be my baby

he was wonderful, she was beautiful, but together they get through everything together.But it all starded with just one question.




Emmas pov*

i woke up  and the clock was about 6.30 so i got up and got dressed when i was done i walked down and met my sister in the kitchen "hey" i said and she smiled " hi when dose school start" she said " 8" i replied  " do you want some breakfast" she asked and i nodded after about 30 minuets later she called out and said that breakfast was ready so i got down to the kitchen to get some food then i sat down by the table and began to eat " mm this is really good ella'' i said while enjoying my meal "thank you emma " she said with a smile the rest of the breakfast was quiet. when  i was done whit my meal a put the dish in the kitchen and then i walked to my room and got my stuff. " ella you're comming" i said ''yeah one second'' she said while i was putting on my shoes. " so should we go then" ella said and i nodded. we walked out of the house and i locked the door when we was in school i saw sara and cas " hi guys" i said when i came up to them  and they did not answer cuz they were in the middle of a  discussion so i diddn't disrupt  ."what person could do that for what reason " cas said and sounding  a little annoyed " cuz he's so stupid '' sara said and started to cry  '' guys what are you talking about" i asked worried and cas turned to me and explained everything to me and i was about to explode when cas told me that carter  was cheating on sara i just wannted to call him and yell at him but i didn't.''what  when'' i said instead '' yesterday just after she talked to harry about homework'' cas said '' omg  i suggest that we have a girls day today just the three of us" i said to make sara happy. she wipe of her tears and smiled at me, cas opend her mouth and was about to say something whe someone called at my phone and i answer "hi " i said though the phone  "hi it's nash" nash said "can you come outside the school'' he went on ''uhm ok but make it fast cuz my lesstion starts in 15 minuets" i said  worried . "see ya guys lather'' i said to sara and cas when i went out to see nash, when i wen't out to see him i ran up to him and huged him but he didn't hug me back "whats wrong" i said to him and looked him in the eyes '' i just wannted to ask if we could take a break''he said and i just stood there i was about open my mouth and squall at him but i got cut off by shara screaming that class starts so i just left him there alone and went in to school."bye nash" i wispheard to my shelf when i went back in. ''hey Em are you oki'' she said  aand looked at me '' no'' i said straight away '' would you like to tell me and cas later '' she asked and i nodded '' maybe we should go to class now i said and tried to end the subject '' yeah'' she said and looked to the ground '' when i was in class i was kind of in my own world and when the teacher asked me a question i didn't k ow the answear. the clock rang and it was break so i wen't to see cas and talked to her about what happend beetween me and nash " so what have been going on 2 she said to me and i pretty much told her everything '' what he did that '' she said and i nodded "yeah'' i said and when i was about to tell her how immature he was someone called '' hello'' i said and the person replied '' hi'' he said  and i knew his voice anywhere and i have to admit that harrys voice made me calm and i just could like relax for a minute or two '' i heard that you were sad wanna hang out and talk later today'' he asked and i smiled and anweserd '' sorry can't i'm gonna have a girls day with cas and sara '' no you're not we can have it tomorrow'' sara said through the phone '' haha sara what do you mean '' i asked her '' look you're gonna spend the day with harry and i'm gonna go solve some things with carter '' she yelled '' oki but if i'm gonna hang out with harry cas have to come along '' i said and cas noded '' alright then '' sara said  and we started to laugh all the four of us . the school bell ringed and we hang up and wen't to class 

-skipping class

'' omg finally luch i'm so hungry'' i said and sara and cas just laughed."what wouldn't you get tired after a day like this??'' i asked her they didn't have the time to replie when i felt my phone buzz. "oh great more drama" i said and wen't outside. "what do you wan't" i said angry into the phone "woah.. take it easy tiger" Nash said and i rolled my eyes " canyou come over tonight" he asked and i got confussed. "Nash are you okee?" i asked and he just laughed and said " i just wanna explain why i broke up with you "woah slow down who said anything about  we breaking upp ... we just took a break..right??" i said to him "so whatever can you come over tonight" he asked i told him that i was going to spend time with harry and tommorow i'd  have a girls day/night and so on "so.......that's a no then" he said and i told him maybe on saturday . he said okey and we end the phone call. "when i wen't back into the cafeteria i saw that sara and cas already got a seat "ohh.. if you ever go through that possition tell me" i said tierd . and they just laughed and i explaind .

-skipping lunch 

"hey harry" i said when i saw him walking in front of me. " hey" he said with a smile on his ."you know i've change one period to art so i'll see you in art class later " he said and i nod my head and he walked away from me and i wa sleft alone untill i heard someone behind he "woah sorry that i scared you" he said .ugh nash could this day get any worse ." um.. what are you doing here" i said " i wannted to see you" he said and i laughed " nash you broke upwith me remember?" i said while i play fingers "yeah but i'm sorry for that i realized that i need you" he said and that kind of made blush. then suddenly our lips conected and when i pulled away i saw harry standing behind nash. he just looked at us and then walked away from us. "no no no no no no no no .... this can't happend " i said and walked after him "harry wait" i called out when i catched up with him he didin't look at me he just continue walking " so you're back with nash now" he said and i didn't replie " nope he just came to our school and bumped into my lips" i said..Harry just keept walking."you know if you aren't together with Nash why didn't you pull away??" Harry asked and a anwser with "cuz i ...." I said i don't know why i "see bye" he said and walked away from me wait why is he like this it's not that we're together or anything."i should talk to him later. I just stood there with my thoughts when nash came to me "babe he's nobody you don't have to worry" Nash said and it pisses me of "what?" i said "Nash he's my friend he's always gonna be somebody" i said sometimes nash can be so cool yeah i know i just think that because he dumped me when he's the person who always makes me smile. " i didn't mean it like that Em" Nash told me and i just turned around so i would face him "Well nash here's a question i want you to answer."  i said "what was the real reason you broke up with ame ?" i continued " because i  didn't know what i was thinking" he said as an excuse for the reason "Nash i'm not 11 anymore so when you're done lying you know where you can find me " i snapped and walked away


as i walked to my Class i felt something buzz in my pocket "hello it's Emma Winterstreet" i said through the phone because it was an unknown number "Hi this is Luke hemming" a manly voice said "and how can i help you?" i said friendly " i'm i good friend of harrys and i wonder if you know where he's " Luke said " yeah he's in class and how did you get my number ?" i said " oh he gave it To me in cases like this " he said #" yeah but is it anymore you wanna ask me ?" i told the unfamiliar boy " yeah i just wonder if i could see you and harry later" he asked me " well i can always ask him " i told the Guy and she hung up . i continued into class when  i saw something nobody wanna see. 

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