Reoccurring Dreams (Homestuck)


3. Chapter 3

Karkat was getting to his breaking point. Three days, no sleep, and no dream bubbles interfering with the meteor. He was about to keel over from both exhaustion and pure sexual frustration. Dave had been popping out of nowhere more often than usual, making comments about the strange noises Karkat had been making in his sleep, asking which of his dead friend he had shacked up with. It wasn’t ever that straight forwards of course, the Knight of Time making sure to press more than he needed for details and things. Usually Karkat would brush them off, at least to the best of his ability. He usually ended up screaming obscenities at some point, but sometimes he could get away from Dave before he said something that got his bulge twitching and nook more than a bit damp.

Seventy two hours after his first bout of self service to the idea of knocking out Dave’s teeth with his fist and fucking the bleeding maw Dave had popped up to prod him yet again. Karkat had been sitting in the one of the ‘living rooms’ as Lalonde had come to call them when Dave had come in as silent as a shadow and bent over the side of the couch with not so much as a throat clearing. Karkat had no idea how long Dave had been staring at him till he had felt the slightest stiring of his hair and had jerk sideways when black shades had been right...fucking...there.

“More shity romcoms.” There was no question in Dave’s voice as he continued to lean against the back of the couch, smirking as Karkat clutched the book to his chest and felt his blood pusher attempt to crack his thorax open like a nut.

“The ever living fuck is wrong with you!” He finally got out, hating how high his voice sounded.

“Think Rose would be more apt at answering that, I think I’m awesome.” He said it in his usual infuriating air, standing up with a smirk as he turned to leave. “Just came to tell you that there is a bubble coming through again. Thing is Terezi says its moving backwards, like its chasing us, so keep your eyes open. Who knows what kinda shit will be in there.”

“Whatever Strider,” Karkat grumbled as he hunched back in on himself and opened his book. The ashen romance had been helping keep him awake for the last day, his need to know if the one ausipice would end up flipping into moraligence territory with one of the two they were ashen for keeping him entertained long enough to keep his eyes from falling shut. Dave, the bastard, had ended up breaking him out of the story, and no matter how much he tried he couldn’t get back into it. Of course Dave had to come in the middle of a lull and transition stage of the story, his interruption made it impossible for Karkat to get back into it when all Karkat’s eyes wanted to do was close.

“Fuck it.” He finally mumbled and captuloged the book. He had tried this no sleep thing before, and it had been worse than dream bubbles. There was a certain point where a person could be so exhausted they transcended the bubbles and went back to normal dreaming. Normal dreaming meant nightmares; he would take his chance with running into the weird Dave. Maybe he would run into Meenah instead, see how she was doing with the idiots she called friends.

Karkat almost headed to the horn pile to pass out in, but thought better of it. As much as he would enjoy waiting for Gamzee and be depressed yet again at his inability to show his fucking face, laying in one of the pillow piles that had been created in his own respite block sounded much more inviting just then. Pillows didn’t leave him with little indents everywhere like the horns did.

Closing the door behind him and making sure to latch the basic lock, a chain that would keep people out without completely isolating him in case of emergency, he flopped down into the pillow pile. Starring up at the ceiling he let out a low huff before reaching down and pulling off his shoes, then his socks, and finally pulled his sweater up and over his head. Throwing it to the side he laid back into the pillows. Being caught shirtless wasn’t that bad, even in the dreams where he could quickly dream one up, but sleeping in the pillow pile tended to make him overheat some. It didn’t take long for him to fall asleep. It took even less time for him to realize something was really, really off.

“You’re fucking kidding me right.” He was standing in front of the pillow pile, feet bare and shirtless, staring down at himself. “Well I guess it could be worse.” He grumbled. The bubble Dave been talking about must have been crossing over. Well at least he would be able to keep whoever was in the bubble away from his body if shit went south. Karkat just stared at his sleeping self, how his chest rose and fell and he looked so...peaceful. Not like how he usually did when he was looking at himself in a mirror.

“So that’s what you look like asleep.” The voice was right at his ear, rich with something that was less than sincere. Karkat jerked back fast, jumping full over his body to spin around and find empty air.

“The fu-”

“Got to be quicker than that.” Before Karkat could fully register the words there were hands on his arms, something dry and rough, and his muscles were straining as they were tied together. He tried to kick back in a panic only for the assailant to hit him in the back of the need and sent him kneeling to the floor. Hissing he jerked his head over his shoulder to see none other than the king douchebag himself. Or, older king douche. God this was getting confusing.

“Miss me babe?” Dave asked, smirk on his face as he pulled the rope tight, keeping everything from wrist to elbow flush together.

“Y-you were the one chasing us!?” The pure insanity of it made Karkat want to laugh and cry at the same time.

“Course babe,” Dave said, kneeling behind him, knees on either sides of Karkat’s as he pulled Karkat back flush against him by his shoulders. “Couldn’t leave our business unfinished.” The hands slid down Karkat’s shoulders and over his chest, playing along his sides to tickle grub scars and slide along under his ribs.

“Get stuffed you gastral breathing cum receptacle.” Katkat snarled as he tried to jerk away. He would not admit that the hands felt good, or that the fact Dave had managed to make his bubble chase after Karkat wasn’t just a little flattering. The main thing to ignore though was how his bulge was already stirring and nook moistening just from this Striders breath on his neck.

“Maybe if I was a Harley,” Dave replied, leaning in to nibble on Karkat’s ear. He shook his head hard and managed to headbutt Dave in the shades, making him grunt. Dave grabbed him by the back of the neck and with more strength than Karkat was expecting pushed him face first into the floor, bending him at the waist so his ass stuck up in the air.

“Come on babe, lets try playing nice.” Dave cooed as he leaned down. Karkat had his palms up and claws ready to shove into Dave’s belly should he try and lay on him fully, instead Dave just pressed his hips against Karkat’s ass. “Or you really feeling that black right now?” Karkat bit back a small moan as a jerk of those hips sent the smallest tingles of pleasure over the small amount of nook that Dave could reach at the angle. At least he thought he had. Dave did it again and he bit hard into his lips, completely cutting the next moan off, but he heard it again. It was coming from the pillow pile.

“Well isn’t that interesting, maybe I’ll get to hear you in stereo.” The snideness in Dave’s voice made Karkat growl. He had not been expecting the smack to his ass. Both him and his sleeping body yelped. Dave did it again and dug his fingers in hard. The Karkat in the pile moaned deep and low while Karkat drew more blood from his lips. He was horrified as he watched his bodies hips jerk up just a little.

“Better than a lie detector.” Dave said as he squeezed the back of Karkat’s neck, the hand on his ass massaging away some of the sting.

“Get off Strider.” Karkat growled as he watched his body shiver from the way Dave was rubbing his his hips and hand over Karkat’s ass.

“Plan to babe,” he said. “But first I think we should invite our guest in.” Karkat blinked a few times, making him see a strobe effect for a moment.

“What?” His voice came out deadpan even if his blood pushes was more vibrating than pumping.

“Well at least I know I don’t lose my edge in my old age.”

That couldn’t be who Karkat thought it was.

Jerking his head he managed to look up. The door was open, chain swinging slightly and Karkat’s eyes went wide.

It was exactly who he thought it was.

“S’up?” Dave asked, his Dave, stupid god tier pajamas and all Dave. He even had his shitty sword out.

“Nothing much,” the Dave behind him replied and squeezed Karkat’s ass. “Just doing what you never had the balls to do.”

“Bullshit.” Dave replied, voice even as he looked between the two.

“Really.” And Karkat could almost see the fucking eyebrow move. Then there was a jerk and Karkat let out a grunt as he was suddenly pulled from the floor, bare back against the softness of Dave’s shirt. He shivered only slightly when a tongue licked up the side of his throat, his body making a small whimpering noise. He watched as his timelines Dave clenched his sword tighter. “Prove it.” The words where in his ear and made Karkat shift on his knees while the older Dave traced a hand over his chest. Dave just stared at them as Karkat panted, not trusting his voice to say anything. This was fucked up on more levels than one, but he wasn’t actually pissed about what was going on, just the fact that Dave had gotten the drop on him; twice. He was feeling blacker than black for both the blond idiots in the room, something he wasn’t sure he wanted to admit still, but it kept him from thrashing. Dave didn’t need to know just how much he wanted him, either of him, but he was pretty damn sure the feeling was mutual.

“So what, we sharing or some shit because as you know, I suck at sharing.” Young Dave said as he looked them over. Older Dave said nothing, but Kakrat felt him lean his head to point towards Karkat’s body. This time he saw his Dave raise and eyebrow and look over at the pillow pile.

“Don’t really think Karkat would appreciate-” He was cut off by the most pornographic moan Karkat had ever heard, and it had just come out of his fucking mouth. Dave wasn’t even touching him, but just the thought of one Dave on one of him and another Dave on his sleeping self...It was almost too much.

“I think you should retract your statement.” The words were at his ear and made him shiver. He watched Dave swallow hard before his sword disappeared. The body in the pillows made a panting sound.

“Maybe I should.”

Karkat swallowed hard as he watched Dave walk over to the pillows, eyes flicking between him and the sleeping body. Dave just stared down at him a moment before kneeling in all the plush pillow softness. Karkat held his breath as he watched Dave’s hands come out to caress his cheek.

“Oh,” he breathed as he felt something soft on his face. He expected to see the Dave’s hand behind him come into view, but there was nothing. The touch moved down his cheek to run gently over his mouth. Three distinct fingertips. Dave leaned down towards Karkat’s body and stopped. He looked at him once, a sidelong look behind shades with a flash of red that gave a very simple question.

Is this okay?

“Just fucking kiss me you idiot.” Karkat grumbled finally. Dave didn’t respond with anything but doing just that, and Karkat felt it, felt a shadow of his closed mouth pressing against Dave’s even as he moaned.

“Well this will be interesting.” The Dave behind him whispered before biting into his shoulder. Both Karkat’s moaned and for the barest moment Karkat felt Dave’s tongue in his mouth before it retreated even though the one holding him still had his teeth in his shoulder. He had to admit, through the haze of lust that hit him, that Dave was right; this was going to be interesting.

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