Gotta Get Out

When Claire hears about the famous band 5 Seconds Of Summer, she falls head over heels in love with their drummer Ashton. Her parents coincidentally move to Australia. Her life is horrible hearing about the move. Her friends are being left behind and her whole life in Maryland. She gets excited and sad for moving to Australia. Will she meet Ashton and 5sos? Read to find out!!!!

On wattpad. By Ashtons_drummerx which is me! :)


1. Gotta Get Out

I wake up with the annoying beep of my alarm going off. I groan and get my clothes.

"Jeans, t-shirt, vans, beanie, glasses. anything else?" I mumble to myself.

I get into the shower and wash my body. I let the water trickle down my spine and look down.

I get out and dry my body with my towel.

I change into my underwear and my clothes I laid out.

"Claire! Come on down for breakfast!" My mom yells from the bottom of the stairs while I'm brushing my hair. "I'm coming!" I yell back. I take a look at my mirror and nod.

I slip my Vans on and skip the last steps.

"Good morning." My mom says. "Morning. Where's dad?" I ask. "He left early. Ya know?" There's a silence and I nod. I eat my breakfast and go brush my teeth. I come back down and swing my backpack over my shoulder.

"Ok. I got to go. See you later." I say to mom. "Ok. Bye baby. Have a good day!" She replies, waving.

I take a step outside and sigh. Another day to waste at school. At least it's with friends, I think.

I look around to see neighbours taking the trash out. I moan and shove my headphones in my ears. Whenever they see me, they start to talk. For a long time. And never stop. I'm not rude, but when it comes to them, you have to.

I walk all the way to the bus stop to see my best friends Olivia and Perrie. "Hey guys." I say. "Hey C! What's Up?" Olivia chirps. "Ehh... nothing much." I reply. "Well we have a new kid in school today. And he lives near us!" Perrie claps. "Is he hot?" I ask. "See for yourself." She point to a shaggy haired kid in a varsity jacket.

My jaw drops. "Y-y-yeah. He's hot-t." I stutter. "His name is Jake. He moved from Tennessee." Olivia explains. "He must have a cute accent then." I smirk. "Oh Claire! I know how much you love accents." Perrie Says. "Yeah." I say in an annoyed voice. "We can read you like a book." Olivia whispers.

The bus arrives and we all try to sit near each other. But I got lucky enough for Jake to sit next to me. "Hey. I'm Jake." he says WITH AN ACCENT. "I'm Claire. Claire Sanders." I shake his hand.

Olivia and Perrie make faces and I start blushing. I mouth 'Stop' and they smirk and turn around.

We get to school and get to class: History.

****PT 2****

After history, we go home and get Starbucks at the mall.

"So... what did we learn today?" Olivia asks. "Nothing." Perrie says. I nod. "CORRECT!" I say with a sarcastic tone.

I order my favourite. A Vanilla Bean. I take a sip and turn around to find Olivia and Perrie. But instead, I met with someone's chest. "I'm so sorry!" The guy apologises. "It's fine." I look up to see Jake from school. "Oh hi Jake." I blush. I rub the back of my neck.

"Hey, Claire." He smiles. I push my glasses up my nose. "C'mon Claire!" Olivia yells. "Talk tomorrow?" I ask. "Certainly." He smiled.

"Ugh. Just ask me out already!!!" I whine. "Chill! He probably will tomorrow." Says Perrie. "Yeah I doubt it." I tell her.

We walk around the mall and buy shirts and dresses. I get some t-shirts with band names and get some more jeans. I'm not goth, or punk. I wear anything. Just not dresses. Or skirts. I'm not a girly-girl. I like pop, rock, punk, and metal. Any music is fine. Just not that crusty, old classical music.

We go to my house with bags and bags of clothes. I open the door and my mom sees us. "Claire, can I talk to you?" She asks. "Yeah sure. You can say it to all of us." I say. "No. I'd rather just have you hear it. They'll probably won't want to hear this." She explains.

The girls walk to my room and mom and I talk.

"Claire, sweetie, your dad travels a lot right?" She asks. "Yeah. I know." "For his job. So you know that he travels to Australia a lot. Hm?" "What are we trying to get here." I joke. "You're dad was asked to move there. We are going to move to Australia. On Monday. Your last day is on Friday. I'm sorry. So say bye to your friends." I start to tear up. "No! I can't. My whole life was here in Maryland!! We can't! No mom, no!" The tears start coming faster.

"I'm sorry, Claire." She embraces me.

I huff and go to my room pretending to look like I didn't cry.

"So what did your mom want?" Perrie asks. "Uhh... She uh... I don't even remember." I laugh.

They shrug and continue to do whatever they were doing.

I have to tell them, I thought. "But I can't." I said out loud. "What?" Olivia questions. "Nothing. Just thinking aloud."


I get up with the peering light through the window. I groan and hang upside down on my bed. I slip my Vans on and I still had my clothes on from yesterday. They seemed to be clean so I wore them again.

I grabbed my backpack and just walked downstairs.

"Please don't be mad at your mother, Claire." My dad instructs. "I'm not mad." I snap. Maybe I am.

"Don't give me attitude." He says sternly. "Whatever." I mumble.

I quickly chew my breakfast and walk fast out of there.

As I walk, I go onto an app where I check posts, like an Instagram.

A video pops up: 5 Seconds Of Summer, She Looks So Perfect MusicVideo!!! :D

I roll my eyes because I've heard if the band but never heard their music. I clicked play and started listening. "Ehhh..." I said. "They're good, so far."

I listened to their lyrics: "She looked so perfect standing there, in my American apparel underwear." I made a weird face and laughed. "Good song, but weird lyrics."

"And I know now, that I'm so down. Her lipstick stain is a work of art, I got her name tattooed in and arrow heart. And I know now, that I'm so down."

I started head-banging like a weirdo. I looked around to see if anybody saw me. Gladly, no one did.

"This band is good. I want more." I joked, acting like Thor.

I looked them up on YouTube and listened to ALL their songs.

While I did that, I looked them up on Wikipedia. They're are 4 band members: Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, and Luke Hemmings.

They are from...?

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