I'm Half A Heart Without You

Ruby isn't popular. She's not blond, or particularly skinny. And yet it seems, out of hundreds of girls, Liam Payne has fallen for her. But he's not the only one...


16. Chapter 16


The doctor stood next to me. Ruby was sitting on my right, holding my hand.

"I'm scared." I whispered to her.

She squeezed my hand. "I'm right here with you."


"Li, wake up. It's all over." I heard Ruby's voice.

I opened my eyes slowly. "It's over?" I asked weakly.

She nodded and held up a mirror.

I lifted my hand up to my forehead and winced in pain. Ruby squeezed my hand.

"You're all good." She told me.

"So when can I leave?" I asked her.

"The nurse came in about thirty minutes ago and she said later today, if you're feeling okay." Ruby said.


"Let's go." Ruby held out her hand.

I took it and stood up. My legs were a little shaky, but I walked out of the hospital with her.

She started my car and drove me home. "So, welcome home, I guess." I smiled.

She laughed and unlocked the door. "I'll get a key made for you. And we'll get your stuff soon." I told her.

"Thankyou." She whispered and kissed my cheek. She sat on the couch and turned on the tv.



I sat on the couch, watching American Dad, with Liam lying next to me. I traced the scar on his forehead gently. His eyelids fluttered open and he smiled.

"Hey babe." He said. He kissed my cheek and then stood up.

"C'mon. We're going to your house." He told me.

I smiled lightly and stood up too. I opened the door and unlocked the car.

I drove up to my old house, which at the moment was empty, since it was two o'clock in the afternoon. I used my old key and opened the door slowly.

"Let's go." I whispered to Liam. I walked quietly upstairs and into my old room.

I grabbed all my bags and filled them with my clothes, hair products, my laptop and iPod and my photos.

I beckoned to Liam, who had been doing his hair in my mirror. I giggled slightly and walked downstairs with him. I locked the door and ran to Liam's car, laughing.

I opened the car door and drove off.

"Oh my god; I can't believe we did that!" I shrieked.

Liam laughed and squeezed my arm.

I drove up to our house and grabbed my bags from out of the boot. Liam opened the door and lead me up to his spare room.

"You can put your stuff here." He told me.

"Thanks." I kissed him.

He left my room and I unpacked. I hung all my clothes up in my new wardrobe, placed all my hair products in the ensuite and placed my ornaments on the dresser. I lay on the bed and sighed. My phone beeped, so I looked at it.

It was a message from my mum.


A tear rolled down my cheek and I placed my phone back on my side-table.

Liam knocked on my door softly. "You done unpacking?" He asked.

"Yeah, come in." I told him.

He walked over to me and sat on the bed. "Thanks for letting me stay here Li." I sat up and hugged him tightly.

He hugged me back. "You hungry?" He asked. I nodded and followed him downstairs, into the kitchen.

He opened the cupboard. "What do you want for dinner?" He asked me.

"Um... Got any cook books?" I asked cheekily.

He laughed and handed me a book. I opened it and flipped through the pages until I found what sounded perfect.

"Roast duck with potatoes and parsnip purée?" I wondered aloud.

"Yum. I'll invite the boys over." Liam smirked. "Pressures on!"

I laughed. "Can you get me some flour?"

"Oh, sure. I'll get you some flour!" He said in a cheery voice.

I started reading the recipe. Then Liam threw a handful of flour at the back of my head.

I screamed. "You are SO dead!"

I grabbed a handful of icing sugar and chucked it at him. It hit his chest and he looked surprised.

"Didn't think I could aim?" I teased.

He picked up a bag of mozzarella cheese and dumped it over my head. "What am I; a pizza?! Where's the tomato sauce?!" I yelled.

I picked it up. "Oh, here it is!" I threw the contents at Liam and he shrieked.

"Mmm tomato." He ran his finger across his chest and popped it in his mouth.

I giggled and picked a strand of cheese out of my hair.

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