mini stories for all!!

I just wanted to entertain you all with mini stories. I will write story's of humor , terror , fanfictions , etc., etc. . I will take requests and or create my own wacky stories for the people. Promise.


3. chapter three - Jenny. part one

               I am Jenny. At least that is what the girls call me. My real name is Jennifer Alison  Lewis.  I am not helpless, poor , or unpopular.  I am a blond haired, blue eyed, tall, popular cheerleader. My grades are perfect but when the girls ask I say I failed. The girls -you might ask- are more tall, blond ,pretty, makeup wearing,popular girls. When I came to my school I wore my coolest clothes and 'the girl's ' thought I was one of them. I mean I wore grey leggings, black lace up boots, a purple sweatshirt with Chowder (from the cartoon network show) in it , my hair in a curly ponytail and a bit of make up. I just wanted to fit in. Then  they took me in under their wings- they don't really have wings I know just clarifying that but if they did they would be hot pink and SPARKLY- and invited me over to there house for a sleepover. The house was Anjelica's  but the girls were there so much that they basically shared the house. There is where I learned that to fit in with them I had to be dumb, love fashion , and look down on people. It wasn't me but I had no friends. What was I supposed to do! Anyway. I guess I should tell you one of my stories. I KNOW! Ill tell you about Monday.

  On Monday I wake up to the usual sound of a buzzer alarm and spring up out of bed . I shut off the alarm and ran into the shower immediately . I am usually alert at this time in the morning. I get out tie a towel around my chest and another around my hair. I find my phone in the cabinet and see 20 missed messages. I read them in my head.

"Be at your house in 10"

"lets all put our hair in top knots"

"Omg  Adam was drooling over me."

" Nerds suck, I mean Adam Got an A freaking plus on every subject:"

   ok I wont bore you with all the texts but all I knew is that , Adam is a nerd like me,  I have to put my hair up, and the girls  are coming over in like 5 minutes. so I put my hair up , put on leggings and a graphic T that says Nerdy ninja and has a ninja doing a math problem on it. Since my hair left a wet spot on the  shirt I tied the shirt in a knot  that was making the shirt let the world see my belly button. the girls came over and looked at my shirt and pointed "That's cool  lets do that" said Blair. Soon the rest of the girls tied their shirts at the end like mine. then Anjelica pulled her arm into the house which I guess  was outside still. This arm had Adam attached to it. She pushed Adam to the ground . "He wants to tell you something" Anjelica spat out. "he wouldn't tell me what it was" She added. Adam looked up and stared me in the eye and said "I Lo- Love Yo-You " He said All the girls looked at me. "Reject him, Make him suffer embarrassment" One of the girls called. I just stood there and looked in his eyes. 'I saw your grade, A+. looks and brains . you are my dream' Adam mouthed . Apparently Anjelica saw him and said "Good grade I thought you were one of us, and a NERD likes you and you didn't say no. wait do you say No" she added. I didn't know . Adam was a good ( and handsome) guy that I wouldn't mind dating but I didn't want to lose my reputation as "perfect" after thinking I made my decision.


A\N Oh! Cliff hanger. What will 'jenny' choose. You can give suggestions if you would like. I honestly need them. Ok that is your mission my loyal fans, help me decide what happens. Please. Megan out   

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