Being Mackenzie Riggs (a Chandler Riggs Fanfic)

I'm Mackenzie Riggs. My older brother is Chandler and we have the best brother-sister relationship ever. He is fourteen and I'm twelve, and he can get a little over protective. Especially when I tell him I want to start dating. Will our relationship fall apart? Read to find out.....



On the way to school, we stopped by Rachel's house, and of course, she was surprised. We were almost twenty minuets early. Before she could ask I only said "Aunt May came home." She froze in her tracks and we all went inside. She knew about her because just yesterday I begged Chandler to tell Rachel. She took it very serious and promised not to tell. Her parents greeted me and Chandler with hugs, then Rachel took me upstairs to help me fix my eyeliner and mascara. There would have been more to fix if I wore any other makeup. I forgot to mention, I can be very emotional.

After makeup was fixed, we all rode our bikes to school. At lunch I went to go see Chandler. On my way I was stopped by my best friend Chezbee. We were in the same class, but I never focused at school. Our teacher could have been twirling at the front of our class in a flashing neon tu-tu and I wouldn't have even looked up.

There are three things that I am passionate about.

1) dance



Those are the three things that will actually get me "in the zone". So when Chez stopped me and told me about the new kid in our class, I was genuinely shocked. She introduced him as Hunter Conrade. He had blonde hair that went to just above his ocean blue eyes. He was about an inch taller than I am, and very tanned. You could tell he had just moved here from somewhere hot. "Hi. I'm Kenzie. Kenzie Riggs." I said shyly, while tucking a stray bit of hair behind my ear.

"Hi there. You're in my class, aren't you?"

"Umm yea. I'm sorry I didn't notice you before, I was," I hesitated trying to think, "pre-occupied."

"Your magical disappearing bestie told me you drew fashion designs. True or false?"

"True. It's a passion of mine."

"Well Mackenzie, yes she told me your first name, I would like to see them."

"Well I would show you but I need to be going."

"Goodbye Miss Riggs"

"Farewell Mr. Conrade" I finished with a smile and a wave, and I felt him watch as I walked away.

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