be my baby

he was wonderful, she was beautiful, but together they get through everything together.But it all starded with just one question.


2. How it all began



Emmas pov


I walked  into the school building and i was wearing a t-shirt that says "Be YourShelf"

and a pair of jeans shorts.I was not that popular but at least  i wasn't bullied eather I was one of the normal kids.I walked over to my best friend named Sara and Casandra."Hi guys sup" 

"Hi Em" they both said at the same time."Emma you know that guy you've crushed on since forever" Casandra said. "Yeah" i replied worried. "whats his name again?" Sara asked."Harry Styles" i aid with i lower voice so no one would hear."anyway i've heard that he have plans to ask you out" Casandra said more  excited that before" i was stunned and supriesd. Was the harry styles going to ask me out "Em you're okey??" Sara asked worried "hum?" was all i could get out."i said are you okey??" she said again." yeah i'm tots fine" i said before we all starated laugh"we should head to class now" Casandra said.


-skip to the end of school.

''cas are you comming'' i said worried cus i know that harrys class are ending soon 

"Just  wait one second" she said

"hurry" i said worried that he would come any minuite now

"gosh wait" she said irritable

"DONE" she said and got her stuff and we could finally get out of the school buillding.

and as we walked out we passed him i tried freak out

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