Reoccurring Dreams (Homestuck)


1. Chapter 1

This guy was much too tall to be Dave, though he sure as hell seemed like the same guy. Yep, same infuriating smirk, same god damn ‘I own the word cool’ posture, same fucking shades. Karkat was about to punch the guy and he hadn’t even said anything yet.

“So this is what you guys looked like,” he says casually, hand blurring from his side to disappear from view. Karkat felt the fingers rubbing on his horn in almost the same instant and jerked back quickly.

“The fuck are you talking about and who are you? Some time clone of Daves that got lost? Well guess what, we don’t need anymore of you ass holes so just get the fuck out. Either that or point the way out of this damn dream bubble and a I’ll do it myself!” He really, really hated when they would go through a bubble during the day. Yeah it was fine when he was passed out and he could go wherever the fuck he wanted in the bubbles, but when it was just a random collision? Well, fuck that up the nook with a rusted saw blade.

“Kinda,” he said with that same annoying smirk. What was worse was that he was fucking taller than him, a good head, and even if this guy wasn’t his permanent Dave it pissed him off. Everything about Dave pissed him off, even future Dave.

“Kinda? Well ‘Kinda’ what doomed timeline are you from? We all fuck it up at the last second after searching for years and years for some key plot point only to let it slip between our fingers because you and Egbert couldn’t man up?” Karkat felt his blood pressure boiling as Dave just kept watching him, that smirk twitching higher. “THE FUCK IS SO FUNNY!? He finally roared and Dave actually let teeth slip.

“Wrong direction Vantas. I’m from the past, and not your’s either if that will help keep your brain from oozing out your ears, or didn’t you call it like a think dish or something.” He straightened the red t-shirt he wore as he said it, like it was nothing. It just made Karkat want to punch him.

“How the everliving fuck is that possible huh? How can you be past Dave when you’re older! There’s just no fucking way that this could be possible even by game standards. So how-”

There was a blurring again and a hand over his mouth, shutting Karkat up out of sheer confusion.

“Bubbles almost done,” Dave said, stepping closer. “And I never did get to meet you when I played, and this is something I’ve been wanting to do since I could remember it all.” His hand came back as Karkat just stared at him dumbfounded before a fist flew and landed square against his jaw, making him stumble.

“The ever living fuck was that-” but the words were swallowed by something warm against his mouth, something hot running over his tongue, and two hands on the side of his face keeping him in place. That same heat seemed to shoot straight down to Karkat’s bulge as he tried to figure out in his jumbled brain if he should bite down or kiss back. While it bickered with itself his hands flew up to fist in Dave’s shirt while he pressed hard against him, fangs clicking with teeth and blood dripped into his mouth. He didn’t care whose it was.

The kiss ended as abruptly as it has started as Dave pulled back, his mouth a bloody mess.

“I had better be tapping that,” He said with a slight snicker.

“Like hell you are!” Karkat rebuffed, lunging for him, but his damn speed had him out of rang in a second.

“See ya around Vantas.” And when he said it he sounded almost…sad. Before Karkat could do anything else though he felt the pressure change, his ears pop, and like going through a water fall the colors disappeared and he was standing alone in a corridor. He stood there a moment, staring at where the older Dave had been, could still feel slight stubble pricking against his chin, how warm he had been. He licked the blood from his mouth and realized most of it was his.


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