the end of the life you know

this story is about Lindsey Shaw and Shay mitchell. it's nothing what you would expect it to be. will it turn out in trouble or in an amazing life. well read to get to know it!


4. Lunch with Ashley Benson


it was 12.00 PM and I heard a knock on my dressing room door. I've been chilling here since I ended the scene with Lindsey. I noticed I fell asleep for an hour. With a cracky voice I said 'Come in.' 'Hey, Shay! Ready for lunch?' Ashley came in. 'Omg did you just woke up.' she asked. 'Kinda.' I said. 'Can we just stay here for another hour and go have lunch at 1PM?' I asked because I really needed time to get ready and be chilled. 'Sure! we can listen some music and talk? or whatever you want to do. Just tell what you want to do.' She answered. ' mhh... Maybe we can do a Ustream? just give me 10 minutes to look normal.' I said. 'sure! awesome!. I will already tweet that we'll be having a buttahbenzo Ustream finally after a while and I will log in and see how we have to do it again. because I kinda forgot how to do it after this long time we haven't done it.' she said. 'I got back from chancing my clothes and doing my hair and I heard Ashley screaming 'And here's the wonderful Shannon Mitchell people!!! Get over here Shay! the fans want to see you too!' I got to the couch and sad down next to Ashely. 'Well hello there people! here I am! So let's answer some questions. Let me see. "Shay how are you and Ryan?" Well me and Ryan are good. we don't spend much time together because we are both really busy. but we're good.' Ashley was typing on my Phone and I got a message. It was from Ashley. "Shay, I can see in your face that you and Ryan aren't okay. tell me about it at lunch okay? and remember, se are buttahbenzo you can trust me!" I looked at her and smiled at her. she understood I would tell her. I read another question. "Ashley, 1D or Bieber?" 'mhh... let's think. The biebs! sorry 1D fans.'

*30 minutes later*

'Okay 1 more question because me and Shay are going to have lunch! I'm hungry.' Ashley laughs. I laugh too. 'you're Always hungry. But okay one more question. oeh, that's a good one. "How does kissing a girl differs from kissing a boy?" Well let me explain. To be honest I have no idea how it differs. If you kiss with a boy when you love him it also is different then when you kiss with a boy when you don't love him. that's why I can't say how kissing a girl differs from kissing a boy. because what Lindsey and I do is acting. we don't love each other that way. But if you want to know if it's weird all I can say is no. sometimes I even prefer it because girls Always smell good. But don't get me wrong. I'm not gay.' I saw Ashley looking at me with attention. I took over because I saw she was surprised. 'Okay guys! that was it! she you next time! byee!!! Ashley say bye.' Ashley was still totally impressed so she said softly bye. I closed of the computer and said 'So Ash where do you want to go for lunch?' she looked at me and said 'you've got alot to explain so let's just order in pizza and talk here because we will need the privacy.' 'uhm... okay' I answered. Ashley stood up and called the pizzeria and walked to the bathroom to get a little quiet. I heard her order a pizza with mushrooms and pesto. ashley yelled at me 'Shay what kinda pizza do you want?' I yelled back 'a pizza with pepperoni and salami!' I heard Ashley saying "okay, thanks bye." "Okay chill. you can trust her." I said o myself over and over again until Ashley walked in the room. she sat down next me and said: 'first give me a hug Shay.' I hugged her thight not for her. But because I needed a hug. I let go after about 30 seconds. she looked me in the eyes and said 'Shay I could see that it's not going good between you and Ryan. come on spill. I want to help you and you know that you can trust me. so tell me, what's wrong?' she said. It gave me a good feeling and it really gave me the feeling I could trust her so I started talking... Remember the first time when Lindsey came on set?' I asked her. 'Yes, the time when you had the scene when she had to kiss you, right?' she answered. 'Yes that scene. I had to do the scene 10 times over because everytime after she kissed me I couldn't remember my line. That's when the first time the idea came to my mind that I might be gay...' Tears builted up in my mind. I kept telling while the tears rolled down my face. 'But then she left set again and I thought everything would go back to normal. and then Friday happened. We had to kiss and hug in the scene and my feelings were back in a flash.' I cried and hugged her. Ashley tried to comfort me and hugged me and said: 'Everythings gonna be alright.' I cried in her arms.  

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