I think I love you. Really.


1. Still Thinking

Peeta's POV

It's been one month since Katniss and I got out of the games. It still doesn't feel real, like I shouldn't be here. It's not fair, that 2 people escaped. You'd think i'd be overjoyed but I'm not, all those poor families who lost their children. It's not right.

Katniss and I haven't spoken since the games. Sometimes I imagine us walking through a beautiful field together, holding hands and laughing at each other's stupid jokes. But I know that'll never happen. She only pretended to love me. I still walk by her house on the way to the bakery, and sometimes I catch a glimpse of her. Even if it is the smallest glimpse, it's still her. She has such beautiful, long, tousled brown hair that often glimmered whenever the sun shined on her. Her beautiful blue eyes are mesmerising. They look just like the sky, so bright and pretty. But I can't ever be with her. She has Gale.

I can't compete with Gale. He's tall, muscular and has better hair than me. Im pretty sure Katniss is completely head over heels for that guy. I mean, I'm sure he's a nice guy and everything, but I just want Katniss to notice me, to remember me.

But I'm pretty certain she won't. It's just me. Plain old Peeta.

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