the end of the life you know

this story is about Lindsey Shaw and Shay mitchell. it's nothing what you would expect it to be. will it turn out in trouble or in an amazing life. well read to get to know it!


5. A Date With Lindsey?!


It was 6.00 PM and I was ready to go to the cinema with Lindsey. I was really excited so I started to get ready early. It was 6.30 PM and my Phone rang. I saw on the screen that it was Lindsey. I answered the Phone. 'Hey Lindsey.' I said. 'Hey, uhmm... I was thinking maybe we can go 1 hour earlier to have something to eat? I'm starving. But if you aren't ready or don't want you just have to say!' She said quickly. she sounded nervous. 'Sure, let's do it!' I answered. I heard a sigh. After a while she answered. 'Okay I'll pick you up at 7, okay?' 'Sure!' I said calm but excited. I hung up and smiled. But then wondered. Why am I so excited? Wait.. Isn't Ryan coming home tonight? I checked my phone and searched for his text message. I couldn't find it. I walked to the kitchen to look at the calender. today is the 26th. *sigh*  he's not coming home until the 28th. I sat on the couch and turned on the tv. I got a message from Ashley. Turn on your TV Right now Shay! Go to ABC 8/7c and turn the volume loud! they keep repeating it this quarter so hurry! XOXO Ash I turned on the tv and went to 8/7c. OMG! my mouth opened. I wanted to scream but nothing came out of my mouth. My phone beeped again. And again it was a message from Ashley.  SHAY DO NOT FREAK OUT! I know this is your first kissing scene on tv with a girl. But no one will ever think you are gay because of this! everyone knows that this is just acting. it's okay! XOXO Ash I re-read it and decided to send her a message back. But that's the problem! for me it wasn't just acting. I think I really love her. And what am I supposed to do with Ryan? He's coming home in 2 days and I can't look at him like my boyfriend anymore. I'm pretty sure he will ask me on a date. Can you come over when Ryan comes home please? I can't break up with him when I'm alone! I really need you. XOXO Shay. I got a message back: 'Sure I'll be there! just tell me what time! XOXO Ash'  I sighed. With Ashley here I think I can break up with him. It's better for the both of us. I woke up out of my thoughts when I heard my phone make a sound. I looked at it. It was a message from Lindsey. 'Hey Shay, I'm leaving my house now and I'll be there in 5 minutes. hope you are ready. XOXO Lindsey' OMG she'll be here in 5 minutes. I checked my purse if I had everything. I felt in the pocket of my jeans and felt my phone so I was ready. The doorbell rang. I opened the door and was speachless. She looked stunning! Jawdropping. I looked at her from head to toe and back. She was wearing a thight top which made her boobs show really good. underneath she had a thight light colour jeans. With high supra sneakers. I saw she looked at me in exactly the same way. Finally I could say something but it was only: 'Wow, you look really super beautiful.' She blushed and said: 'Thank you, you look also really hot.' Now she made me blush. 'Let's go, or we'll have to miss the movie after dinner.' I said giggling. We both walked to Lindsey's car. she opened the door for me, I looked around and got into the car. She drove us to a dinner a few miles from LA. So we were sure no one would bother seeing us together. Lindsey got a hamburger with some French fries and I got a hotdog with French fries. It was nice to be with her in a dinner not worrying about anyone seeing us and have some old school junk food without being afraid a papparazi would see it. 'I'm so tired Lindsey. I don't really feel like going to the movies. Do you wanna come to my house and watch a movie there?' I asked her with my puppy eyes. I really want her to say yes. She looked at me. She looked directly in my eyes. 'If that's what you want babe. uhmmm... Shay.' She blushed again. I giggled and said 'you can call me babe if you want to Sexy' I smiled and winked at her. She hit me playfully and we went to her car. She drove to my house and I opened the door. It was silent inside but I liked it. 'Come into my little small palace' I said and smiled. We walked in and Lindsey said down on the couch. I gave her 5 movies too choose from. 'I get us something to drink and some popcorn. You can choose which movie. BRB.' I walked to the kitchen and put some popcorn in the microwave and got us 2 glasses and a bottle of Pepsi. I opened the bag of popcorn. Took a bole and put the popcorn in it. I took it to the living room and put it on the table. I looked at Lindsey. 'So? what movie will it be?' I asked her. She took the DVD and held it up so I could read the title 'You serious? Paranormal activity? Okay! It's creepy but together with someone I would watch it.' I said. I took the dvd and shoved it in the dvd player. I turned off the lights and used my phones flashlight to find the couch. I sat down next to Lindsey and the movie started. After 10 minutes the first scary thing happened and I burried my face in her shoulder. She laid her arm around me. I turned my face to the tv again andthen the next scsry thing happened but this time I burried my face between her boobs. I shocked and looked up to her face. She looked at me and smiled. I sat down straight next to her. She looked at me and I looked at her. she laid her hand on my cheeck and bended over. Just when she was 2 cm away from my face my Phone rang. She sat back down and I answered the Phone. It was Ashley. 'Can I call you back later Ash?' Sure she answered. I hung up the Phone. 'Sorry Lindsey. That was Ashley. I call her back later.' Lindsey answered: 'It's okay. I think I'm going home and sleep. I'll text you tommorrow.' 'Oh okay.' I said and walked her to the door. I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheeck. She blushed waved and walked away.

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