It's about a girl who is abused by her boyfriend, but has a light in her life that eventually ends up saving her.
It's about the struggle through abuse, self harm, hate and love.
It's a lame description, but its all I got for know.

It's kind of inspired by my own experiences, and some Korean culture.


9. Oppa

A while had passed. Minjung still felt fear every now and then, and she would break down fairly often when she remembered Woojin. But Kwangmin would always be there to support her, and slowly her anxiety grew smaller and smaller. She had stopped the cutting like she had promised. She had even been outside many times but she always kept away from that part of town where she and Woojin had lived together. She wasn’t okay yet. Far from. But she felt hope, and she felt sure that she would be fine with some time and a little help from Kwangmin. 

She still couldn’t believe that he stayed with her through all this. But she was very grateful to him. He made her feel alive, appreciated and happy. Feelings she had never experienced before. And most of all: he made her feel loved. 
He had truly saved her from a hell. And she would gladly spend the rest of her life repaying that depth to him. Her scars had almost healed now. They were still there, but only as a gentle reminder that now where better days.

She looked up into his eyes, biting her lip. A habit she had grown accustomed to whenever she was nervous about something. “What is it Jungie-ah?” he gently brushed a strain of hair away from her face. 
“I... uhm... I really love you… Oppa.” she smiled. A genuine smile. His eyes widened. “You called me oppa!” his smile grew wide and he kissed her and mumbled into her lips. 
“I love you too Jungie-ah. Forever.”

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