I'm Half A Heart Without You

Ruby isn't popular. She's not blond, or particularly skinny. And yet it seems, out of hundreds of girls, Liam Payne has fallen for her. But he's not the only one...


17. Chapter 17



I rushed to the door and opened it.

"Hey guys!" I greeted the boys.

"Hey mate!" Harry grinned.

Niall walked in and sniffed. "Smells good. What's on the menu?"

Ruby came out of the kitchen, her hair falling out of her messy bun. "Roast duck." She giggled as Niall licked his lips.

Zayn strolled over to the couch and sat down. "Dude, I'm exhausted." He said. "Teresa and I were up all night last night, studying for a big exam."

Harry chuckled. "I'm sure that's not the only thing." He winked at Ruby.

The other boys flopped on the couch, so me and Ruby went back into the kitchen.

"Okay, I'm almost done." She told me. "The potatoes are just warming, the sauce is finished and the duck just needs about thirty more minutes."

"My little masterchef." I pulled her closer to me. She giggled as I kissed her neck.

I heard a coughing from behind us. It was Harry. "Um... Guys, can I have a drink?"

"Yeah, sure. Coke is in the fridge." Ruby stepped away from me.

"Thanks." Harry grabbed one and left.

"Where were we?" I stepped closer to Ruby. She looked at me.

"Not now." She whispered. "Later."


"Yum. That was so good!" Louis exclaimed, pushing his empty plate away.

Ruby laughed and ate a tiny piece of duck.

"Do you approve, Niall?" She asked him, giggling.

Niall sat up straight, like a judge l, making her giggle harder. "I loved the purée, it was sweet, but not overpowering. The duck was cooked perfectly and so were the potatoes. Twelve out of ten." He said.

We all laughed and I stood up to clear the table. Zayn stood up with me to help. I walked into the kitchen, him following.

"So, Ruby's living with you now?" He asked.

"Yeah." I put my plate in the dishwasher.

"How's Haz taking it?"

"I dunno." I looked out to see Harry laughing. "I think he's cool with it."

Zayn didn't say anything.

I heard the sound of chairs being pushed back, so I quickly stacked the rest of the plates in the dishwasher and grabbed some ice cream out of the fridge.

I went into the living-room, where everyone was seated. I held up the ice cream. "Chocolate and peppermint or toffee?"

"Chocolate." Niall said immediately.

I served everyone and sat on the couch.

"We brought movies!!!" Louis exclaimed. He held up Family Guy series 1-9 and Superman.

"Family guy!" Ruby shrieked.

I laughed and took the DVD from Lou. I placed it in the DVD holder. I sat next to Ruby and took my bowl of toffee ice cream.

"Want some?" I whispered to her.

She nodded and took a tiny bite.



I was half way through watching episode five in season seven, when someone shut it off. Liam was asleep next to me, his head leaning on my shoulder. I smiled and kissed his forehead.

"Ruby?" I heard a deep voice say. He came closer and I saw it was Zayn.

"Hey Zayn." I stood up.

He walked into the kitchen and I followed him. I yawned and he turned around. "What are you doing?" He asked.

"I could ask you the same question." I snapped.

He hesitated. "I'm just hungry. Where's the cheese?"

I pointed to the fridge. He got it out and made a sandwich. "Want one?" He asked.

"Do you mind eating one and a half?"

"Sure." He said.

"Then, yes please." I smiled and walked over to turn the sandwich toaster on.


I sat in the kitchen with Zayn, eating half of a toasted cheese sandwich.

Zayn suddenly looked at me. "Can I ask you something personal?"

I felt nervous, but nodded.

"Liam told me about your parents. Are you really willing to give up your relationship with them, just for Liam?" He asked.

"Well, yes. I love Liam. He's my life now." I told Zayn.


I woke up suddenly, my hand stretching out for Ruby, but she wasn't there. I sat up quickly and looked around. All the boys but Zayn were asleep on the couch and the kitchen light was on. I crept quietly past the lads and towards the light.

I distinctly heard Zayn asking Ruby something. I couldn't quite make it out, but I heard Ruby's answer.

"Well, yes. I love Liam." She said. "He's my life now."

I smiled and walked upstairs. Her bedroom door was slightly open, so I walked in. I looked around. Her room looked almost identical to the one at her parents home. I suddenly felt sick. Ruby was giving up her parents; her family, for me.

I couldn't let her do that. We had to break up.

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