Reoccurring Dreams (Homestuck)


4. Chapter 4

There were four hands on him and he could see only two. Karkat groaned low as he tried to see what his Dave, his time lines Strider, was doing to him in the pillow pile, but the fucking prick had built a pillow wall to keep his eyes off himself. He wanted to tear into them, get away, but the rope on his arms and wrists made the impossible as his hands clenched.

“Dave?” He questioned through a gasp as the one behind him slid his hand down over his clothed bulg.

“Yeah?” They both answered and Karkat growled in annoyance.

“Fuck that is going to be so confusing.” He bit out before groaning as Dave did something behind the pillow wall. It was the lightest touch over his bulge.

“Just call me Strider babe,” the one behind him said, voice husky as he pressed his erection into Karkat’s ass. Karkat let out a little moan, agreeing even if he couldn’t voice it as something warm laved over his neck, not there but so very real.

“Alright,” and his voice came out strained. “Alright Strider.” He finally managed as Strider began to lick and nip at the tips of his ear, making them sting and buzz with heat. Behind the pillows he heard something unzip, felt a slight change of pressure and moaned as phantom lips pressed to his lower belly. “Oh fuck.” Be breathed out, leaning forwards and forcing Strider to hold him up. There were too many sensations going at once, too many pressures and not enough of them where he needed it.

“How’s he feel?” Strider whispered as Karkat groaned again, hinted warmth licking beneath his boxers, phantom hands sliding fabric down his legs and off. On the other side of the room his bulge was free to the air, a sharp contrast to the pressure of having his bulge also trapped in his pants. His brain was confused as fuck until he felt fingers on himself, then his brain just shut the fuck up.

“Well nice to meet you too,” he heard both in his ear and as an incomprehensible murmur across the room.

“Stop talking to my bulge Dave.” Karkat grit out and got a chuckle in response from both versions. Strider licked up the side of his neck, dick still pressed into the cleft of his ass, gently thrusting against him as Dave slid his fingers over him, tracing around the base of his bulge and prodding at the edge of his nook. Karkat moaned low as Strider’s hands undid his clothes, sliding them down to allow his bulge to come out his pants. He watched with a slight whimper as his bulge wrapped around nothing, though that wasn’t true, it was currently wrapping around Dave’s wrist.

“You seeing this shit?” Dave asked from behind the pillow wall. Strider reached down and pushing from base to tip, forcing Karkat’s bulge to straighten, making him groan as two completely different sensations rocked through him.

“More than seeing it.” Strider murmured back, fingers twining with the stickiness on the outside of Karkat’s bulge, the natural lubricant coating his fingers as he began to stroke him.

“You’re so warm.” The words were whispered from Dave as Strider nibbled on his opposite ear, fingers twining with his sleeping bodies bulge. “We make you this hot or are you always like this?” Strider kept one arm tight around Karkat’s stomach, keeping his shaking legs up while his hands traveled from playing with Karkat’s bulge to slide down between his thighs.

“Nice and wet for us aren’t ya,” Strider murmured as his fingers slide just over Karkat’s opening, the very tips of his digits sliding inside to press against his walls. Karkat shuddered hard at the teasing and bucked upwards. There was a low chuckle from behind the pillows and in less than a second there were more than just finger tips in him. Dave was sliding his fingers in deep, petting over the inner walls as Strider continued to play with the outer folds, sending Karkat’s head spinning just a bit as he bit out curses at the two of them that were even more disjointed than usual.

“...material gurgling, bone she-ah, fucking,” he panted through gasps as the two Dave’s slide fingers inside him, one deep, the other playing. His hands twisted in their bindings as he tried to grab at him. If it wasn’t for the fact that they couldn’t fucking see each other he would think they were doing this on purpose. Dave found something deep that made Karkat arch back into Strider, head hitting his shoulder and small horn grazing his cheek.

“Looks like he found something you like.” Strider chuckled before pulling his hand away. Karkat made a little whimper as he felt Strider shift behind him, heard the zipper go down and felt cloth drop in a whisper against his thighs. Striders bulge was long and warm as he pressed it into the cleft of his ass, unmoving in its straight hardness that had Karkat taking a shuddering breath. Slowly strider began to rock it into the cleft of his ass as Dave slid fingers inside him, the new sensation making him moan as his bulge writhed against itsef.

“Getting impatient babe?” Strider whispered as his hand went to wrap around Karkat's bulge, his bulge doing its best to wrap around his fingers. “Are you getting sick of hands? Want something thicker than fingers?” Strider pressed flush against him as Karkat felt Dave’s fingers twist and press as deep as they could.

“Yes!” He cried, body jolting. “Holy shit glubbing hoof beasts please, just please.” Karkat’s voice was high as he felt Dave’s hand slide out of him, heard the barest sound of a zipper, and suddenly his legs were moving; well one set of legs were. He had to close his eyes to keep the dizziness of having one body doing something that the other one wasn’t. Dave was pushing his legs up and somewhat out, exposing his nook and making him shiver. Then there was something knew thrown into the mix of pressures on his bulge. It was warm, hard, and his bulge immediately wrapped around it. Dave groaned while his other bulge mimicked the first as best it could around Strider’s hand. Karkat’s hand dropped, body going somewhat limp at the sensory overload.

Strider gently laid him forwards till he could push his cheek to the floor, hands still tied tight behind his back, holding his hips up and sliding his hard human bulge gently over the cleft of his ass and part of his nook. The overload of touching was going to drive him mad, especially with how Dave was thrusting up into the curl of his bulge and Strider was gripping his hips so tight.

“Look at that,” he heard Strider say behind her as a hand let go of a hip to run over his nook. Karkat shivered and moaned as fingers slipped inside. “So ready your thighs are stained red. You want us in you Vantas, gotta let us know.” The words made him grit his teeth as he did his best to look over his shoulder.

“Y-you two are immoral shit fucks and if you don’t do something already I am going to gut you right now and fuck you with the holes I make.” He growled, and while the words were blacker than he meant them to be Strider seemed to like them, delivering a harsh smack to his ass that had him jolting and moaning just a little.

“You ready, Dave?” Strider called to his younger version. Striders reply was Dave jerking Karkat’s legs up towards his chest and getting the troll to make a gasping sound while bucking. “Take that as a yes.” Dave’s bulge pulled away from Karkat’s bulge while Strider lined himself up, the warm tip just barely pressing inside. He felt the silkiness of Striders shirt on his back and growled when he realized that out of everyone in this room he was the least clothed. It was maddening that Strider could bend with his body and not press in. Then of course he didn’t have to wait to feel something inside im, seeing as Dave was a bit less intent on continuing to tease him. Dave’s bulge slid in suddenly, but slowly, making Karkat’s claws clench as he panted at the strange new intrusion. It was nothing like a bulge, the shape slightly curved but in no way bendable, pressing against his walls until he was fully in, his small, breathy pants being heard from behind the pile.

“He feel good?” Strider asked as Dave began to move and Karkat was turned into just so much quivering need. He wanted faster, harder, something.

“More,” he finally got out and he didn’t have to see Strider to know he was smirking. Strider’s bulge slid in much more quickly, a sharp contrast to how slow Dave was going. The action made Karkat groan, the sound doubling when Strider didn’t stop like Dave had done. He just kept moving, shoving in and pulling back with the obscene sound of flesh slapping flesh. Dave kept going slow, the two different speeds and sensations in Karkat’s nook sending his mind into a place of utter confusion and bliss while sounds fell from his mouth, claws trying to embed themselves into Strider’s belly whenever his skin got close. Strider slapped his ass again and he just about screamed, fangs biting into his lip and making him bleed. He could feel a tongue and lips on his chest, felt the same thing on his shoulders and back.

Fuck he wasn’t going to last, there was no way, just no way with all of the stimulus his body was receiving. Strider gave another slap before massaging the flesh, Dave massaged his thigh just below the knees, and then someone grabbed his bulge and he knew there were just moments left.

They both found separate nerve clusters at almost the exact moment. Dave tickling the one he found while Strider rammed his. It was almost instantaneous how his body locked up, everything in him going tight as he panted.

“Holy shit,” he heard Dave say in a muffled voice, high and strained. Strider just hummed, pressing against that bundle of nerves even though he could barely move inside Karkat’s tight nook. Strider moved first, sending Karkat over the edge of orgasm, body releasing as he cried out on two sides of the room. His eyes screwed shut as he came, felt something warm release into his nook before it was swept away by his genetic material. He started going limp for a moment before his body suddenly locked again.

Opening his eyes he found himself looking up at Dave, his glasses slipped down to his nose, red irises staring. He was still wearing his godtier, though his shirt was up passed his rib cage. They stared at each other a moment before Strider came into view behind him.

“You going to finish him off or leave him like that?” He asked, smirking, and Karkat could see the red on Strider’s thighs soaking through his pants. Dave moved as much as he could with Karkat’s body locked around him and neurons fried. A second orgasm ripped through Karkat, his already excited nerves skyrocketing as he came again, this time covering Dave’s thighs and the pillows beneath himself, claws shredding through cloth and feathers. His voice was high as he cried out, a semblance of Dave’s name in the sound somewhere before he went limp. He felt Dave move inside him a little more before he felt something warm coat his walls and Dave was panting above him, Strider still behind him.

“No matter what angle you look at him when he comes he’s gorgeous huh?” He asked Dave who turned and nodded, pushing his glasses up his nose. Strider smirked back, his boy already reverting back to how it had been, the red soaking through his pants disappearing. Karkat moaned when Dave set his legs down, moving to lie next to him. He removed his clothing as he did so and adding it to the pile of Karkat’s.

“Be seeing you boys around.” Strider said as Karkat reached for him and watch him shake his head. It was confusing, but with an endorphin drenched brain all he wanted was sleep, sticky or not. His eyes closed as Dave pressed a kiss to his temple and murmured something that made Strider snicker but Karkat didn’t catch it.

When he opened his eyes he was standing at the side of the pile, looking down at both himself and Dave, lower bodies stained red and wrapped around each other. He jumped when he felt the hand wrapped around his squeeze. Turning he looked at Dave with slightly wide eyes, very wide when he realized his glasses were gone.

“I think our sleeping selves have it right, don’t you?” He asked and pulled Karkat down to the outer ring of pillows, the confused troll letting himself be pulled to sit between Dave’s legs and pulled tight to his chest. Blinking he looked around for Strider.

“What the fuck just happened?” He finally asked as Dave wound his fingers in Karkat’s hair.

“The best damn wet dream you’ll ever have.” Dave replied. Karkat smacked his leg hard enough to leave a red mark to which Dave just chuckled and leaned in, running his tongue over Karkat’s neck. It made him shiver just a little. “Lets hope its reoccurring.”

Karkat swore he heard Strider chuckle somewhere.

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