Gotta Get Out

When Claire hears about the famous band 5 Seconds Of Summer, she falls head over heels in love with their drummer Ashton. Her parents coincidentally move to Australia. Her life is horrible hearing about the move. Her friends are being left behind and her whole life in Maryland. She gets excited and sad for moving to Australia. Will she meet Ashton and 5sos? Read to find out!!!!

On wattpad. By Ashtons_drummerx which is me! :)


2. Chapter 1: 5SOS

"AUSTRALIA?!" I screamed.

"Ok. Shjit just got real." I almost cussed.

I walked up to Olivia and Perrie and screamed quietly.

"What?" Perrie asks. "Uh-uhh... Nothing. It's a band I love. Now." I reply. "Okay...?" Olivia joins.

"They're called 5 Seconds Of Summer. They're amazing and hot and something about them is pretty freaky."

"What is it!?" Olivia yells. "They're from Aus-" "Tralia?!" Perrie finishes. "Y-yes. And guess how old they are."

"How old?" Olivia asks. "Ok. The oldest is 19. Two 18 year olds and 1 17 year old." I say showing them a picture of them.

"The drummer is hot." Olivia sighs. "HES MINE!" I yell at her. "The singer guy is pretty cute." Perrie points.

"He's my second favourite." I say.

I tell them which is which. "So it's Lerrie?" Perrie asks. "Yeah. And Olivia, you have to pick another guy." I giggle.

"Alright. I like Calum." She shrugs. "Then you'll be Colivia. And I'd be... Cashton." I sigh at the name.

"My, my, my,my, my, my give me love, lover!" I sing their cover.

"Obsessed" I hear Olivia whisper to Perrie. I roll my eyes and laugh.

We get in the bus and talk. "So. Why are you so happy if you're moving on Tuesday?" Perrie asks. "Good question. I don't know." And Jake comes back up to me and sits next to me.

"Morning, Jake." I say. "Good morning, Claire!" he says back. "We still on for after school?" I ask. "Yeah. I was going to ask you, but, would you like to be my girlfriend? I know we just met and stuff but you're like no other girl I met before." He smiles. "Yeah! I would li-love to." "Are we official?" He asks. "Yeah. I guess we are." I sigh.

I look out the window and just smirk.

*After School*

I meet Olivia, Perrie, and Jake to go to the mall. Jake asks for my hand and I accept. He holds a loose grip on my hand and we walk to the mall that's not far.

Jake and I shop around and Olivia and Perrie go somewhere else.

"I know I only met you, but you're very pretty. I like you." Jake confesses. "I really like you too." I reply, blushing. He smiles at me and he asks for my hand. I allow and he holds it tightly, but not too tight.

We walk back to Olivia and Perrie to go back home. We drop Jake home and come to my place.

Olivia and Perrie help me pack my stuff. They take all of my stuff in my room and I get the bathroom.

I pack my shampoos, conditioners, make up, razor, soap, and other necessities besides stuff for the next 3 days.

We get bored so we start to listen to music. I put my playlist that has some 5sos on it.

We stay up till 11 and keep packing my stuff.

I wake up with the smoke alarm going off. I laugh. It's my dad trying to cook again. I look around the room and see Perrie asleep on my window seat and Olivia spread out on the floor. I roll my eyes and smile.

I check my phone and get a text from

Jake :)

*Hey Claire! Hope I didn't wake you. Wanna hang today? Bye. Xx*

I reply with

*sure! Anytime is fine. See you then!!*

And I get another from him

*ok. I'll be there at 6. See you!*

I lock my phone and go downstairs to help dad.

"What are you trying to make?!" I yell, laughing. "Cereal. Haha. No, I'm making waffles." He says. "Do you need help?" I ask grabbing two plates. "Um, yes." I giggle.

I pour orange juice for him and milk for me.

We sit at the table and wait for Olivia and Perrie to get up. I set two empty plates for them and two empty glasses. "Please don't be mad at me for the moving thing." "I'm not. It's okay. As long as I get to see Perrie and Olivia every weekend." I instruct. "That seems fair." He nods in agreement.

Olivia and Perrie trudge down the stairs and sit at the table.

They eat and we pack some stuff from the living room an kitchen.

By now it's noon. 6 hours left.

Olivia and Perrie take me to the mall to get some outfits for my date tonight.

"How's this one?" Perrie gestures to the dress. I shake my head and we keep walking around. I finally find a cute blue dress that's flowy in the back and has a brown little belt on it. I smile and I pay: $15. Cheap but pretty.

Olivia is so selfish that she buys 4 bags of stuff for herself. "Oh. Here." She says handing me a box. Not so selfish, I guess. I open it and it's a beautiful heart locket with three picture spaces.

"Put a picture of all three of us." He says with a big grin on her face.

"Oh, Olivia!!! it's beautiful!!!" I smile back and hug her. "Thank you." I say to her. "You're welcome. Remember us when you're gone." She instructs. I nod and we go home.

I take a hot shower and wash my hair. I blow dry it and get my underwear from my room. The girls help me with my make up and my shoes. I slip the dress on and fix the boob part so it fits correctly. I grab the high heels and put them on. They are sparkly and grey an just beautiful. About 2".

They do my make up and in no time, the doorbell rings. I gasp and they finish my hair and make up.

I rush downstairs and there is Jake.

****PT 2****

"Hi Jake." I blush. "Hey Claire. Ready?" He asks. "Mhmm." I Say as I nod. He asks for my hand and opens the door for me. I get in the car and he does too.

He drives us to a fancy restaurant.

I don't order too much. We start some small talk.

"Uh, Jake?" I ask. "Yes?" He replies looking from his menu. "I need to tell you something important." I inform him.

"What is it?" he asks.

"I'm moving."

"What? And when were you going to tell me?" He stares into my eyes. "Yesterday. But we were having so much fun at the mall that I just couldn't. I'm sorry." I reply. "Don't be. It's ok. As long as I still get to see you." I blush. "Yeah." Is all I could say.

I fork my food and don't eat much of it. I'm glad it was cheap.

He drives me back home. When we get to my doorstep, he plants a kiss on my cheek. "I had a great time, Jake."

"Me too. See you later." He waves.

I run upstairs and call the girls about what happened.


Nothing happens. Today is Monday. I groan as my alarm goes off. The last time this will happen. I get the rest of my boxes and put them into the moving truck. I grab my backpack with my carry-on stuff for the plane and go to the rental car, for we had to sell our cars.

Dad drives us to the airport. On a cold November evening. I had my light sweater and my jeans on and my uggs.

I get out of the car and check in with the lady at the counter.

We board the plane and I stick the headphones in my ears and fall asleep.


"We have arrived in Sydney. Have a great day!" I hear and open one eye. My parents, that are sitting behind me, poke me between the seats and tell me to get up. I roll my eyes and start to gather my stuff.

I get up and exit the plane, waiting for my parents. They walk behind and the airport feels warm. I ignore it and keep walking.

When we leave the airport, my dad calls up a taxi and I get sweaty easily.

I groan and take my sweater off. My mom just smiles at me and I shoot her an evil eye. She laughs and I just struggle to get my clothes off.

We get in the taxi and the driver drives us (obviously) to the house. My dad pays the fare and we walk inside the house. With 3 cars parked in front. It's a giant house with 2 maybe 3, floors. There is a balcony and we live right behind the ocean. I take in the fresh, salty air and my mom opens the door.

I walk around the house and find the kitchen, stairs and there is a basement. I go upstairs and see 4 bedrooms. One for me, one for my parents. And I'm guessing a guest room. I open the door next to my parents and see a balcony, the one from outside. I gasp and open the glass doors and see a beautiful and breath taking view of the Pacific Ocean.

There are stairs to walk down to the beach and I see neighbours that have the exact same thing.

I walk back in and go to the truck that arrived with our stuff.

I grab my boxes of things and take them to my room. (I forgot to mention that Claire has a little sister. Her name is Angela. So Angela, or Angie, is 3 and she's a.... "Princess." So she's sassy. She's spoiled and a brat sometimes. But yeah...)

Angie just sits on her bed, bouncing and not giving a care to the world.


I finish unpacking when my parents say that they are going out to explore Sydney and not going to be back until tomorrow.

"Take care of Ang! I'll see you two tomorrow!" Mom says blowing a kiss to both of us.

They leave and by now it's 5.

I turn the tv on for Angie and she bounces again on the couch while eating goldfish.

I hear a knock on the door and walk up to answer.

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