be my baby

he was wonderful, she was beautiful, but together they get through everything together.But it all starded with just one question.


5. what a day .



Emmas pov

i walked out of the house and i thougt that i should go running because i've not done that in a quite long time and i have put on some weight that i have to lose now or never.While i was running my phone buzzed and i guess it's harry.

to emma<3 

from harry:)

hi emma was just wondering if maybe tonight you can come out please i wanna spend at least 1h with you 

to harrry:)

from emma<3

ehh sorry i've got plans :/

to emma<3

from harry:)

with your sister ??:)

to harry :)

from emma<3

no with my boyfriend Nash :/

i cannot undurstand that i just say that i was having plans with my BF  to my former love.I wonder what he's thinkig he won't even replied to my text i hope i didn't hurt him or something like that.i'll call sara right away and ask if she and carter could come over to hang out with me and nash later. 


-two hours later

"pling plong" the doorbell plinged " i'll get it" i said and ran to the door

" hiii i've missed you guys even if it was like 5 hours i saw you sara" i said when i saw Carter and sara at the door "hi that wasn't yesterday" carter said while giving me a big hug.

"so what are we going to do" carter asked and smiled at the same time.

"um what about a movie" Sara suggested 

"we could watch pitch perfect" nash said in a very happy  mood.i'm so glad i have nash because i could talk to him bout any or everything thats going on in my life and he would understand. "NASH" I said and whait for a repli "yes boo" he said " i love you nash" "i love you too honey" he said and he's lips bumped into mine and we started kissing and i really love nash and i would not leave him for a heartbreaker like harry.Never.

-skipping till the and of the movie 

"oh we've got to go home carter" sara said in a hurry."okej by nash" carter said  " bye bro"nash said "bye emma " they both said " bye guys" i said.

"we've to go get some sleep to" i said to nash  "okey boo" he said then i softly kissed me .

when i was walking up to the bedroom and i saw that i've got a text. 

to emma<3

from harry:)

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