It's about a girl who is abused by her boyfriend, but has a light in her life that eventually ends up saving her.
It's about the struggle through abuse, self harm, hate and love.
It's a lame description, but its all I got for know.

It's kind of inspired by my own experiences, and some Korean culture.


6. Leaving

She had to leave Woojin. She could no longer stay with him. But he would never let her. Not in a million years. She and Kwangmin decided the best would be to just go and grab her things when he wasn’t home and just leave. And then she would stay with Kwangmin, since his house was big enough for the both of them. She was against the idea at first. She didn’t want to trouble him his much, but he insisted, saying he wanted her close so he could protect her.

Minjung had been staying at Kwangmin’s house for three days now to collect strength. She was about to leave when Kwangmin stopped her “Are you sure I shouldn’t come help you?” she nodded. It was best if he didn’t come with her. If Woojin was home, it would be a disaster if Kwangmin was with her. “Hyung. We’ve talked about this!” she quickly pecked his lips and blushed, but hurried out the door before he got the chance to see it. 
As she walked down the street she slowly became more and more nervous, the feeling of fear was wrapped tight around her stomach and threatened to stop all her movements. But she knew that she had to do this. And as quickly as possible. With a lump stuck in her throat and shaking limbs, she hurried back to what used to be her home.

She opened the door and prayed that Woojin wasn’t home. 
He wasn’t. She sighed feeling relieve. She hurried into the bedroom, grabbed all her clothes and the few precious belongings she owned and threw them into the bag Kwangmin had given her. She then found a piece of paper and wrote:

“Son Woojin. I’m leaving. And I won’t come back. Don’t try and find me.

- Yang Minjung” She hoped that he would be hurt. But deep down she knew that he probably wouldn’t.

She hurried out the door and back to Kwangmin. Surprised and relieved that everything had gone so smoothly. 

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