mini stories for all!!

I just wanted to entertain you all with mini stories. I will write story's of humor , terror , fanfictions , etc., etc. . I will take requests and or create my own wacky stories for the people. Promise.


4. Powers,a blessing or a curse! Part one.

       Two cousins can control and create an element. Megan with fire and Lizzie with snow. Will having these powers in the modern world be a blessing or a curse? Will these powers save or kill them ? Will the powers pull them closer or father apart? Will you, readers get annoyed with my intro questions? Will- , ok ill stop asking questions just keeps reading please. Narrator away! *flies away* [ sorry guys I had to]. 

Megan POV  I walk out of my tent and walk over to the unlit fire pit. This camping trip was a good idea. I think. So far it is. I think my mom just wanted my cousin and I to get away from people and everything.So we don't ruin the town. I can't blame her. We destroyed the park before. Twice. I step closer to the fire pit and clap my hands together then make a cup with my hands. I blow into my palm-cup-thingy  and a bunch of hot ashes spill over my finger tips and into the fire. They don't hurt my fingers, I can't even get burned, ever. It's a gift. The fire still isn't fully going. Strange. I snap my fingers and my pointer finger tip catches fire but it doesn't hurt or burn. I light a paper plate on fire then toss it in the pit. I rub my thumb over my pointer finger and put the finger fire out. Then I put both my hands out, palms up, and quickly  threw my hands over my head and the fire grew to my height.  I run my hand through my hair to pull it back into a ponytail and clasp an orange hair tie over my tail. Having a tail would be cool. But this time I mean ponytail. A strip of my 99% blond hair falls out. It is the 1% of my hair that is orange. The Orange stripe ,As I call it, never stays in my ponytail, ever.  The Orange stripe reminds me of my great power to control fire. My mom says it is a flame that I keep close to my heart. I say it is just a shorter piece of hair. I hear a sound and look over my shoulder to see what it is. It is my cousin, Lizzie coming out of her tent. I fix my jacket and say "how do you want your eggs cooked, sunshine" sarcastically. I smile at my own sense of humor.


Lizzie' s POV:

We were at camp. I wasn't fond of camping before but the nature overwhelmed me with its beauty. Megan, my cousin, was closely in touch with her fire element and could actually create a campfire with her bare hands. As for me, I could create snow. Snow, to me, wasn't handy. I had always felt slightly jealous of Megan but I suppose I would probably accidentally kill someone if I had the gift of fire. I suppose a gift isn't a coincidence and happens with purposes. There has to be a reason to why I was even created with the element of snow. The only time I ever really used it was when Megan had started a huge fire and I created ice to stop it. That was risky, though. I also used it when I was desperate for snow on Christmas. I had never actually seen snow on the actual Christmas day. Megan was delighted but I didn't always want to delight her. 

"How do you want your eggs cooked, sunshine?" I heard Megan say, before grinning, as I crawled out my tent. 

"Don't mind, as long as you don't burn it. And by burn, you know what I mean." I grinned back and she almost laughed. "But really. I don't care. Just don't turn that tree over there to ashes with your finger." 

"I'll try." Megan smirked. "But I'm not so cheeky as I was before, Lizzie!" 

"Oh really?" I said, mischeiviously. "How about this?!" I shot a ball of snow right out my finger and it just about hit her face.

"Oh my God! Lizzie!" She yelled. I didn't often use my gift. Especially not in public. But today, I felt alive. After all, we were in the woods. 

   Megan POV My face in cold! Thanks a lot Lizzie. To get back at her I clap my hands together to shoot a huge fire ball at her but I decide not to. I pull my hands apart to make the ball split into 5 different spheres. I throw them at her feet. "Dance puppet!" I yell as I watch her jump to avoid getting burned. "Ok Truce" yells Lizzie after the last fireball rushes past her ankles. I win. I put my Mp3 ear buds in and  listen to Panic at the disc. I can't hear anything accept 'Ms.Jackson' . I look up to see Lizzie slowly walking away. "LIZZIE" I yell. She doesn't look up or stop walking. I run towards her at full speed, leaving dust behind me. I turn her towards me. Her eyes that are usually brownish are now a piercing bright grey. There is almost no color. I shake her. Lizzie remains motionless . I am sorry Lizzie but,. . .  I put my finger tip in her palm and make sparks appear.  "OUCH" screams Lizzie. The color slowly returns to her eyes.  "What happened?" I ask. "I don't know. I heard this song and everything went fuzzy, then everything went dark. What did I do?" Lizzie says. "You tried to leave and your eyes were grey and you were emotionless" I say. "First of all that's bad grammar. Second of all. It was the song. I blame the song. "Why didn't you follow the sound.?" Asks Lizzie. "I was listening to my mp3. Thank you panic at the disco" I say. "Well what if both of us get stuck in the trance ? What if- " Lizzie starts to say before I slap her.  "Dont worry. When do I not listen to music? I am always looking after you cuz" I say. "What if-" Lizzie says. She has this panicked look on her face. I slap her again. Not so hard to leave a mark (like before) but enough to snap her back to reality. 


Lizzie POV

Trance. The word makes me want to collapse into the midst of nothingness. According to Megan, I had flashes out. Zoned out of reality. My eyes were colourless, my face in drought of emotion. But how? I remember one thing and one thing only. I saw a figure. Glowing. It was at the end of some sort if cave, possibly a tunnel. They say that you see a figure at the end of of a tunnel of memories before you die. Could I have almost died? It can't be. Nothing happened to cause that. But we were at camp and no matter how much I felt free and alive, I could be a little bit irritated with the mosquitoes and nettle around and I probably had a high blood pressure, me to faint. But I was standing, not falling. Strange.  "Yo!" Megan calls and hands me some eggs. I start to eat them peckishly then devour them all. Megan is a pretty good cook. "One of us should always listen to music or something to prevent the music or whatever from mesmerizing us." I say, mouth still half full. "Yeah right! That was a one time thing"  Megan says walking away. I roll my eyes.

Megan POV 

I actually am really nervous! What if someone is out to get us! I plug in my ear buds and play some Nirvana. I look up and see some trees moving. That doesn't look like something a animal would do. I studied that in science. I run towards the trees. I can hear Lizzie screaming my name. I don't care. You try to hurt my cousin you hurt me. I clench my fists in rage and catch them on fire. The figure in the trees starts to run. Definitely human. "IM GUNNA BEAT THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUTA YOU!" I scream. If this isn't the guy I'm going to scream. Louder. I can see Lizzie out of the corner of my eye. I can't let her get hurt. I run faster. I try to catch this guy.I'm gunna kill him.The guy stops and points something at me. I shoot fire and knock it out of his hands. I pick him up by the collar of the front of his shirt. I'm ready to punch him then his collar rips and he starts to run away. I begin to chase him but then Lizzie catches up and holds my arm back. I calm down and go back to look at the device he pointed at me. 

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