Unforgivable Past


2. Chapter One

-One Year Later-

I fiddled the pen in my fingers as I stared at my professor. After graduation I applied for Harvard University and successfully got accepted. I knew things had to change so I could graduate with a diploma, and that was why I moved so far away from my home town. I stared at my handsome English professor as he spoke to the class about the latest novel we were about to read. He was a young professor, only in his mid-twenties and I can assure you he was absolutely gorgeous. The bell rang, indicating our last class was over. I got up, grabbing my books and walking out of the tiny room. Because money was short I had to rent out a dorm room, sharing it with a small pixie-like girl names Ashley.


I hurriedly walked off to my dorm room, unlocking it and entering, finding Ashley sitting on her bed with a pen in her mouth and a book sitting in her lap.


"How was class?" She spoke, eyes on her book.


"Same as usual, just had Mr Fess." I winked at her as she looked up at me, her eyes flushing red.


"Hey!" She laughed throwing a fuzzy pink pillow in my direction, because of her amazing throwing skills it missed me landing on the floor, just touching the tips of my toes. I looked at it before dramatically falling on my bed, my hand on my forehead.


"No! You got me!" I closed my eyes before getting back up an staring at a laughing Ashley. "Anything happening this weekend?" I set my bag out on my desk, sorting through the piles of paper I had scattered across it.


"Philip's throwing a party at his Frat house."


"Sounds exciting." I rolled my eyes, the last party he had was terrible, the music was shit, the house was tiny and could barely fit 20 people in It and it didn't even have alcohol.

"Anything else?"


"Well… Aiden's throwing a party." I looked directly at her. I opened my mouth to say yes but she cut me off.

"We can't go. No. We are not going to his party."


"Ashley, oh my fucking god, Aiden Black is throwing a party? We have to go! His parties are legendary. When even was the last party he threw?"  I squealed.


"Uh, honestly I can't even remember, didn't we get really drunk and pass out on his front porch?" I raised my eyebrows.


"You passed out on his front porch?" She gave me a weird expression.


"Yeah, so don't you remember?"


"I staggered home and passed out on your bed, you passed out on Aiden's front door." I burst out laughing as I watched her face pale and her lips part.


"But someone was next to me the entire time, I so remember you laying on me."


"No, that was someone else." The look on her face made me laugh harder, one thing about Ashley is she hates it when strangers touch her.


"Ew! I need a shower just thinking about that. Gross." She squeaked grabbing her towel from her closet and her PJ's and hurrying out the door.  I chuckled to myself and sat on the chair next to my desk.


By the time Ashley got back I had already finished my homework and had my laptop on, searching for movies on Netflix. I looked over at her, her hair was wet and she had a green face mask on making her look like Shrek. I let out a little shriek as she pranced through the door.


"Green does not suit you. You look like an ogre." I scrunched up my face, giving her a disgusted look.


"It was the only one I had left!" She exclaimed as I snickered to myself. "Remind me in a hour that I need to take it off."


"Sure thing." A hour later I looked over to Ashley to see she was fast asleep. I grabbed a pen out of my draw and started to draw a penis on her cheek. I giggled before going back to bed and turning the lamp off.


I woke up by a fizzy pillow slapping against my face. "Laura I friggen hate you!" She screams. "You were supposed to tell me to wash it off, now look at me!"


"I fucking hate that pillow." I mumble getting up off the bed and looking at her face. The face mask had dried and started to crumble on her face. I watched as a bit fell off landing on the floor.


"Well, it hates you." She walked off outside in her pink bear PJ's. I waited  a couple of seconds before I heard the floorboards thump loudly.


"What the frick is this on my face." Her eyes wide and full of anger.


"It's a penis, it suits you." I smile, looking at her hands shake.


"Dude, how am I going to Aiden's party with a friggen penis on my friggen face?!" My eyes started to water as I laughed harder.


"Y-y-you look good. I said between laughs. Her face fell as she stared at me laughing until I had stopped. Angry clear as day in her eyes.


"Dude, it's on the face mask, it'll peel off with it." I said, trying to contain myself.


"I swear to god if it doesn't…" She threatened storming out of the room. I looked in my closet for something to wear for tonight, but couldn't find anything. When Ashley came back - her face clear of penises and clay I announced we were going shopping. Instantly, her face brightened.


When we got to the mall it was already packed. People crowded around every store and every café that was in sight. I harried over to Macey's and had a look at all the beautiful dresses. Ashley grabbed one instantly from a rack next to me.


"I've been eyeing this dress for a while now, tonight, it will be worn, by me." She gripped onto the dress, not letting it go. I looked in the rack she got the dress from and found a perfect black dress.


"Not too long, not too short, I like it." I said looking at it. "Shall we try these on?" Ashley nodded as we walked to the back of the store where the change rooms are. I chose the change room next to Ashley as I slipped the dress on. The colour of the dressed showed off my curves and clung to me perfectly. It reached just above my knees - it was perfect. I walked out when I heard Ashley's curtain open.


"What do you think?" I asked, doing a little circle for her to see the whole dress.


"That's the one!" She squealed at me. "What about mine?" The white dress she had was adorable, it was the same length of mine but clung differently on Ashley, making her look even hotter than she already was.


"Sexy." I winked. She blushed before going back into the change rooms to take the dress off. We paid for the dresses before going to grab something to eat since it was already three o'clock. I ordered chips and gravy as Ashely ordered a salad. Pfft.


"Look at that pussy-ass salad." I accused, staring at the green lettuce in her salad.


"Look at all that fat." She pointed at the gravy on the chips.


"Well excuse me for enjoying fat." I shoved a chip covered in thick gravy while poking my tongue out at her.


"Well, that's attractive." I looked behind Ashley as she started babbling on about her classes. Aiden Black was standing in line with his blond bimbo of a girlfriend. I scoffed as she ordered a salad and a diet coke.


"Are you even listening to me?" Ashley asked. I looked down at her. "That was not the time to scoff!"


"I was listening."


"No you weren't." She laughed finishing off her salad.


"Are you full?" I asked her.




"That's because you're eating pussy-bitch salad. Ew." I say giving her a wink.


"Oh my gosh. It's healthy ok." She said.


"If you say so." I laughed.


"We have a couple of hours until the party, we should start heading back to campus and get ready." Ashley suggested.




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