I'm Half A Heart Without You

Ruby isn't popular. She's not blond, or particularly skinny. And yet it seems, out of hundreds of girls, Liam Payne has fallen for her. But he's not the only one...


5. Chapter 5

As we sat on his bed, kissing, several thoughts were going through my head.

Why does Liam Payne like ME?!

He could've literally chosen from any girl in our school, yet he still chose me?

He could've asked out a real-life Barbie doll, and yet, he STILL chose me?


I withdrew and checked my phone randomly.

"You okay?" Liam tilted my chin to look at me.

"I just... Why me Liam? Why me? What made me so special?" I asked.

"You're different. You're not a blond, mindless clone."

I smiled and pulled him closer for another kiss.

Liam then started to kiss me harder, more forcefully.

"Wait, Liam." I stopped. "I want you to know, I REALLY like you. But I just think we should take things slow, okay?"

He looked at me. "You're right." He sighed.

I nodded and heard a ring at the doorbell. "Hey, where's your bathroom?"

"Right through there." He pointed to a door and I quickly got up and walked in.

"Tell them I'll be a sec."

"Wait," Liam walked in after me. "So, you really will go out with me??"

I nodded and gave him a quick kiss. "Go stall them."

Five minutes later, I walked out of the bathroom, to find Zayn and Teresa sitting on Liam's bed, with Liam at his desk.

"Hey guys." I smiled at them.

"What's up?" Zayn smiled back.

"Okay guys, let's get started." Liam clapped his hands together.


Two hours later, we had basically finished our project and were just leaving for pizza. I hopped into the passenger seat of Liam's car and brought out my phone. I had a text from Sienna;

'Hey rubes, how's it going so far? Tell me everything! :) xox'

I replied quickly;

'Amazing so far. Liam and I r now going out :D now to set you up with harry... ;) xox'

"There's a pizza place about two streets away, wanna go there?" Liam asked me.

"Sure." I smiled.

After five minutes of driving, we were at 'Pedro's Pizza Parlour'. I looked at Liam and stifled a laugh.

"What?!" Liam pouted. "It serves good pizza!"

I giggled and followed him inside.

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