Stayed Out In The Rain

Ellanquella Petrom is a strong girl. Not. Her body can make even a saint contemplate sinning. She's a bit obliviously aware. A bit of a contradiction, yes, but she knew some things, but other things. Harry Styles has a problem. He wants her. He stalked her for ten months, after she moved to New York two months before. His New Year's Resolution for this year: Make Her His A story of an orthodox kidnapper taking an unorthodox girl.


2. Let's Pretend I Totally Didn't Didn't Kidnap You Yesterday On Tomorrow Morning

Harry pushed me back and into a wall. “Relax, kitten.”


“Let go! Let go! Let go!” I begged, trying to wiggle away from his grasp.


“Hold still!” he said.


And with one swift movement, everything went black.


I woke up the next day with a headache and no clue as to where I was. I slid out of the soft bed and decide to venture around the house. After checking three rooms, one which was a nursery, I smelt something cooking. I followed the heavenly smell downstairs and to a kitchen. I stood at the door frame staring at a beautiful man. I sighed at the abundance of food on the large dining table, which caused the man to turn around.


“Oh, good morning, kitten. I didn’t see you there.” he said, holding his chest in surprise.


“Um…” I replied confusedly.


“Well don’t just stand there, come and sit. I’ll make your plate.” he smiled.


I sat down warily, him watching me with eyes of encouragement. As soon as i was seated he began making my plate.


“How was you sleep?” he questioned.




“That’s great.” he said enthusiastically.


“I’m sorry, who are you and where am I?” I finally ask.


He stops moving and looks up from making the plate and at me. He walks up to me, his eye never leaving mine. He swiftly grabs my chin, forcing me to look at him. I gasp in shock.


“I am your husband, your boyfriend, you lover, your friend, your soul mate, your partner, your spouse, your everything and this is your home!” he spat, tightening his grip, causing my lips to widen.


“Please, stop.” I plead.


“Ellie, tell me you understand.” he demanded.


“I-i-i just want you to let me go, sir. You’re hurting me.” I managed to get out.


That sentenced only angered him further as he pulled my chair by my neck and into the air. I try to grasp for air but he tightens his grip.


You aren’t going anywhere! Now, tell me dammit!” he ordered.


As he uttered those words, my memory flood back and I kicked him in his stomach. He dropped me and doubled over in pain. I get up and back away from him. I  take off in a run towards the living room. The front door begins to unlock and I wait for the person on the outside to open it. As the door opens, Harry grabs me by the waist and I scream, alarming the outsiders.


“Hazza, let her go!” a brown haired, brown eyed boy orders.


“No! I told you I just got her last night. I’m not letting her go that quick.” he yelled, his grip tightening.


“Harry ,when you told us you wanted us to finally meet her, we thought she came on her own consent, not that you kidnapped her. Now, stop this! Maybe if you let her go now, she won’t press charges.” another brown hair boy said.


“No! She’s not leaving me!” he screamed.


“Hello? ‘She’ is right here and ‘she’ wants to go the fuck home!” I chime in, trying to be released.


“Ellie, stop it! We are staying here together.” he said, stressing the “we”.


“Let her go!”








“Hey, everyone! Shhh, don’t move.” I say suddenly, craning my neck to look at Harry, who was still holding me.


“What’s wrong, love?” he asks.


“I’m sorry, but what’s up with the the three girls standing by the door over there? Like do you guy see them too or is it just me?” I ask staring at the one blonde and two brunettes.


“Oh, that’s our girlfriends, Eleanor or El, Perrie or Pez, and Sophia or Soph, for short.” ‘Liam’ said.


“Oooohhhh! Hi.” I say waving, though my hand is stuck by my side.


“Hell-” they start to say in unison, but I step on Harry’s toe and elbow him in the face.


“Ow! Bloody hell!” he screamed, holding his, now bleeding nose. I grabbed him arm and flipped him on his back and whispered, “Don’t fuck with a girl who’s father was a marine and her mother was a cop.” before greeting his friends and escorting them to the kitchen, so we could eat.


“So Louis, Harry told me about your little daredevil self.” I strike up.


“Oh really? Well I don’t like to brag, but I’m pretty awesome.” he said, trying to show off his biceps.


“Oh hush.” El chimed in.


“Speaking of daredevils, how about that attack on Haz? I wanna be mad that you hurt him and now he’s at the doctor’s, but at the same time it was sick.” Niall chimed.


“Oh, that. Um, well my dad wanted me to follow in his footsteps and be a marine, so growing up, he made me train, every day and night. I never had time for teenage kid stuff. I never went on dates, but I made sure to go to prom. I only went ‘cause the week before, I told my dad I wanted to be a writer. So, I relocated, went to college, and became Chief Editor for Cosmo.” I conclude.


“Wow. Well, you seem like a nice girl.” Pez said, smiling.


“It’s a shame she leaving the group.”


“Oh, I’m not leaving.”


“What? I mean Harry kidnapped you and the first chance you get to leave you don’t want to?” Zayn pieces together.


“Oh, no. I want to leave. I just know that if I do, he’ll stalk me workplace and my activity. Then he’ll eventually capture me again. He had to have done before, seeing as he know my whole first name and I only told him my name was Ellie.” I inform.


“Why not leave the state or better yet the country?” Soph asks confused.


“Harry’s crazy and impulsive, but his also skilled. He has cameras all around the house and I don’t have my bag to book any transportation nor money to book it with, so I’m stuck here.”


“Well. look on the brightside, you got three new shopping buddies.” El said, cheesing at me like a doofus.


“Dear God!” I pretend to moan.


“She’s not going anywhere near a mall after her little stunt today. Only good girls get rewarded for good behavior. Now, go upstairs and think about what you did.” Harry ordered as he stepped through the kitchen door frame.


“Your right. I need to jab a bit more to the left.” I say smartly.


“Ellanquella Dawn Petrom, upstairs now!” He yelled, startling everyone.


“Okay, okay. Chill. Can’t take a hi- I mean a joke.” I say, walking up the stairs, causing Niall to snort.


“I’ll deal with you later.” He shouted as I slammed the bedroom door shut.

Man, I should’ve stay out in the rain or better yet, became a marine.

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