be my baby

he was wonderful, she was beautiful, but together they get through everything together.But it all starded with just one question.


4. I'm harry styles


harrys pov

hi i should introduce my self.

 hi my name is Harry Edward Styles and i lived in london but had to move to los angeles when i was 17 because my mom got a jobb offer there and she was willing to take it because she wanted me to have a great life.and i also live with my sister Gemma Styles.i don't know my father that well he left us when i was 4 so i don't have that much memories of him.Whell then i started this school called UCLA ( that stands for university of california,los angelses) and thats where i first met Emma and i've always been this heartbreaker type but she change mmy mind it was something about her that made me fall in love with that walking beauty and i love her really much she made realizw what love is and i like it really there you got it. i'm a heartbreaker that has no father and lives with my mom and sister.

hi thanx for reading sorry this chapter got so short i love you all <3<3<3<3<<3

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