Not Another Sound

You can't underestimate the deaf especially if they seem like a cripple. I guess that's what you can call me. Deaf. I'm not a paraplegic. I can walk. People who treat deaf people with disrespect disgust me. My dad left me alone for two reasons. 1- He believes that I killed my mother and 2- He hates that I'm deaf. Well, it wasn't my fault of my mother's death and it was his fault that I'm deaf.


1. School

Jamie, my friend, grabbed her notebook and wrote something down.


"Tell me the story again."


I sighed. "Do I have to?"


She nodded.


I've known Jamie even before I lost my hearing.


"Okay, I lost my hearing due to damage to the eardrum. The doctor said it's possible to lose it permanently but there's a small chance that it may just be temporary but I doubt it."


She frowned.


"Don't say that." she said slow enough for me to read her lips.


"Why not, Jamie? I probably won't be able to hear that beautiful voice of yours ever again." I sat down on the bench.


She tapped my shoulder and I looked at her.


"You know you can try to get a hearing aid, right?"


I shook my head. "I don't have a family who'd buy me one. Plus they're too expensive."


Jamie frowned. "Wanna go into the school?"


"Yes please." I said and we walked into the school.


I saw jocks, nerds, the disorders (blinds, handicaps, etc.) and preps.


I looked at Jamie who smiled.


"Come on."


She dragged me down the hall until I someone pulled her away from me.


Jake Owens.


I watched as he talked with Jamie (his girlfriend).


Even though I can't read his lips, I can read Jamie's. She talks slow enough.


Jake is one of those people who disgust me. He has a "problem" with the deaf.


"Jake, she can't fucking hear. Why do you even fucking bother?" Jamie yelled.


Like I said, I can only understand Jamie's side of the conversation.


"No, I'm not."


Jake looked like he was yelling and Jamie faced the floor. She looked like she was sobbing.


Anger built up inside of me. Nobody messes with my best friend.


I ran up to Jake and started to slap him but he grabbed my hand and stopped me.


He started laughing. I furrowed my eyebrows and tried to escape his grip.


I turned around to face Jamie who looked like she was shouting at Jake with tears in her eyes.


The whole time I was thinking, "Why isn't anyone doing anything?"


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