Death. The sweet descent of wings. A vampire? A werewolf?... An angel? He's different and Myah can't figure out what he is but maybe he is the answer for her becoming human or maybe he could be the death of her and many others...


1. Sweet Sacrifice

Death. So beautiful but yet so sad, as if when you die the trees get a little greener, the sun becomes that bit more lighter but the people still mourn. That's how it looked now, everything examplified to look more splendid then it really was. I stood behind a tall tree, my fingers running along it's light brown bark. I could hear my mum crying, her voice wavered as she said her goodbyes and let the small purple flower fall from her hands and fall with a thud onto my coffin. Her black dress lifted and swirled around her legs as the breeze began to pick up. My father wrapped a cardigan over her pale shoulders and she placed her flushed cheeks on her chest. My sharpened vision could see the soft trickle of tears rolling down her slightly pink cheeks. She looked tired, as if the sleepless nights had finally caught up on her. Suddenly she stiffened, her eyes darting towards were I stood and I quickly ducked behind the tree, praying that she hadn't seen me. I looked around the tree and she had returned her gaze to the pastor that stood at the head of my coffin, his voice low and flowing. Experienced was the word that sprang to mind. Goosebumps pricked the mourner's skins but yet i stood here perfectly unaffected by the cold. My skin was now as flawless as porcelein, impenetrable. My hair fluttered softly in the breeze and i took a moment to watch it's contrast to the darkening blue sky. My brown hair was the replica of my mother's, and my soft waves inherited from my father. My cousin Henry's eyes passed over towards the trees were i stood and he froze. His mouth was hung in a silent 'o' and his breathing quickened. I could hear him stuttering as i stood staring back at him in horror. "Crap" i mumbled as i quickly fled, tripping over the gnarled roots of trees that scattered the old cemetery. Leaves whipped at my face but i couldn't feel them, could only feel the soft scattered beat of my heart as i continued to panic. What happens if he tells them, what if they believe him and know that i'm a vampire. I stopped at the thought of the word. Vampire. It was like a brick suddenly slammed into my chest and i couldn't breathe. I'd been avoiding facing what i am, avoided feeding as well but that hadn't worked. A crack of a branch made me turn around, my eyes coming into contact with a pair of startling green ones. "We need to talk" the young man said, slinging his hands over the tombstone of a Amanda Pierce. His hair was jet black and hung around his eyes, he flicked his head making his hair settle slightly to the side so it wasn't in his eyes. He was beautiful, flawless and another vampire. Before i knew what i was doing i nodded, mindlessly following him down into a darker part of the cemetery, through the thick forest and emerged in front of a natural cave.
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