Reoccurring Dreams (Homestuck)


2. Chapter 2

Dream bubbles weren’t supposed to repeat, and when they did it was at random, but this seemed too well planned out by whatever diabolical gods were out there attempting to make Karkat’s life hell.

“You’re fucking shitting me right.” He said in an almost perfect monoton, battling the sudden anger he felt. Here was that Dave, the same fucking older Dave, sitting on a shitting looking couch in a very messy hive block. There were food containers, weapons, records, and other random junk strewn all over a floor that had seen better days. Much better.

“Well, will you look at that,” Dave said and an easy smile crossed his face, not a real one of course, but one that had Karkat gritting his teeth. “Only one with eyes I’ve seen so far, meaning you’re the one I finally got to see for more than a blip. Been thinking about me?” He gestured around the room, referencing the fact that Karkat had, indeed, been thinking about him. It was the only way to bring other bubbles in while sleeping, though it was rare to get the same bubble twice. Ever. Even if Karkat thought about a certain encounter it was more likely to get him into a bubble with a new dead Eridan, not the one he had been talking about rom-coms with almost a month ago even if he really wanted to finish the discussion. So having this…Dave show up was a bit unsettling.

“What, there only one of you or something,” He huffed, eyes going everywhere but this Dave. He wondered if shoving a knife in his chest would wake him up or just leave him in agony for the rest of the dream.

“One and only. Told ya Vantas, not from your timeline.” Well that got Karkat’s curiosity peeked. Looking back up he felt heat flood his face. The shirt Dave had been wearing was gone, and his legs seemed much farther apart all of a sudden. He made a few sputtering sounds that got an almost real smile from Dave, one he got to see up close as he flickered off the couch and stood looming over him. “And you’re the only living Vantas I’ve seen.” The hand that was suddenly on his jaw was cool, strong, and made something twitch down low. With a quick turn of his head he was out of Dave’s grasp and moving back, tripping over items he couldn’t see as he tried to get away. He bumped against a wall as he stared at the Strider who was smiling at him. There was hair in places his timelines Dave didn’t, a dusting down farther in front of his ears, around his chin, down his belly that disappeared into too tight pants. Pants that were giving Karkat a good look at something that made his face go even warmer.

“You sick fuck you’re getting off on this aren’t you.” He growled, sidling against the wall towards the door.

“If I remember correctly I got off on it when you yelled at me before the scratch.” And when the FUCK had he gotten in front of the door. Karkat froze, this one was much faster than his Dave. There hadn’t even been a flicker that time. Wasn’t even a flash when he found a hand on his chin again and another tugging his head back to look straight up. “Looks like that bruise I gave you is gone already,” and he sounded a bit disappointed. Karkat snarled and tried to pull away, though the hand on his chain and the one in his hair proved stronger than he though.

“Let me go.” He grit out, claws coming up to wrap around the wrist on his face, the other going to grip Dave’s throat. It got a smile, even as droplets of blood start to bead around the tips of his claws.

“Dead man walking Vantas,” Dave said with a smile. “I’ve got nothing to lose.” To prove the point he pushed his head forwards, taking the brunt of the nails while blood slid down Karkat’s hand. It was warm, slick, and sticky. The feel of it and having this Dave push him against the wall had his bulge unsheathing without his realization. At least not until Dave had a knee between his thighs and was kissing him roughly.

His first instinct was to bite, hard, against the mouth attempting to claim his. Dave bit right back, and in a few minutes he couldn’t tell whose blood was whose. That knee though, that damn knee was pushing up and god damn it he was going to moan, he was, and he did. A low pitch whining sound from his belly that grew deeper the harder Dave pushed up. Dave ate the sounds up, tongue darting in between spread lips, biting and sucking everything he could, and that fucking stubble on his chin was driving Karkat up the wall. Outside the bubbles Dave had barely started lengthening his sideburns, and rose didn’t have any hair on her face, so the feeling of the short, almost sharp hair was something Karkat was just now learning about. He hated to admit it, but he liked it. Had liked it that first time he had felt it barely brush over his chin, and now he felt just how rough it was.

Jerking his head back he took in a deep breath, chest heaving as Dave went to attack his throat. Dave kept Karkat’s head tilted upwards so he could get at his pulse points. The hand Karkat had around Dave’s throat let go and opted to move to his shoulder, and Karkat wasn’t sure if he wanted to push him away or pull him in closer.

“Hate me more than Egbert yet?” He growled against his collarbone before biting. Even with his blunted human teeth it hurt, and Karkat groaned low and loud as the leg between his own was thrust up hard against the base of his bulge and fully against his nook. The feeling was painful, but at the same time had him bucking his hips. “He used to talk about you all the time,” Dave said, licking over the mark he had made, hands starting to travel where they could. “Would whine about the troll who couldn’t really ‘troll’. How much he was looking forwards to meeting you.” Another sharp bite and Karkat barked out a sound that had Dave smirking into his shoulder. “Then I talked to you,” Dave added, tongue following the contour of neck to find Karkat’s ear, taking the flesh between his teeth and nipping none too gently. “And through all that grey text and yelling I knew one thing about you.” Karkat’s claws dug in hard against Dave’s shoulders as the hands that had been moving down his sides grabbed his hips and suddenly lifted up.

With a yelp of surprise he wrapped his legs around Dave’s waist to keep from falling, though the hands on his ass wouldn’t have allowed it. He could feel Dave’s cock, hard and hot, pressing against his bulge and it made him pant. His words were still lost somewhere where he couldn’t reach them, just sounds as he looked down into those all too familiar black shades. Dave’s smirk looked so dangerous when it was strained with his blood.

“I knew all you really needed was a good fucking.” The words were low, sent shivers through Karkat in a way that made him want to moan, but he bit it off.

“Get stuffed Strider,” He growled instead, trying to ignore how much his bulge wanted to wrap around the heat pressing into it.

“Wouldn’t mind trying it.” The quick snap of hips against his own pulled a hiss from Karkat as his claws dragged over the skin of bare shoulders. Karkat snarled as soon as the pleasure had ebbed enough for him to find his words again.

“You are the most insufferable, nook suckling, think pan damaged prick in this universe no matter what timeline you come from.” Karkat said through gritted teeth as he did his best to get his twitching bulge under control.

“Aw, hate you too,” Dave cooed and bucked again. This time though when he did it there was a smash to Karkat’s face. The hit didn’t hurt per say, actually it had been more pressure than anything, and it left him blinking rapidly.

He was lying on the human bed he slept on, wrapped in a cocoon of the few blankets he had synthesized, and felt like his lower body was going to explode from need.

“Come on Vantas get up, Rose wants ya.” Karkat shifted suddenly, feeling vertebrae pop as he found Dave standing next to his bed, pillow in hand, fucking smirking. “Though I have to say, I was enjoying the show. You know you make some great noises in your sleep.” And then he was gone, a flicker and smirk as Karkat attempted to get more than a single, meaningless syllables of rage out from between his lips.

When he had finally calmed down enough to untangle himself he found that his bulge was still in need of attention, and that he had left a lovely stain on his blankets from how wet his nook has become.

“Fuck you Strider,” Karkat gritted out as he wrapped a hand around himself. “Fuck you, and fuck me for wanting to fuck you.”

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