the end of the life you know

this story is about Lindsey Shaw and Shay mitchell. it's nothing what you would expect it to be. will it turn out in trouble or in an amazing life. well read to get to know it!


8. The talk


Lindsey ordered a martini. When we both finished our drinks Lindsey said: 'Shall we go to my

house to talk there?' 'Sure.' I answered while still thinking if it was a good idea. But I still went.

Because I needed to talk to her. This couldn't go on like this. I really need to know what she

thought of it. She drove to her house and when we came in she said: 'Sit down if you'd like, I'll

get us something to drink.' She got 2 martini's. I got nervous. 'So what did you think of the

letter?' I asked. She answered: 'Wanna think what I know?' I looked at her and said: 'yes.' I

blushed. She put down her martini on the table. she looked at me. I looked down. she laid

her hand on my cheeck and kissed me. It was super intense. All those emotions going through

me. It was amazing. the most amazing kiss ever. She pulled back and looked at me. I could get

out one word and that was: 'Really?' She looked at me and said: 'haven't you noticed me

calling you babe?' she stopped and looked at me. I blushed and she knew enough. 'Shay

you're the most amazing girl I know. Not only because you are pretty but also because you're

so sweet. For everyone. and you don't give a shit about the haters.' I blushed again. looked at

her and asked: 'so does this mean you are my girlfriend?' she looked at me: 'Only if you

promise you won't tell anyone,' I thought about what she said. I looked at her. 'But Ashley sees

through me as if I'm a glass window. what if she finds out something is up? What do you want

me to say? My mom is in town to get me and Ryan back together what do I have to do?' I saw

Lindsey thinking. 'Listen.' She said. 'Just tell Ashley but make her promise she won't tell

anyone. About your mom and Ryan. If you can't figure out just call me okay? I'll help you

through everything. because I love you.' She kissed me again. she looked at me. 'What?' I

asked while I felt that I started to blush. 'I'm just wondering how this beautiful girl in front of me

can be my girlfriend.'She said. I blushed and answered: 'Well I have no idea but I just wonder

how you are even gay.' Lindsey kissed me again. I kissed her back. than looked at her alarm

clock and saw it was alreay 11.30 PM. If I wanted to tell Ashley what happened I really had to

go. I looked at Lindsey and said: 'I need to go. I can't leave Ashley alone with my mom all

evening.' I kissed her and said see you tomorrow at set girlfriend. and I winked at her. I got my

Phone and urse and went home. As soon as I came home I saw Ashley sitting on the couch

with my mom. 'Mom, you should really go to bed, it's late. I need to talk to Ashley about work

and you will think it's boring anyway. Let me walk you to your room.' when we were in her room

I hugged her and said: 'Goodnight mom, I love you.' I walked out the door and all I could hear

her say is: 'I love you back.' I went back to Ashley who looked at me confused and said: 'Talk

about work?' I looked at her and said: 'I had to come up with something to ship her of. Listen

something awesome happened.' I told Ashley the whole story from kissing to Lindsey now

being my girlfriend. At the end she looked at me with her mouth wide open and said: 'So

Lindsey is also gay and your girlfriend now?' 'Yep.' I answered with a big smile on my face.


1,5 year later


Me and Lindsey are still together in secret. Only Ashley knows about it. We are on set right

now and Marlene called us all together. I saw Lindsey and walked up to her. 'Do you have any

idea what is going on?' I asked. 'I have no idea.' She said. 'But I think Marlene is telling us

now.' and she is right because at that moment Marlene started speaking: 'Guys please listen

up. Everyone is doing an amazing job. But me and the writers have a surprise. We are going to

film a few episode in another continent. You heard people say 'WOW.' or 'where?' Or 'for how

long?' Marlene looked at everyone and waited for us to be quiet again. We will film a few

episodes in ...

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