Gotta Get Out

When Claire hears about the famous band 5 Seconds Of Summer, she falls head over heels in love with their drummer Ashton. Her parents coincidentally move to Australia. Her life is horrible hearing about the move. Her friends are being left behind and her whole life in Maryland. She gets excited and sad for moving to Australia. Will she meet Ashton and 5sos? Read to find out!!!!

On wattpad. By Ashtons_drummerx which is me! :)


9. Chapter 8: Becca And A New Girl

I wiped the tears from my eyes and Ashton kissed my cheek. Then I heard stomps and knocks on my door. Girls. Girls everywhere. Fans, actually.

"Ashton! Claire!" They all yelled. Then, the guys came running up and stood with their mouths wide open. They felt what I felt. Shocked and excited.

They all wanted autographs and photos with the guys. And apparently me. Why me? I'm just a girl. I'm not famous. Whatever. I embraced it.

I opened my balcony door and they guys signed their CDs and posters. They asked for everyone's name and signed it.

"What's your name?" Luke asked. "Um, Aislinn." (Pronounced Ashlyn)

My head shot up. "A-Aislinn?" I felt my eyes get glossy. "Claire!" She ran up to me and hugged me. She was crying too.

"Hi... Aislinn" Luke jumped in. "Lukey?! Oh my god! I missed you guys!" Aislinn cheered. "Wait, how do you know Luke?" I asked.

"I moved to Australia in 10th grade. I've known him for almost-" "3 years." Luke finished, looking down.

"Oh! That's where you went! You didn't tell me so I got worried. I texted but the message never sent." My voice got quieter. She hugged me again. "But it's nice to see you again." She ran over to Luke and hugged him. "And you too Lukey!"

"It was nice catching up!" I yelled as she left. I looked over to Luke and he was blushing. "What's that for?" I asked, cheekily. "Um, nothing." He smiled and looked down again.

"C'mon! Tell meeee!" I whined. "I like Aislinn! Ok?" His smile got wider and he tried to hide his face. "What about Perrie?" I ask.

"Remember she back-stabbed you? I broke up with her." His smile disappeared and he had a slight frown.

"Oh Luke... I'm so sorry." I went over to comfort him. "Eh, she was a bitch anyway." I heard oohs and looked over to see Calum and Michael fist bumping and saying ooh. I laughed and sat next to Ashton and signed with him.

Another girl came up I me and hugged me before I could see her face. "BECCA!" I yelled. I could tell by her actions. "Wazzzuppp?!" She yelled back. I giggled and we hung out. She chilled in my ball chair-swing thing. And we laughed all afternoon long.

I saw michael look at Becca and to the ground. I could tell that he liked her. So, to get him to tell her, I decided to play Truth Or Dare. We sat in a big circle and I got my old coke bottle. My mom bought I for me when I was 13. I remember the exact day.

We spun the bottle and amazingly, it landed on Michael.

"Michael, truth or dare?" I asked. Since I'm having a lucky day, he chose truth.

"Michael... Do you like Becca?" I asked. His cheeks turned bright red and he looked down again. The room filled with oohs and Becca started laughing. But she was fire hydrant red too.

"Yeah. A little." I heard him mumble. I nodded and cal spun the bottle next. We played for 1 hour and they all filled into the basement. Their natural habitats. Becca stayed with me.

"What's up?" I looked at her. She had a sad expression and I had to talk to her. "Nothing. I wanna ask michael out but I think he wants to ask me out."

"We need to get you a little prettied up then. First, we start with the dress." I went over to my closer and saw.... No dresses. That didn't surprise me. I dug all the way back and found one dress. It was my favourite pastel blue dress. I only had it for Easter with my family but I handed it to Becca. To keep.

"Is it really for me?" She asked, in awe. "Definitely. Totally yours. Free." I giggled. She soon joined me. Then I heard a familiar 5 pattern knock in my door. I quickly knew it was Aislinn.

"Welcome!" I gestured. She laughed at me. "Whatcha guys doing?" She asked. "I'm helping Becca find something to wear because she 'fancies' Michael." She then liked my plan and oohed in satisfaction. Aislinn went over to my closet and pulled out some high heels that matched the dress perfectly. This isn't my style, but I picked the best outfit for Becca.

Since she has brown hair, brown eyes an freckles, this looked perfect on her.

We sent her down stairs to Michael and let the magic happen.

(A/N: I cried when I wrote this. I went to camp, as you know, an I met the most wonderful person. Becca. We called her Becca or Mac Money. Yeah. She was one of the counsellor sand she was the nicest people there. We became bffs. I loved her (as a BFF or sister) even if I've known her for 3 days. I really miss her and I wish I could see her again. So yes, I did cry when I wrote this. :'))

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