I'm Half A Heart Without You

Ruby isn't popular. She's not blond, or particularly skinny. And yet it seems, out of hundreds of girls, Liam Payne has fallen for her. But he's not the only one...


12. Chapter 12

"Liam! I have homework to do!" I giggled as he kissed my neck.

"C'mon, just blow it off!" Liam smirked.

I sighed. "Okay. Just one night."

He smiled as he sat on my bed with my laptop. "Mmm... Let's see... I wonder what would be in the folder labelled 'Josh Hutcherson'?" He teased, clicking on the file.

"Sweetie!" I playfully nudged him as he scrolled through pictures of Josh.

Liam sighed. "Very disappointing Ruby. I expected better from you. I'm way hotter than Josh Hutcherson."

I giggled. "Maybe you are..."

Liam lay on his side, laughing at me.

"Hey Li? I have an idea." I smirked, then whispered something in his ear.

He raised his eyebrows. "You sure?"

I nodded and pulled off my T-shirt. Liam took off his and I kissed him. It wasn't just an ordinary boyfriend-girlfriend kiss. It was passionate and naughty.

I pulled off Liam's shorts and hugged him. He kissed me again, harder.



I lay back, looking at the ceiling, with Ruby asleep next to me. I smiled and kissed her forehead lightly. I checked my watch. 5:39 AM. I should leave soon. I stood up and grabbed my clothes, trying not to wake Ruby. I left quietly and drove home.

I flopped onto the couch, then turned the TV on. About two hours later, during Spongebob (I'm such a child, I know), there was a knock at my door. I opened it to find my ex-girlfriend Maggie, standing there.

"Liammmmm! It's been too longggg!" She exclaimed, inviting herself in.

"Um, hi Maggie." I said awkwardly.

"You're probably wondering why I'm here." She giggled. "I missed you Li. I came over to see if you missed me."

"First off, YOU dumped ME, remember?! And secondly, I have a girlfriend now!" I angrily said.

Maggie sighed. "Yeah right. As if anyone wants to go out with YOU."

"Piss off Maggie." I opened the door, indicating that I wanted her to leave.

She quickly looked out, then took a step towards me.

"What're doin-" I was cut off when she kissed me.

I looked outside and immediately pushed Maggie away. "Ruby! Please! I can explain!" I yelled, as she ran off.

"Piss off, you dick!" She screamed.

I sighed and shut the door.

"See? She obviously doesn't love you." Maggie smiled evilly.

"I hate you." I told her.


I ran home, sobbing.

I couldn't believe Liam would do that to me!

Especially after last night!

I ran inside, bawling my eyes out. I sat on the couch, breathing slowly.

Five minutes later, I stood up. I was no longer crying, but I was still furious. I ran upstairs to my room, where I found the small angel statue Liam had given me. I screamed and threw it as hard as I could against the wall. It smashed into dozens of pieces.

My doorbell rang, so I went to answer it. After opening the door, I immediately shut it, then ran back to my room. I threw myself onto my bed, sobbing.

"Ruby?!" I heard someone yell.

I looked out my window and saw Liam. "Go away, you bastard!" I yelled back.

"Ruby! I can explain!" He shouted.

"Explain what?! I thought slamming the door in your face made it pretty clear that I wanted you to leave!" I shut my window.


I woke up, my cheeks still wet from all the crying earlier. I looked at my alarm clock; it was 10:48. I sighed and stood up. I guess I wasn't going to school. Good thing too; considering I didn't do my maths homework. The memories of last night came flooding back and a tear rolled down my cheek.

I walked downstairs slowly, my fluffy slippers squeaking on the wood. It felt stuffy in the living-room, so I opened a window to let in some air. I noticed a body lying on the front porch. I screamed and ran outside. It was Liam.

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