Being Mackenzie Riggs (a Chandler Riggs Fanfic)

I'm Mackenzie Riggs. My older brother is Chandler and we have the best brother-sister relationship ever. He is fourteen and I'm twelve, and he can get a little over protective. Especially when I tell him I want to start dating. Will our relationship fall apart? Read to find out.....


4. ch.4⃣

I ran up to my brother and hugged him. Partly because all his buddies were around, and partly because I had wonderful news.

I heard all his friends laughing and I let go and snapped them a look, to say "What are YOU laughing at? I will TAKE YOU DOWN!" They stopped laughing. "Hello stupid people whom my brother oddly decided to become 'buds' with." I said with a smirk. "Channie," I said turning to my older brother, "I have wonderful news about Aunt May. Will you come over there?"

As soon as I said it, everyone of his friends just started ooOoOoooO-ing.

*a/n: you know the sound. Like what your entire class used to do when someone got called to the office. Ex: OoOoOo you in trrruble.*

I shot them another one of those looks, and they stopped. I think they're scared of me for either of two reasons.: 1) my brother is their leader. Or 2) they know that I have no problem attacking them because last year one of the boys made fun of me and I full out launched at him. The only thing stopping me was that my brother stepped in between us and caught me.

Anyway, I brought Chandler over away from people and whispered in his ear "Aunt May is gone until Sunday! We have the whole weekend!" A smile lit up on his face. He picked me up and spun me around while I giggled like a little kid. We walked back to the group. They were all talking about having a sleepover this weekend at our place (which happens to be pretty big.) "so Chandler," started his best buddy Rick, "we all cool to have a sleepover this weekend?" My brother nodded, " our place right?" They nodded. I knew what they were thinking. COD ALL WEEKEND!! I was excited. They don't know this, but I am a COD master. I've even beat my brother. My favourite video game is Black Opps: Zombies.and that's what we own. Prepare to Go Down.

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