the end of the life you know

this story is about Lindsey Shaw and Shay mitchell. it's nothing what you would expect it to be. will it turn out in trouble or in an amazing life. well read to get to know it!


6. The Letter..


I got on set. I looked around when suddenly I saw Troian. 'Troian!' I yelled. She looked around and than saw me. She walked up to me and hugged me. 'Shay! That has been a while. how are you?' 'I'm great.' I said with a double feeling. Luckily she didn't notice that. 'Good! Same here! We should really meet up soon!' 'Sure! We will!' I said. Than I heard Marlene scream: 'Troian, can you please get over here? It's your turn!' 'Coming!' Troian yelled. 'I gotta go, I'll text you soon. Bye!' She hugged me goodbye and ran to the set. I went to my dressing room. When I got there I layed down on the couch. I'll just take a quick nap. And slowly I fell asleep.


*2 hours later*


I woke up slowly. Sat straight and took my phone. 2 missed calls. 1 from my mom and 1 from Lindsey. My mom left a voicemail message but Lindsey didn't. I listened to my mom's voicemail message. It made me laugh.

Hi honey, mom speaking. I don't know if you'll get this message because I have no idea how this works but anyway. I'm coming to LA next week. I will arrive 05/11/2012. I hope you will come and get me. I love you honey. bye! Btw I'll also text it because I don't know if you'll get this. bye honey!

HAHA it made me laugh, it's funny how she can't handle electronics. Than a thought came into my mind. Ryan is coming home tonight. I unblocked my Phone. scrolled through my contacts and called Ashley.

Ashley speaking.

'Ashley, Shay here! Remember who's coming home tonight. Can you come over tonight when I can break up with him. I'll go now and pack my bags. Oh and can you help me find a motel.'

'Shay take it easy. Yes I'll be there at 8PM. And you can sleep at my house. Common girl. Let's get your life straight. See you later!'


'Later! Ohh, and Ash?'

'Yes Shay?'

'Thank you for being here for me.'

'Ofcourse! that's what friends are for! bye!'

Okay, so it's 4PM now. If I write a letter for Lindsey now. I can talk to Ryan easy and not flip out. I can be ready at 4.30 PM and then go home. And then at the entrance throw this in the mailbox. I have to find an envelope though. But first the letter.

Dear Lindsey,

I write this letter to you to tell you that I'm in love with you. It's really hard for me to tell you this. But I have to tell you or I'll be stressed out every second of everyday. You have been perfect to me since I met you. It only took me really long to figure it out. I know you don't feel the same way. But I can't help that I love you. I'm sorry. Please don't show this to your boyfriend. I also know you were confused when you almost kissed me. Well I think obviously. I'm sorry. But if I didn't tell you this I wouldn't be able to have a good scene. I hope you won't Judge.


As soon as I looked on my Phone what time it was I saw it was already 5PM. I have to go home quickly. I walked to Marlene and said: 'I'm going home now but do you have an envelope? I need one and don't have any.' 'Yes I got one in my office. Walk with me. Here you have one. do you also need a stamp?' She answered. I said: 'No thanks this'll do. I'll see you tomorrow. bye!' 'Bye!' She said. I went back to my dressing room. Wrote Lindsey Shaw on the envelope with a big black marker and putted the letter in it. Than I took my bag and walked to my car. As soon as I drove through the exit I saw the mailbox. I inserted the letter and drove off. When I came home it was already 5.30 PM. Ryan will be home in 3 hours. I quickly started to pack my bags and took my stuff.



*2.5 hours later*

"Ding, Dong" There was the bell. Please let it be Ashley, please let it be Ashley. I kept repeating in my head. I hold my breath and opened the door. When I saw a blonde smiling face I released the air which filled my lungs. 'I'm so happy it's you Ashley!' I said to Ashley. 'Come here lovely!' She said and pulled me in a hug. She let me go and said: 'Have you packed everything? Let's sit down and talk.' We both sat on the couch. I looked down and it was quiet for a few minutes. Than I started: 'I wrote a letter to Lindsey.' Ashley looked at me and then said: 'Well what are you waiting for? Let me read it!' 'That's not possible I think. I already posted it.' I said while blushing. 'Wait? What!?! You posted it. where?' She said while looking at me with the biggest eyes I've ever seen. 'You know that little mailbox when you drive through the exit? That's where I threw it in.' I said. 'Omg, Shay, that means she already got it. Before I left home to come here I got a call from Troian. She hadn't spoken to me in a long time and just called me to have a quick chat. I heard Marlene on the background asking her to bring around the mail we got that day. So she hung up and said she had to go bring the mail around. Lindsey was still there because on the schedule it said she has a late night shoot. Anyways it's almost 8.30. Don't you think we have to talk about what you wanna say to Ryan when he arrives? Do you want me to wait in the car or stay with you?' she said. 'Just stay in the car. I just need someone afterwards it won't take long anyway. but just wait in here until he arrives please.' I said while sitting down on the couch nervously. Ashley looked out the window turned to me and said that's my que. goodluck, I see you in the car. Ashley walked to the car with my bags as Ryan came in. He looked confused to the bags Ashley was carrying and then at me. He looked at me and said: 'Shay, what's going on?' 'Ryan please listen good to me. I am not in love with you anymore and it doesn't seem fair towards you if I act like I'm still into you. To be honest I'm totally confused but this is one of the two things I'm totally sure of. You are a great guy and you deserve someone who sincerely loves you for who you are. And you will find that girl. I promise. But for now I'm going to live with Ashley and it would be fine if you can just hold back for a while. For you and me to have some time to think.' I took my purse. Walked towards him and hugged him. Then I walked to Ashley's car. I sat me next to Ashley and just stared straight ahead. Ashley looked at me and asked 'Are you OK?' I looked at her and said 'To be honest it wasn't even that hard. I don't even feel like crying right now. Is that weird?' Ashley looked at me and said: 'To be honest I have no idea.' Then we drove of.

*10 minutes later.*

It's now about 8.45. Ashley is in the shower. Than I heard my Phone beeping. Where the hell did I leave that thing? The sound came from the kitchen. I walked there and I saw my Phone laying on the kitchen table. I took it and saw it was a message from Lindsey. I was afraid to hear the truth and to see what the text says. I opened it and it only said: 'Let's talk, tomorrow 8.30 PM, the grill. I'll see you there. I felt sick of the nerves. And then Ashley said: 'What's going on?' I looked at her and said: 'She wants to talk.'


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