Thought it was Over

[SEQUEL TO THOUGHT I WAS FORGOTTEN] Rebecca and Niall. Britney and Zayn. They were once madly in love, but all was forgotten when they split ways. World Tour and College was the end. All contact was gone. They said their love was until the end of forever. Nothing lasts forever. A love so strong, torn to pieces by love itself. They thought it was over...


2. Chapter 1

~No One's POV~

It's been 1 year 4 months and 2 weeks since they went their separate ways. They moved on, accepting the fact that it was just a summer love. No more and no less then just a summer love.

A love so strong, just faded away like it was nothing. Everyone's lives are moving like it never happened. Sometimes the memories come back, but mean nothing. It was so long ago, there isn't a reason to hang onto the past. So why do it? Why hang on to something that was just a chapter in your book of life?

Rebecca and Britney are out of college and working full time with their own apartment together. The first time they visited Mullingar, the tears came and didn't stop until they left. There was a sting in their chest every time they saw the house where it all happened. It was like slowly ripping off a band-aid when the memories of every touch, every kiss, and every word of love and friendship was spoken or acted upon.

The second time, they felt no pain. Of coarse they missed all of the fun and teenage dreams that happened back that summer and they would go back and relive it as many times and they could, but It didn't hurt to think about them anymore. It was like the band-aid could now be ripped off quick, with little to no pain. Of coarse there will always be that sting, but it fades quickly enough to where it is pretty much unnoticeable. They accepted the fact, that their love was only temporary. They accepted the fact, that it was too good to be true. They accepted the fact, that It was too good to be permanent.

The boys are currently on a world tour with Paige by their side. She's dating Louis now. Liam and her became more of a brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend. They are all enjoying themselves. Of course they talk about the summer. They just don't feel any hurt or sadness when Rebecca and Britney are mentioned. They are almost never mentioned anyway.

They all have finally moved on. They too, have accepted the fact that a long distance relationship would never work. They too, realized it was only a summer love. And, they too have realized that it could have never been permanent. Rebecca, Britney, Paige and the all guys, of coarse, all wish it could have worked, but they know it couldn't have. The distance between them is the water that put out their fire, and now the wood is wet and the fire can never be re-lit again.


~Rebecca POV~

"Britney get up! We are going to be late again!" My gosh that girl is terrible. It's Friday so she should get up because Friday is usually our easiest day, plus we only have to work for 3 hours.

She slowly gets up and starts getting ready. We both straightened out hair and let out bangs hang freely.When Britney and I got back to Texas we decided we needed a change. I dyed my hair a lighter blonde and got a chocolate brown peek-a-boo. Britney dyed her hair a darker brown and it looks really good on her. It makes her eyes really stand out.

It was 7:30 and we had to be at work at 8:15. I kind of just want to call in. I don't want to go today. Yeah im calling in.

"Britney do you even want to go today? We should go see my aunt down at the race track."

"Yeah, I haven't been down there in so long!!! What are we gonna tell them?"

"Something came up with my mom and her cancer so we have to fly back to Mullingar for the weekend."

"Believable enough"

I went back to my bedroom to grab my phone and call work. They said that they completely understood and it was okay for us to skip today.


~Britney POV~

Rebecca came back from her bedroom and told me it was okay for us to skip. I actually don't even want to leave the apartment. One Direction are in town for 2 weeks. They have 2 concerts and some radio interviews and regular interviews.

Two weeks is a long time to avoid 5 people, well 6 because Paige stayed with them. I don't think it will be hard to avoid them at the race rack though. They wont show up there. Rebecca and I are walking though. We need the air, we never really get out anymore.

I need to go find something to wear. I walked into the huge closet that Rebecca and I share. She pulled out a light pair of skinny jeans with a loose white and light pink tank top to wear. I decided to wear some dark holey skinny jeans with a white lace tank top that hugged me perfectly.

I grabbed some white converse to wear with the outfit. Rebecca grabbed her light pink vans from the closet. Our outfits matched together perfectly.

We left the house and started our walk to the race track. It wasn't very far and we are gonna stop at some places on the way there. First stop was our favorite bakery just a 2 blocks away from our apartment. We used to go there for coffee every morning before classes and sometimes go there before work.

~Liam POV~

I needed some fresh air. This hotel is driving me crazy. No one is talking about what is really bothering them, but we all know its the town. Rebecca and Britney live here. Its a big enough city to where we wont see them but the possibility is still there and its making everyone uneasy.

I snuck out the back door and walked off. I had sunglasses and a jacket on so hopefully no one would recognize me.

The streets weren't to bad. Not to many people we walking today, probably because people we still at work during this time. I walked for about 10 minutes until I saw a little bakery across the street and decided to see what they had.

I ran across the street and opened the door. A little bell signaled that I entered. It smelled really good in here. They had many different foods and also had different teas, coffees, and other beverages.

There were only 3 people in the building and only one person working. I decided it was safe to take my sunglasses and hood of my sweatshirt off.

There was 2 girls sitting at a small table in the front of the shop. They both had a cup of something.

I ordered a cup of hot tea and sat down at a table. The girls looked over at me and went wide eyed. Im guessing they know who I am. I smiled at them and continued drinking my tea.

Something was familiar about these girls, I just cant put my finger on it. I looked at them again. The one was blonde with brown hair underneath her blonde hair with bright blue eyes. The other had dark brown hair, glasses, and hazel eyes.

I cant help but feel like I know these girls. Their eyes look so familiar, but the rest of them doesn't.

They got up and took their cups to the counter. "Bye girls. Come see us more often we miss seeing you all the time." The lady at the counter said.

"We will. Same time tomorrow. I miss your coffee." The brunette said.

I know that voice.

The eyes, the voice, could it have been them? No, they should be working today.

Did I really just see Rebecca and Britney after all this time? If that was them, they have defiantly changed.

No way was I going to tell anyone. I am coming back tomorrow for sure.


~Rebecca POV~

As soon as we got out of the bakery I turned to Britney and said "That was Liam."

"I know."

"Do you think he recognized us?" I asked worried.

"I hope not."

"The first day they are in the city, we run into Liam."

"Hopefully only Liam."



Sorry I havent updated for like 3 months. I know im terrible at updating.



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