be my baby

he was wonderful, she was beautiful, but together they get through everything together.But it all starded with just one question.


6. hey sister's home

Emmas pov


The text i got from harry was Very short and i didn't even notice that it only Said "okey" i was really realived and i could began go to bed."Em i love you" nash said and i blushed "i love you 2 forever and always" i said with a big smile on my face."godnight sweety" he said and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek.i love nash i really do he's my everything without him i'm week i'm hopeless.nash has always been there for me and when the time comes i'll be there for him i promise i'll.


I woke up next to Nash and i blushed."he looks so cute when he sleeps" i whispered to myself.i was about to go up and get into the shower when my phone plinged i thought  that it was just some noticfication from twitter or something like that so i just ignored it and walked into the shower.When i was in the shower i heard my phone buzz."what? who is calling me this early" i said while i was in the shower.I decided to call back when I had showered clear.

skipping the shower :)

i got out from the shower and get dressed. i decided to wear i G-star shirt and some shorts.when i was done i took my phone and call the pearson back."hi" i said into the phone. "hi it's harry i just wanted to know if we had some homework to do" he said "haha tha's why you called right so you didn't call to ask if i wannted to do something" i said while i laughed "so you caught me then well what do you say"  he said "let see I can check if I'm free" i said while brushing my teeth "so thats i yes then" harry said and i could tell that he was smiling so i starded smiling to." yes thats a yes and i'll be ready at one so you can pick me up at my place" i said " ok just a problem i don't know where you live" harry said sounding confused "i'll text you " i said trying to make him cool off a little " okey see ya then " he said " bye see ya" i said and we hang up " sooo" i wispeared  to  my self. then i heard someone waking up behind me and i smiled " god morning boo" i said before he could "hey that's my line" he said and i laughed " hahah when are you heading home " i asked " um after breakfast because me and the guys are going to.." he got caught off by my sister . "what???" i said " hey Emma are you home" she said " Um yeah" i said as i walked down the stairs "hi Ella " nash said " hi i see that you are stilll together she said looking curios " yeah still in love with each other" nash said and i nodded. ''by the way weren't you supposed to come home next week" i asked her ''about that yeah there were a few changes and i got to come home earlier'' ella said with a happy face " that's wonderful'' i said "i should get going" nash said "what why " i said " so i can give you and your sister some privet time together" he said '' oh nash that's so sweet of you" i said '' well bye then ,i'll call you em" nash said  " kay kay bye " i said and gave him a kiss , i  told my sister that i was just going to call someone, " hey harry can you come and pick me up at twelve" i said  


 omg thanks for reading i love you so much and sorry for my wrong spelling i'm from sweden and our engelish is terrible well i'm still learning tho  but still thank you so so so much i love you 

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