mini stories for all!!

I just wanted to entertain you all with mini stories. I will write story's of humor , terror , fanfictions , etc., etc. . I will take requests and or create my own wacky stories for the people. Promise.


2. chapter two - between two C's

           I am Angelica . I have green eyes,long red hair,and a crush on Colton and Chase. Chase is a tall blond haired , green eyed boy who is the best basketball player I know. Colton is a tall (I like tall guys) , brown haired, ,brown eyed , nerd . I don't know why I like them. They are so different. But I like them both. . I'm weird like that. But my story starts out on the last day of school. 

 I run into the library for a study hall before lunch. There I see my best friends Michelle and Mari . 'Shell is the kindest friend you could ask for, the ideal Bff and Mari is the biggest flirt ever. I walk over to them and take a seat. "Was up" Michelle says. "Hey" Mari said. I smile and take out a math book from my bag. "What chapter are we studdying?" I ask. "6.4" Michelle says. Then Chase walks in and I stare at the math book pretending to know where I'm at. Then Chase walks over to me and takes a seat. Not Mari. Not Shell . Me. "Hey" he says flipping his blond hair out of his face. "Hi" I say as if he was my best friend. "I have a question" he says. I flip my hand to say go ahead but then Chase says "Just you and me" . I follow him to the computers and then listen closely. "Will. . . You . .  Go . .  With me . . . . To  . . . .the  . . .Prom tonight. " he says.  I hug him tightly to say "yes" When I look up Chase is pink, PINK. 'Blushing' I thought. Then Chase leaves while smiling "call you" he says. "Ohh"  Mari says elbowing my ribs. I flinch. Then a paper airplane hits my head. I open it says "***** . You me prom ;) -Colton" I locate Colton and wrap erasers in the paper and throw the paper at his head. Colton is uSually the nice one. He became someone he wasn't. He is no longer my true love. Maybe it's my fault. If I would have told him. He might have been mine




Sorry guys. It's me. I know the chapter was stupid but I wanted to wrap it up quickly so you didn't leave me. If you hated the chapter I understand. I don't usually write romance. I'm a tomboy. Bye.

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