Stayed Out In The Rain

Ellanquella Petrom is a strong girl. Not. Her body can make even a saint contemplate sinning. She's a bit obliviously aware. A bit of a contradiction, yes, but she knew some things, but other things. Harry Styles has a problem. He wants her. He stalked her for ten months, after she moved to New York two months before. His New Year's Resolution for this year: Make Her His A story of an orthodox kidnapper taking an unorthodox girl.


3. Chapter Three: Good Girls Get Rewarded For Good Behaviour

I sat on the edge of the bed, wondering why I was a victim of a kidnapping. I was always a good girl. I did as Father and Mother said. I was respectful and respectable. I got along with everyone around me, so why?






My thoughts were soon interrupted by the front door slamming as the bedroom door opened. ‘They must’ve showed themselves out.’ I thought as Harry crept towards me.


“Kitten…” he whispered darkly.


“Harold…” I mocked back, causing him to strike me across my face. I fell back on the bed, him standing over me.


“Don’t test me.” he growled, taking of his belt. I sit up, trying to crawl in an useless attempt to get away, but he catches my leg and drags me back to him.


“Stop fighting me, Ellie!” he yelled, roughly grabbing my arm and tugging me up. He then, sat down and  placed me over his lap.


“Now, tell what you did wrong and I’ll go easy.” he said restraining my wrists the belt. He yanked down the sweats he had dressed me in the night before


“I did nothing wrong, given the situation I was and still am in, you sadistic bastard!” I screeched.




I screamed in pain as his hand came in contact with my ass. “Wrong answer, kitten. I give you one more chance.” he smirked.


“Fuck you!” I bellowed, as he unleashed his anger upon my butt. He gritted his teeth and held me still as I squirmed.


























After twelve more smacks, thirteen in whole, he whispered haughtily, “Have you learned your lesson, kitten?”


“Y-y-yes.” I choked out through loud sobs, hoping he would let me go.


“And what is it?” he continued.


“O-o-only g-g-good g-g-girls get rewarded for good behavior.” I whispered obediently.


“God job, Ellie.” he said with pride, his hands ghosting over the curve of my ass to my covered heat. He began softly massaging it, before he swiftly yanked off my panties.


“W-w-what are you doing?” I question quickly.


“Relax, kitten. Let Daddy take care of his Elliebear.” he replied, his hand flicking my clit.


“N-n-no, please! Stop!” I cry.


“Ellie, you’re not in trouble anymore. Let me make you feel good.” he whispered, sliding his index finger into my slick entrance.


I groan in pleasure. He chuckled at my response slowly pumping it in and out of me, adding more every so often. My body moved on it’s own accord, my hips meeting his fingers.


“Aaahh!” I scream in surprise as the longest finger of the hand holding me down stretches the hole of my ass. Harry thrusts it in out of me, without warning, groaning as I clench around him.


“Fuck, baby. Just like that.” he moans.


“Harry, I’m close.” I admit.


“Say my name, baby. Call me Daddy, kitten.” he orders.


“Harry, fuck!” I ignore.


I whine as he removes his hands from my southern lips, but continues his assault on my asshole. He smacks my ass roughly before shoving the four fingers back in without warning.


“Say it!” he growls.


“N-n-no!” I defy, causing him to thrust harder and faster.


“Say it or You won’t cum for the rest of the night.” he smirked.




“Okay you brought this upon yo-” he started, but I swallowed my pride and yelled, “Fuck! Okay! Oh Daddy, yes!”


“Good girl! Cum for me, Ellie.” he said with encouragement.


I obeyed, soaking him hands, which he slurped right after. He pulled up my panties and unbound my wrists.  I got up from him lap and went to my side of the bed, not bothering to put my sweats back on.


“Harry?” I called before he went to his side.


“Hmm?” he asked walking towards me.


“For a guy who kidnaps girls who don’t have transportation, you are really good with your hands.”


“Thank you, I guess.” he smiles.


“You’re still a selfish asshole though.” I joke, hitting his arm.


He walks to his side, shaking his head before sliding in with me and kisses my forehead.

“Yeah, but one day I hope to be your selfish asshole.” he whispers.

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