Gotta Get Out

When Claire hears about the famous band 5 Seconds Of Summer, she falls head over heels in love with their drummer Ashton. Her parents coincidentally move to Australia. Her life is horrible hearing about the move. Her friends are being left behind and her whole life in Maryland. She gets excited and sad for moving to Australia. Will she meet Ashton and 5sos? Read to find out!!!!

On wattpad. By Ashtons_drummerx which is me! :)


3. Chapter 2: A New Neighbour

I open the door and a tall guy stands there.

Ashton's POV

"No mom! I don't wanna!!!" I pout. "C'mon Ashton. It's just a visit. It's not like going to the doctors or anything. Just a visit."

"Fine." I huff and get my shoes. I walk outside and walk to the new neighbour's house.

I knock and a beautiful girl, about 17, opens the door.

Claire's POV

"Hello." I say, looking down. "Hi." He says rubbing the back of his neck. "I'm-I'm Claire." I answer. "And I'm Ashton. Nice to meet you." We both blush and Angeline walks up to us. She hugs my leg and sucks her thumb.

"Hi." She quietly says. Ashton waves and I pick her up.

"Do you want to come in?" I ask. He nods and walks in.

He sits down and starts a "conversation" with Ang. "Do you want something to drink?" I ask. He shakes his head and says 'no thank you.' I nod and join them.

Ashton tells me a little about himself and I tell him about me.

He asks me to go out with him to see Sydney and the beautiful views. I nod in agreement and he gets his keys from his pocket. I grab some stuff to keep Ang entertained and we head out.

We walk to his car and he opens the door for us. He drives for about 10 minutes and we arrive at the board walk.

He tells me about his band and the people here. He informs me about everything I need to know from moving here.

After the long walk, he takes us to go eat dinner. I offer to pay but he gratefully payed. I thanked him and after an hour, he took us home.

"I'd love to talk more. Do you think I can come over tomorrow?" He asks. "Sure. We will find Ang a pre-school and she'll probably won't be here tomorrow. So you can have me." I shrug and feel my face getting hot. He nods and leaves.

I lean against the door and slide down on my back.

I look over at Ang. "Did you have a good day?" I ask, almost daydreaming.


I got ready to meet with Ashton today. Mom and dad went out today to find Ang a preschool. They submitted her and she's at school now, so I have the house to myself. I won't be joining school till next year for school is almost over here.

I dressed in some comfortable clothes, a tank-top, some shorts, and Toms. I ate some toast with Nutella and just watched tv all day.

I head a faint knock on the door and got up, yawned, and opened it.

There stood a tall, shaggy-haired Ashton. "Hi." I quietly said. "Hey." he just stood there.

"Oh, do you want to come in?" I asked. He nodded and I let him in.

****PT 2****

We hung out for a while and then I heard another knock on the door.

I opened it and there was an out of breath Calum. "Hi. I'm Calum. Is a guy named Ashton here by any chance?" He huffed. "Yes. He is. Come in." And Michael and Luke Walked in afterwards.

Inside, I was flipping out, on the outside, I was super calm.

HOW?! I should be freaking out that the hottest rock band is in my living room.

They gathered on the couch and Ashton introduced the guys. Even if I knew them inside.

"This is Calum, Luke, and Michael. We are 5 Seconds Of Summer, as I told you." I nod and I say hi to them.

I offered drinks and food and we watched tv too.

After, they wanted to perform for me. I gladly accepted and they played a song called Gotta Get Out.

"And if the earth ends up crumbling down to its knees baby

We just gotta get out

We just gotta get out

And if the skyscrapers tumble down and crash around baby

We just gotta get out

We just gotta get out."

I clapped and my mouth dropped. That was amazing. I've never heard it live, obviously, but it was amazing.


The guys decided to go out with me and explore the giant city of Sydney.

Calum, being the baby he is, was selfish. I drove Ashton and I and the rest went in a separate car. I just followed them to the city and we walked around.

I bought some stuff and we just ate at some restaurants on the street. I actually enjoyed my time with the guys.

We got back and I wanted to show the guys my collection. My dad plays guitar and I played piano since I was 5. I admired my dad playing guitar and I eventually got into bass. (This is really MY story, btw.) When I was 11, my dad taught me 3 chords on guitar. I self-taught myself since then. My dad bought me a phone before, in the summer so I had practice on that. I've been playing bass, guitar, piano, and drums since. So I want to show the guys what I can do.

I opened the basement door and we walked down the stairs. There were 7 guitars hanging on the walls and a bass siting on a rack. My drum kit next to the wall and my piano across.

Their mouths dropped and I set the microphones up.

"Do you like it?" I asked. Their moths wide opened, they couldn't speak.

I handed Michael and Luke some guitars and Calum my bass. I moved the drum kit over and the stool too. Ashton sat down and admired my drums.

"I love you!" Calum yelled and ran over to hug me.

I patted his back slowly and awkwardly and made a weirded out face.

Luke played a few chords and made up a song. The guys went with it and played. I say down on the bench where the piano is and copied them. We made a pretty good jam session and they performed some of their originals.


Ashton snuck me to the back and he wanted to talk.

"Uhh, Claire?" He asked me. "Yes Ashton?" I said. "Today was fun. I'm glad we got to hang out, even if the guys crashed the 'party'." I laughed.

"It's ok. I did too." I smiled and maybe blushed. "You're very pretty, you know that?" He moves the hair behind my ear, "And the moon light makes you even prettier. If that's possible."

My smile gets bigger and his touch sends shivers down my back.

He puts his arm around my shoulder and I stand closer to him. "I like you." He confesses. "I-I like you too..." My words drift off.

He kisses my cheek and he holds my hand. My fingers curl around his and we walk inside.

Michael wolf-whistles and I roll my eyes, but smile.

I feel happy to have him as a friend, and I hope to become more that that.


HEYYYY GUYYSSSS!!!!! This is my first fanfic! [stole my heart doesn't count!!] I hope you enjoy! I'm typing on my phone so idk if it's short. :P whatever. Lol. Well, I'm Alex! I won't be doing A/Ns often so this is my first. :) hope you like my fanfic!^^ well, bye!!!)

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