the end of the life you know

this story is about Lindsey Shaw and Shay mitchell. it's nothing what you would expect it to be. will it turn out in trouble or in an amazing life. well read to get to know it!


7. The worse day ever


I woke up. I sat up straight and looked around. Before I even thought about it the flashbacks of

last came back to my head. I took my Phone and saw I had a text. It was from Ryan. It said: 'I

respect your decision but I want you to know I still love you and I will be a friend if you need me

to be. Even though you already have a lot of friends. Bye <3 Ryan.' I kinda teared up but I

knew I made the right decision. Than I re-read Lindsey's text: 'Let's talk, tomorrow 8.30 PM, the

grill. I'll see you there.' I let myself fall back on my back on the bed and sighed. I noticed I was

afraid of what Lindsey was going to say. I knew I should've never written that letter. She's

gonna hate me, our scenes will be awkward and terrible and if it isn't already bad enough she

is going to think I actually like it. I do but that's nothing she needs to know and worry about. I

laughed but stopped when I heard someone say: 'What's so funny?' It was Ashley. 'Omg Ash,

you scared me!' 'I don't care.' she laughed. 'Tell me what's so funny.' I took my Phone and

showed her Lindsey's message. 'I still don't see what's so funny.' she looked at me. 'Okay I'll

explain.' I said. 'I'm afraid of what's she's going to say. She's probably going to think I like

kissing her in our scenes. The funny part is I do but she doesn't have to know that.' I laughed

and looked at Ashley's face. She didn't laughed. She looked at me like she was trying to read

my mind. Then she said down next to me and said. 'Shay, you love this woman with your whole

life. You shouldn't think like this. Like she would hate you. Just go for it! If she's full of hate

towards this she isn't even f**king human. If she isn't into you like that a normal person will just

tell you in a normal way and treat you normal. I know It's hard to see it that way. And to be

honest and I'm totally serious at this point I think she is into you. so everything will be alright.' I

looked at Ashley and hugged her. 'Thanks Ashley, and when I think about it. She has said a

couple of time babe to me and then when I looked at her she said uhm.. Shay I mean. And

then she started blushing.' 'See.' Ashley said. 'I'm going to take a shower and you have to go to

work. Keegan told me you have a scene with him remember? With Emily's best friend. Oh and

here take my car. I'll see you later' She said and throwed me the key of her car. I got up.

knocked on the bathroom door and said: 'Ash, I need to brush my teeth!' She gave me my 

toothbrush and some toothpaste and said: 'Brush them in the kitchen sink.' And then closed the

door again. *Beep Beep* My Phone rang I looked and saw it was my mom.


Shay, Ryan called me that you guys broke up and that he wishes me the very best. what

happened? You know what I'm at the airport. I'm coming today already. When I'm at LAX

I'll take a taxi to your house.


No mom, if you are really coming get a taxi to Ashley's house. I have to go to

uhmm.. work. Ashley will be home. bye love you!

before she could say anything else I hang up. I walked to the bathroom door and said: 'Ash, my

mom will probably come later and is coming to talk to me why me and Ryan broke up. You

seriously have to help me. I need to go to work now, so if she's coming hold her here.

You have also to help me to figure something out. I can't tell her I'm gay. HELP ME PLEASE.'

'Okay I'll help. Now go to work before you'll piss Marlene off.' She said.

'Okay okay I'm going already. Bye Ashley. Btw, thanks for helping me out with Ryan, Lindsey

and everything. Thanks for being my friend.' I said and walked away.

I heared Ashley scream: You're welcome and if I wasn't in the shower and getting shampoo in

my mouth I would hug you. Bye.'

*2 hour later*

I saw on the schedule that Lindsey isn't supposed to be here so I can chill

*knock knock*

'Come in.' I said. I looked it was marlene.

'Shay I heard about your break up. I'm sorry that you have to work today but we couldn't change the schedule.' she said looking worried.

'It's okay, it was the best thing today. and work may be a good distraction.' I said while pulling

of a smile.

'Okay, take care, and you are finished for the day. If you want you can go home.' she said.

'Thanks, I'll just be here for a few more hours and then go home.' I said.

'Oh okay, well Lindsey is coming to set in 2 hours so maybe you two can practice your scene for Tuesday. Bye.' she said.

What? Lindsey is coming. OMG. I have to go as in right now. I grabt my purse, my Phone and

the car key. When I was safe and sound in the car I figured I could go to santa monica. So I

won't see my mom earlier. I parked the car and walked to the beach. I sat down in the sand

and layed down. Just closing my eyes and trying to forget everything for a while. after a few

minutes I sat up straight. Than a few girls came up to me. 'OMG, Shay can we have a picture

with you please? and your autograph?' 'Yeah sure!' I said with a totally fake smile but they

didn't seem to notice.' I got up. Gave them my autograph and took a picture with them.

*3 hours later*

It's almost 7 PM. I will get something little to eat and than go home to get ready.

When I finally came home my mom said on the couch. Not alone. But with Ashley and Ryan.

I saw it and ran to my room. 'I can't handle this right now.' I said while running to my room.

I sat down on my bed. I heard Ashley say: 'Maybe you guys can better go. I'll talk to her.'

I heard a door go open and then close again. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When I

opened my eyes again Ashley was on the doorstep. 'Sooo..' She said. I looked at her. 'I'm

sorry.' I said 'I didn't mean to scream. This is just the worse day ever. On set I was so bad. We

had to do the scene about 40 times and I'm not even kidding. And then in 1 hour I have to go

see Lindsey and hear my big time crush isn't into women and will never be.' 'Shay take it easy.

that last one is not even sure. I'll do your make-up and I'll make sure you will be super hot! she

could never resist you! Now come to the bathroom.' I followed Ashley. I sat down on the toilet

seat and she did my make-up by the time it was 8.15 I took my purse and got into the car. I

drove over to the grill. I sat down on the bar and ordered a coconut & raspberry mojito.

Someone said down next to me and when I looked she said: 'hi.' It was Lindsey.




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