Gotta Get Out

When Claire hears about the famous band 5 Seconds Of Summer, she falls head over heels in love with their drummer Ashton. Her parents coincidentally move to Australia. Her life is horrible hearing about the move. Her friends are being left behind and her whole life in Maryland. She gets excited and sad for moving to Australia. Will she meet Ashton and 5sos? Read to find out!!!!

On wattpad. By Ashtons_drummerx which is me! :)


6. Chapter 5: Jake

We decide to go out and have dinner with the guys. As I grab my jacket, I get a text.

From: Jake<3

*hey Claire! Sorry I can't text you a lot. I have lots of hw and school. Anyways, I'll Skype you tomorrow!!!*

I shiver and I put him on my blocked list. I really don't want my dream to come true at all. "You ready?" Ashton snaps me out of my thoughts. I nod and we leave.

We go to a Chinese restaurant. It's called Panda Express. I'm guessing it's the guys' favourite place. We eat and go out for a while. I check my watch: 10:54. "We should get back."

Perrie and Olivia had to leave after our nerf battle in the morning for school. So they couldn't do anything.

When we get back, Luke is on my laptop skyping his new girlfriend, Perrie. They're a cute couple. I'm happy for them. I know that Calum likes Olivia but he won't say.

They guys decide to stay the night over again. I don't mind. This is their second home and it doesn't bother me.

"Hey Mikey, I wanna dye my hair."

His head shoots up and he comes over to me. "Really?!" He says excitedly. "Mmhmm." I nod. I grab the due I bought a while ago, blonde, and I go upstairs with him. And Ashton follows.

We go to the bathroom and put the dye in my hair. I scrub it in and let it sit. "Are you sure you wanna do this?" Ashton asks. "Of course. I've always wanted to do this." He shrugs and watched Michael dye my hair.

We wait for 20 minutes and wash it out. I have dip dyed hair now. Blonde at the top and brown at the bottom. I'm happy with my choice and I play with my hair.

Michael goes back downstairs and chills with the guys and Ashton and I stay in my room.

"We still didn't finish our list!" I remind him. "Ok. Let's listen to music." He suggests. I plug my purple iPod in and the 1975 starts playing. Ashton kisses my forehead and then my nose.

We start to make out when I hear a squeak and see my door open. There's Ang. She puts her hand over her eyes and walks toward the bed.

"Shouldn't you be in bed, young lady?" I ask her. She nods and says, "I not tired." I chuckle and pull her on top of the bed.

I grab my makeup bag. I do some make up on Ang and make her look like a beauty pageant queen.

We do stuff with her until she gets tired.

"You know, you're a good babysitter." I compliment him. "So are you." I smile and we lie down again.

He kisses my forehead again and I hear the doorbell. I groan and we walk downstairs. They guys are in the basement so they won't bother us.

I open the door to find someone standing there. Someone that never should've came.

"H-hi. What are you doing here?" I ask. "I can for you. I missed you." He looks down. I rub the back of my neck and wish that he disappears. All I do I nod. "Can I come in?" He asks. I let him in and Ashton goes upstairs.

We sit on the couch and we talk for a little bit. "So how are you, Claire?" he asks. "I'm good, what about yourself?" I reply. "I'm good too. Not to be in your business, but who was that?" he whispered. "That was Ashton. My boyfriend." I look at my feet. "Your boyfriend? I'm your boyfriend." His voice starts to raise. I rub the back of my neck. "I-I love him." I mumble. "So you're saying that you don't love me?" He yells. "I never said that." "So you're saying that you love me more than him?"

"I never said that either." I feel like slapping him. I understand that he is my boyfriend. I loved him. Long-distance relationships don't work for me. Then Ashton came into my life. I forgot about Jake and Ashton was my life.

"Just- get out Jake." I snapped. He gets up. "Tell me, who do you love?"

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE BEFORE I KICK YOUR ASS RIGHT HERE." I yell so that the whole continent hears. I open the door and shove him out.

I lean my back against the door and let my back slide down it. The tears that were held, brimmed my eyes, finally fell. I'm glad they fell. I let the sobs fill the house and I felt someone sit next to me. Ashton hugs me and comforts me by rubbing my back. I cry into his chest and I hear steps coming from the basement. They guys come up and surround me and try to make me forget that asshole.

Luke, Calum, Michael, and Ashton sing soft music to me and I calm down. Calum tells jokes and they make me laugh. I love these boys. They help me though the tough times and they make my day happier, even if they annoy me so much.

Jake's POV

"Did you do it?" Perrie asks. "Yeah." "And did you break her heart?" Olivia interrupts. "YES OLIVIA. I DID ALL WE NEEDED TO DO." I try to make things clear to her. "You're so oblivious." I mumble to her. "I heard that."

"Can you two shut up. Now we need to do the final plan. Ashton breaks with Claire." Perrie says. "Ok. This starts tomorrow. I'll meet you two at the cafe tomorrow. Got it?" I instruct. "Yes. Good night. I'll see you tomorrow." Perrie hangs up.

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