I'm Half A Heart Without You

Ruby isn't popular. She's not blond, or particularly skinny. And yet it seems, out of hundreds of girls, Liam Payne has fallen for her. But he's not the only one...


18. Chapter 18


After my talk with Zayn, I went back into the living-room. Liam wasn't there, so I walked upstairs. I found him lying on my bed, snoring. I giggled and lay next to him. I looked at the ceiling and sighed quietly.

"Mm?" Liam said. "Oh, hey babe."

"Hey Li." I smiled and kissed him.

He looked at my bedside clock. "It's only 11:27. And I'm not really tired." He told me.

I giggled and pulled off my pale purple dress. He smirked and took off his shirt and shorts.

"Shh." I said, giggling.

He kissed me again and I ran my hands through his hair.



"Damn you stupid alarm!" I whisper-shouted, turning it off.

Liam lay next to me, still asleep. I quietly crept out of the room, silently shutting the door after me. I walked quietly into the kitchen to start making breakfast. Harry was standing in there, sipping a cup of coffee.

"Mornin'." He said in a sexy voice. "There's some coffee still left in the pot, if you want some."

"Thanks." I smiled and walked over to the pot and poured myself some.

"Okay, you think all the boys will be alright with fried eggs and toast for brekky?" I asked.

Harry nodded. "Want some help?" He asked as I started taking the eggs out of the fridge.

"Um, can you ask everyone how many eggs they want? Liam's in the spare room, by the way." I told him.

"Sure." He left as I got out the frypan.

Five minutes later, Harry returned. "Two each for all the boys." He said.

I nodded and cracked the eggs.


"Harry? Can you go tell everyone breakfast is ready?" I called.

"Sure." He walked into the living-room. "GUYS! BREAKFAST IS READY!" I heard him yell.

"Woohoo!" I heard Niall yell.

I heard the guys all come into the next room, so I served them all up two eggs and two pieces of toast each. I brought out the plates and set them in front of the guys.

"Where's Liam?" I asked, setting down his plate.

"I told him breakfast was ready." Harry said.

I sat down with my egg. Liam walked in quietly.

"Hey Li. Brekky time." I patted his seat.

"Um... Ruby, can we talk?" He said, beckoning me.

"Sure." I followed him out.


I walked into my room, Ruby following me. I sat on my bed. "Ruby..." I trailed off.

"Yeah??" She smiled.

"Um... We have to break up." I blurted out.

Tears started falling from her eyes. "What?!" She said.

"I'm sorry. It's just, I don't want you to give up your family for me." I told her.

"But what if I want to?!" She cried and ran out.

I followed her into her room. She was angrily throwing things in her bag. "Ruby... I'm sorry."

"SHUT UP! I HATE YOU!" She yelled.

"I'm sorry!" I said, then left.


"SHUT UP! I HATE YOU!" I yelled at Liam.

"I'm sorry!" He said. He left my room and I sat on my bed, sobbing.

I packed my bag quickly and ran downstairs, hoping to avoid seeing the boys.

Bad luck. I wasn't quiet enough.

"Rubes? Where are you going?" I heard Harry and I froze.

I turned around and saw him smiling at me.

"No... Please, just let me go." I said, running out, crying.

"Ruby?! What's wrong?!" He ran out after me.

I turned to face him. "Liam dumped me." I burst into fresh tears.

"Oh, love, I'm so sorry." He hugged me.

I looked at him and leaned forward. I kissed him softly. I withdrew and he looked surprised. I smiled slightly and walked off.


I walked downstairs slowly.

Ruby hates me.

I looked at my feet, feeling horrible.

The lads looked up as I walked in. "Li, want some food?" Louis indicated to my seat.

I stared at my plate. Two fried eggs and two pieces of toast. My eyes filled with tears and I sat down. Harry stood up and walked out of the room.

"What's up? You okay?" Niall asked me. I shook my head and walked out.

The door slammed and I looked out the window. I saw Harry talking to Ruby, who was crying. She leaned forward and kissed him. I gasped and a tear rolled down my cheek. I watched Ruby walk down the street, Harry watching her too.

I ran up to my room, wiping my eyes. I heard the door open and I looked down at the door. Harry walked in, looking both happy and sad.

I sighed and walked back to the dining-room. Harry was talking to the boys, eating his breakfast. I sat down quietly.

"So Li... Ruby's gone, huh?" Zayn said slowly.

I looked down at my plate of food. "I don't want to talk about it." I said. "She was giving up her family for me. I couldn't let her do that."

"You didn't have to be so blunt with her!" Harry yelled, standing up.

"C'mon! You're just standing up for her cause you like her!" I yelled back. Harry turned scarlet.

"Shut up! It's none of your business who I like!"

"If it's my girlfriend, it is!" I snapped.

Harry ran outside. The boys stared at me. "What the hell was that?!" Niall asked.

I shook my head and went up to my room.

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