procedure and the results were shocking. He found that though they were digitized they were not programmed or they do not contain any predefined programmable procedures.


Quanto repeated ,"Who are you. You are not computer virus, in fact not even codes. What are you doing in this world?"


Jason in a feeble voice said,"We are unfortunate humans from the outer world who are tricked and trapped into this domain."


To this Edwards added,"Ahh! we do not belong here, we need to get out of this place as soon as possible but how?I do not see any gateway to the real world."


Quanto said,"It is certainly unfortunate of you. I knew a few cases where humans quantized themselves,penetrated our world and fixed nano-circuits and other repairs and maintenance. They came back with a demorpher to allow them travel back to their real world and regain their sizes. May I have a look at your demorpher"


Jason said,"Remurph........what! What the hell is that?"


Quanto said,"Stupid intruders,you do not know what a demorpher is and entered the digital world."


To this Edwards said,"Hey Jason, do you remember that evil Kevin Starks had a shinning metal device tied to his belt when he was combating us. Well it might be the demorpher."


Quanto said,"A demorpher is a device that will demorph you to original size and transfer your digital information to your memory tool, which I think you call brain and then it will erase the temporary data you created in this world by your temporal existence.In short it is a restore and rollback process."


Jason nodded his head.


Edwards said,"Sorry Quanto, but we have no such device."


Quanto said,"Now,you are in trouble .The access out gateway is located in Level-3. Since this is a gaming system that you are trapped in,you need to successfully complete all the three levels to ensure an exit. Otherwise, the level hurdles will keep on breaking your digital bits until you are reduced to a zero in digital systems."


Jason said,"In short GAME OVER"


Quanto said,"You are now in base level gateway which is also access to quantized digital information. You will only be allowed in Level-2 once you complete Level-1 challenge. The target of Level-1 is to annihilate the destiny's child which is also the zombie-master. The destiny's child is created of wicked information and there is a weakness associated with the child which must be found. But the child has an army of evil zombies which you must tackle not only by your strength but also by your wisdom and intelligence. "


Jason asked,"OK, how do we get there?"


At this the Quanto replied,"Walk through the articraft forest of bizarre, head along the highway of corrupt data, cross the river of golden bits and there you are at the castle of the evil child. It might be heavily guarded.Explore the weakness of the child and kill it with the sword of the decoder. You must find that sword.It is concealed in the castle. Hurry up. You don't have much time."


The two men bade goodbye to Quanto. Quanto then vanished in thin air after saying that he would appear whenever needed.


The two men walked briskly through the articraft forest. Saw strange creatures and animals completely different from real world.They never dared to approach or communicate with any of these. They came to a place where it was so dark and only they can view a golden bridge. That bridge is referred to as highway of corrupt data. It was a beautiful bridge built over a molten mass of corrupt data. Any temporary data deletion or quarantine is dumped into the molten mass . These are consumed by the hungry scavengers of data.


The bridge was long and took them around ten milliseconds to cross it. They were constantly scanned for defects by a information coder whose task was to dump any data crossing the bridge into molten mass if considered corrupt or malicious. Fortunately, they crossed it successfully without any glitches.


Then they walked for almost a mile in digital routes which took them around ten to fifteen micro-seconds. Now they realized that they could travel much faster here than in the actual world.They realized they could travel close to the speed of electron in this world.But they did not know how to use such a power as they were not accustomed to such.


They stopped by a the banks of a river in which important information was flowing. Only information scanned and approved by the machine security is allowed to flow in it. It appeared bright and golden.


Jason said,"Now, how do we cross this river or whatever it is?"


Edwards looked around trying to find something interesting. He saw a console with some programs and codes.He noticed it was a puzzle and needs to be solved. Edwards quickly pondered his thoughts in the right direction and was able to code correctly. He also browsed through the history of the river of golden bits and found that anything but data will suffer serious burns if comes in contact with the data flow of the river. The only way to cross the river was to ride the golden dolphin and travel to the other side. He managed to locate the piece of code used in summoning the dolphin and succeeded in calling it.


It was a beautiful creature but had thousands of fins and nine tails. It was gigantic and it let out a loud cry.


The two mounted on back of the dolphin and looked delighted. The dolphin helped them cross the river in no time.For the first time they experienced the speed of traveling at the speed of an electron.


They landed in a weird place, dark and nasty looking. They saw a castle that looks haunted.

Jason noticed a trash container on the banks. The river of golden bits looked so mesmerizing that Jason collected some golden water i.e golden data flow into the container as souvenir.

Edwards said," Stop fooling around Jason, we have a task at our hands."


As they marched towards the castle they saw a few zombie guards guarding the castle. They behaved too like zombies.

They acted weirdly, walk in a haphazard manner and emitted foul sounds. The digital zombies were not so smart and let them in. There was a big throne in the hall and there was a big throne .It had some fun toys beside it.


A child emerged from some unknown areas of the castle and sat on the throne and for sure it did not look that horrible.


All the zombies shouted in unison "All hail lord Destiny,All Hail lord Destiny,All hail lord Destiny"


Following which Jason and Edwards understood that their target was in front of them.The child sat on its throne.He called up three zombies and asked,"You were supposed to contaminate the golden river and destroy it so that I could go to the other side and capture the control of the digital world. Were you successful?"


One of the zombies came up and said in a spooky voice,"No,master. The red phoenix protects the river of golden bits and it almost killed us. It is to strong and protective."

The other zombie told that the red phoenix and the golden dolphin proved to be their biggest obstacles and that they have overpowered the zombies and hence they could not succeed in their endeavor.


"Silence!!! you fools.",said the child who was extremely upset.


He then picked up a toy which looked like a toy gun. The child pressed the trigger and it emitted a laser which killed the zombies.He then assigned three new zombies to accomplish the task of contaminating the river of golden bits.


The child uttered in a loud voice and said,"Hey you two. Who are you? You look neat and tidy. You do not look like my zombie soldiers"


Jason started behaving like a monkey and said,"Master, All hail lord Destiny"


Then the child uttered something in a language only familiar to the zombies. To his surprise neither Jason nor Edwards reacted but all the real zombies replied back.


The child said,"Arrest these two and exile them in the black prison immediately."


Two huge zombies came forward and arrested Jason and Edwards.They were thrown into one of the cells of the black prison . They saw an old man already in that cell.


Who is the old man? Will he turn out to be an ally or an adversary?


Mystery unfolds in next chapter.

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