Unforgivable Past


1. Flash Back

-Flash Back-


I sat up from the bed walking over to where my underwear had been thrown on the floor, picking them up I sighed as I bent over and slid them up my legs. When I turned around a naked Daniel winked at me.


"That was fun." He says, a huge grin plastered on his face.


"Yep." I walked over to the bed picking up my shirt, not making eye contact with him.

"Aw, Laura, don't be so anti-social." He smiled sitting up and locking one of my curls around his fingers. "You liked it, didn't you?"


I looked up at the boy rolling my eyes before sliding my jeans up my legs. "I've got to go." I walked off to the door, my hand lingering on the knob. "You know, other guys I gotta fuck."


"Same time next week?" I looked at Daniel before smiling.


"Next week is graduation."


"Next weekend?" I could see the desperation in  his eyes.


"Busy." I starred to grow impatient.


"Well, when can I see you?"


"I don’t know. I'll call you." With that, I walked out the door and out of his house smiling at his mother as she just walked through the door.



-Flash Back Ends-

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