be my baby

he was wonderful, she was beautiful, but together they get through everything together.But it all starded with just one question.


7. the ''hang out''


Harrys pov

I don't know why emma called me and asked if i could pick her up  earlier than we had decided  so had to get done early. When we hang up i starded to get fixed a walked to the bathroom and after 1h i was done and the clock was about 11.30 so i started my car and drove to Emmas place.i called her. "hi" she said and i just couldn't help to smile "hi i'm out side come out " i said "okey i'll be there in a second'' she said and i replied with an okey.After about five minuets she walked out of the door looking more beautiful than ever ''hey" she said "hi what do you want to do" i asked "um...i don't know oh wait can go to starbucks (SB)and get something to drink and then go to the park'' she said and that was actually a great idea "okey lets do that if that's what you want'' i said whit a smile on my face. i drove to Sb and we got a drink Emma took a chai latte and i just got a coffe then we walked to the park and settled down on a bench. '' no really that really happend'' i said while she laughed '' so let me get this right you took someones candy and ate it just to ''help'' this pearson out '' she said while almost falling off the bench ''yes yes i did that'' i said while i was laughing to ''OMG is the clock already 8 i have to get home'' she said and we didin't even notice that we've been in the park for a really long time so i drove her back to her house we got into the car and  i started it '' harry'' emma said while i was driving ''yes'' i said ''why don't we do this more often'' she said and i replied with '' i don't know i guess that when i wanna do something you're busy and when you wanna do something i'm busy'' i said still whit my eyes on the road ''yeah i guess'' she said and the rest of the car ride was quiet ''bye harry we should do this often'' emma said while saying godbye ''yeah we really should'' i said '' see you at school tomorrow '' she said '' hey emma'' ''yeah'' she said '' did we or didn't we have homework for tommorrow '' i asked her '' hahah harry we don't even go to the same clas but you and sara dose so i'll ask her''  she said and i thanked her . i drove home care full and safe, when i was home i heard my mom say my name ''harry?'' she said ''yes mom '' i said and walked into the living room ''can you give me a glass of  water please '' she said and i did as she asked and started walking to my room . i took up my phone and saw that i had got a text from sara



we did not have homework for tomorrow and if you plan  to steal emma from nash i just wanted to say that i'll help you hahah;) 

to sara


haha thanks for your help and no i don't on stealing enyone from nobody 

to harry

from SARA

oh thats sad but you're welcome bye 

omg what do you think i love you for reading as i said i'm not that god at spelling well i at least try but you know me twitter and all of that stuff bye and thank you for reading love you so so so much ilysm<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 



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