Beyond Boundaries

Keep running. Don't look back. That's what only mattered. The UNION were on their trail. And The Divine himself were after them. No turning back. Keep looking forward. Hide. That was the only thing they could do, if they wanted no one to die.


1. ➴ Iɴtʀo/ Pʀoʟoɢue

                                       Tuʀɴ Aραʀt αɴd Bʀokeɴ. Thαt's How Socɪetʏ ɪs.

                                             .                                    .                                  .


The drizzling rain continued to effortlessly fall from the darkening, glittering endless sky above. Each drop echoed loudly in my ear, drowning out the other feeble noises which surrounded me. I felt numb, unable to move as a thin line of blood oozed from the corner of my mouth, trickling down creating a pool of blood that delicately entwined itself with the flowing mud puddles of rain.

The crushing pain on the right side of my body enveloped me, and had me wanting to curl myself in surrender, but I couldn't. It was hard to speak, it was hard to do anything really... all of my senses were heavily focused on the feeling of fear that was coursing through my veins and the sounds tumbling down from the sky. I vaguely evaluated myself mentally for any other sources of pain, but my mind was to numb to go through with it.

The only thing I was positively certain of, was that my life was gradually slipping through my fingers.

My scratched up hands stung slightly as the water splashed against my splayed fingertips and palms. My brain seemed to be mad at me, pounding furiously against the base of my skull that had my ears ringing. I caught sight of Sophie and Manny, their expressions were ones of terror and fear, as they stared at me. I tried to arrange my painful grimace into a reassuring smile, hoping it would soothe them somehow.

"Dani!" a voice yelled, laced in unmasked panic.

I shifted my attention, grimacing as I turned to see who had called out. I felt my eyes tear up as I watched Soul stare down at me, completely stunned. His wide green eyes were clouded with disbelief, as if he could blink it would've all have just been a bad dream. But it wasn't, so all I could do was witness as his mouth partially opened as he fought for words.

The rain was relentless now, the only sound I could hear.

Our eyes remained locked, and as much as I wanted to look away- I couldn't. It seemed impossible, and it seemed wrong of me to let him see me like this. I reluctantly clenched my hand in a fist, pain shooting up my arm as I quietly wished I could turn back time.

I knew this was all my fault.

I knew that this would have been dangerous. I knew, from the beginning that the possibility of this happening wasn't as far off as we had all wished. Yet, I still did it- and it still happened.

I had single handedly, placed the people I love most in the hands of Death himself.

Why me? You'll find out soon enough.

After opening my mouth a few times, like a fish gulping for air- I finally stammered out a single word. 'P-please' as I reached out from them. It was horrifically hurtful, a searing stabbing pain. But I needed closure, I knew I didn't have much time left. I wanted to make the most of it. I struggled to get closer, realizing with a start that I seemed to have an internal wound on my left rib cage.

I heaved myself from the ground, using every bit of strength I had to not collapse back down.

I cringed, pausing in my up rise to listen to the footsteps approaching. From the look on everyone's faces, I knew it wasn't good. Sophie's and Manny's eyes had blown to the size of saucers. Soul had tensed up, looking furious as he eyed whoever was coming behind me.

Suddenly Soul threw himself forward, his hand outstretched.

"Get away from her!" He shouted, storming towards me.

Hope flared in me in his moment of bravery, then trickled away with the wet sticky blood dripping from my clothes as a bone chilling voice spoke calmly behind me, loud over everything.

"Don't be ridiculous" he drawled, "-that's never going to happen" he spat coldly.

The Divine.

With that, he snapped his fingers- from the darkness emerged Patrollers, their marching stance overshadowing all hope as they stomped over threateningly. They briskly held Soul back, using force as he continued to thrash out uncontrollably, his face distorted in rage. They didn't even budge. I could see he was trying to hold back tears, flashes of indescribable emotions clouding over his eyes. I heard Divine snicker, amused pathetically by our pain.

He held out his foot, the gleaming exterior of his boots blocking his face from view as I stared up at him.

"I'll go easy on her," he breathed wickedly, "-her death will be quick, simple" he purred. His foot found its way on my back and I was kicked back onto the gravel, his heel digging into my wounds.

I heard something that sounded a lot like agonizing screams, and as I writhed and tried to breath I realized painfully that it was coming from me. Distorted licks of flames were licking my spine, and my nails unwittingly dug into the pavement, tears obscuring my view as he held me down harder.

I distinctively heard the intakes of breath around me, Sophie and Manny yelling out in horror before they were muffled to the heart breaking sounds of sobbing, as the Patrollers held them away.

Screaming seemed to ease the pain, although the louder I got the more The Divine seemed to want to hurt me. Soul was crying out, all toughness gone as he pleaded for me, cursing and begging as the Divine started to laugh humourlessly.

"See? Look at him" he purred, pulling my hair so I could look at Soul pathetically.

I winced, trying to turn my head away as he jerked me again. I had nowhere else to look aside from his cold eyes, and they captured me. They pierced my soul, freezing me from the insides. He smirked, his lips pulling over his teeth as he shrugged at the suffering in my eyes.

"Let's get started" He said, dropping me.

I fell to the ground, whimpering.

He clapped his hands impatiently, "-shall we?"


Hey everybody! This is my first fanasty-action, thriller story so I hope everyone won't mind if it's not good. It's my first time after all. Anyways, have anything in mind or anything you think I should put in here just comment. I will definitely read it. Give credit to my bestie Dawn for making this happen! She edited this piece. Give her the applause >~<

P.S: Sorry if you're confused or don't know what's going on. It's basically like a glimpse of the future..woah. Make sure to comment, vote, and share! :D 

Until then, stay tuned.


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