be my baby

he was wonderful, she was beautiful, but together they get through everything together.But it all starded with just one question.


3. is that a maybe

harrys pov

As i walked out of the school she passed me i could feel her smell (it smell like strawberrys)her brown hair  is blowing in the chill wind and her smile is wonderful and i have to ask her now or never."hey Emma" i said before it was to late "Um you're talking to me right" she said in a shy voice."yeah" i said in the same way."yeah what do you want" she said and she and her friend starded to walk over to me. "i was just wondering what you are doing tomorrow night" i said and sounded more nervous now than before."Um i don't know i text you when i know more about it " she said."so thats a maybe then" i said and smiled at the same time."maybe " she said just to make it sound more romantic."okey i'll see you around then" i said "yeah see ya "she said 


-the next day 

pling* i look at my phone and saw that it was a message from emma 

from Emma<3 

to harry:) 

"hi harry i just wanned to say that i can't go with you to night sry"

to emma<3

from harry:)

"why can't you come tonight"



to harry:) 

from emma<3

"because my sister is comming to town and i really wanna spend some time with her"

to emma<3

from harry:)

thats okey have fun with your sister :)

what was i saying i was broken. i really love her and she might not be popular like me but she's still my first big crush and i fell like i can love her like forever and nomather what i will fight for her <3


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