Stayed Out In The Rain

Ellanquella Petrom is a strong girl. Not. Her body can make even a saint contemplate sinning. She's a bit obliviously aware. A bit of a contradiction, yes, but she knew some things, but other things. Harry Styles has a problem. He wants her. He stalked her for ten months, after she moved to New York two months before. His New Year's Resolution for this year: Make Her His A story of an orthodox kidnapper taking an unorthodox girl.


6. Chapter Six: A Back Story-ish Flashback With A Hint Of Cute Shoes

"Oh, so now I'm annoying bitch and a rebound? I shit you not,  you really need to get your priorities straight! I'm too beautiful to be a rebound." Ellanquella said, full of sarcasm.


Harry look down and growled, before rubbing his face and falling back on the bed. Ellanquella’s hand immediately shot out a twirled one of his unruly curls, as if it were an unspoken way she normally calmed him when he was in distress. Hands deep in his hair, she whispered, “Who was she?”


“N-n-no one.” he moaned as her nails scratched his scalp. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t wonder how they’d dig in his back as he took her with her legs in the air.


“Yes, because over here in America when someone calls you by another name and then says their no one, we believe them. Nice try, but just ‘cause you’re British, doesn’t mean you’re as good as Simon Cowell and can get away with anything. Spill.” She said smirking.


“Fine, but first-” he said grabbing her hips and placing her on his lap, her body straddling his.


“Harry!” she squeaked in surprise.


“What? If I gonna tell you a heart wrenching back story-ish flashback, I think I should at least have some motivation." He said with a smirk.


I couldn't believe she said yes! Ivory was the most prettiest girl in all of Holmes Chapel Comprehensive  School.  We were science partners and after six months of school, I got the courage to ask her out.


It was a big step considering I was always picked on for being the only tenth grader taking twelfth grade classes. We had been together for three weeks and she was kind of demanding, but I knew she just liked order. She was causing me to spend less time with the  little friends I had, but she was also the only girl who ever paid attention to me other than the ones who called me names and I was not going to lose her anytime soon. They though she was up to something, but I thought they were just jealous. I should've believed them.


It was the week before prom and I was doing our project for science that determined whether you got to attend prom or not and she walked in with her ex boyfriend, Ethan, in tow.


"Are you done with my project yet?"  She asked, smacking her gum loudly.


" Yes." I replied quickly.  She snatched it from my hand and turned around, yelling out "Thanks, nerd!" over her shoulder.  She walked up to Mr. Forrest, our science teacher, and slammed it in his lunch table.  He approved it by nodding his head and she stomped back over.


"Do it,  baby." She chanted.


Ethan stepped up to me, cracking his knuckles.


"Hi,  Ethan." I said nervously.


"God, for a book worm, you sure don't have a clue." He said punching me in my stomach.  It didn't hurt much because I started working out to impress Ivory and I was always his number one target.


More punches followed and I was pushed on the floor. I groaned in pain as he stepped on my wrist. He got off of it and laughed.


I shakily got up, looking over at the teachers who pretended not to notice. I wipe the blood from my lip and started limping away.


Ivory came up and whispered, "Thanks for the A, nerd. I can't believe you actually thought I liked you. You were just an easy way for me to get to go to the prom. You’re nothing and you won’t ever be something.”


“Take that back.” I growled.


“Aw, is someone getting angwy?” she cooed wickedly.


“Take it back.” I shouted.


“How ‘bout no? It’s the truth.”


What happened next frightened her, I, and everyone else in the cafeteria.  I yelled “Take it back, Ivory!” and my hand swung and struck her, causing her to fall   and everyone to gasp. My older sister walked into the cafeteria and saw the sight before her and ran to me. She asked me questions, but all I could do was see and hear fear.


The whimpers that escaped Ivory’s mouth as Ethan held her.


The look of horror upon her as she cradled her face.


The principal stepped in to do his daily behavioral check and stopped short upon seeing us.


“What happened?” he screeched.


I opened my mouth to explain, but Gemma cut me off.


“Ethan attacked me brother and Ivory started harassing him, so I slapped her.”


“Is this true?” he questions.


“Yes, sir.” She concluded.


“Very well, then. You three follow me to my office and Louis,  take Harold to the nurse.” he said walking out with them.


Gemma was suspended for three weeks, Ivory was suspended for four, and Ethan was expelled and was sent to jail because he was eighteen and was tried as an adult for abuse on a minor.


Following Gemma’s suspension, we moved to California, over in the States and started over.


Aw, you poor thing. I’ll go make you cookies.” I offer semi-sarcastically.


“Actually, I kinda want something else.” he said wiggling his eyebrows at me.


“Not gonna happen.” I say, climbing off him and getting under the covers.


Worth a shot.” he joked, getting in as well.


“Good night, you idiot.”


“I believe you meant your idiot.”


The next morning I woke up alone. I turned around to Harry’s side and noticed a flower and a note. I sniff the flower and read the note.


<i> As much as I would love to stay with you everyday, I had to work. I’ll be back early and we can watch as much Leverage and Criminal Minds as you want to.


P.s. You can cook whatever you want. I left my other credit card on the desk in case the boys stop by and “want” to take the girls shopping.


-H. xx




I walk down the steps and to the kitchen. I pull out the pancake mix and turn on the radio that sits on the counter.


Three pancakes and weird dance moves in, I hear a giggle from behind me. I turn around grabbing my chest upon seeing a blonde.


That wasn’t Pez.


“Who are you and how did you get in?” I question, my grip on the spatula tightening.


“You must be Hazza’s new girlfriend. I’m Gemma, his sister. I have a key.” she informs, shaking it.


Now that I think about it, they do look alike. Wait, she said ‘girlfriend’. She doesn’t know.


“Oh my god. It’s so nice to meet you. Harry’s told me about how you took the blame for him when he was younger. That was so sweet of you.”


“It was nothing.”


“So what brings you here?” I question, turning around to make more pancakes.


“I wanted to meet you and to see my little brother.” she tells me jokingly.


“Oh, well, go settle in and freshen up while I finish up.”


“Oh, thank you.” she said bounding the steps.


As we finished up breakfast, Gemma questioned me.


“So, what do you do?”




“I’m basically a housewife without the marriage.” I joke.


“So you mooch off of him?”


“Oh, heavens no! I have my own money from working with fashion, but Harry told me to quit after this whole spiel about how men are supposed to take care of their women. Plus, he believes we’re practically married.” I explain.


“Oh.” she whispers guiltily.


“Look, I know what you’re doing and why you’re here. I can assure you I’m nothing like Ivory.”


“Good. ‘Cause I’d have to kill you.” she giggled.


“Now that that’s cleared up, what do you wanna do?” I ask.


“Shopping?” she offered.




“Are you sure you’re okay with me using Harry’s card ‘cause I can use my own?” I ask her again.


“Yes. I trust you.” Gemma says while examining her newly polished nails.


“Let’s head home. It’s like six o’ clock, right?” I question.


“Seven-forty, actually. C’mon, let’s go.” she said, yanking me towards the exit.


Gemma turned into the driveway and unlocked the rental car and all I could think was ‘Shit. Shit. He’s gonna beat me like I’m Ivory… or worse Celie from The Color Purple.’


She stepped out, grabbing her bags, and I sat there praying. I looked up and saw her staring at me with confused look. I climbed out and said, “All that walking made me tired.”


“Yeah, well, the sooner you get your stuff, the sooner you get a massage from Hazza.” she giggled while wiggling her eyebrows.


“Oh hush.”


She locked the car and unlocked the house and walked in. As soon as we walked in, eight heads turned to us. Harry ran to me, his hands wrapping around me. I dropped my bags by the impact and I hold him as I feel tears drip on my shoulder.


“Don’t you ever leave like that again. I thought  I lost you.” he commanded.


“I’m sorry. I forgot to leave note.” I explain.


“You had me worried. At first, I thought you went out with the boys, but they said the didn’t have you. I thought you left me.” he whispered, searching me for any bruising.


I snatch my arm away from him, causing him to look up. I chuckle at him, an idea in my mind.


“Harry, I am leaving you.” I whisper.


“W-w-what why?” he asks, his voice cracking.


“‘Cause when we went shopping, Gemma got some really cute shoes and I figure If I leave you for her, she might let me wear them, considering we wear the same size.” I say with a straight face.


He looked at me confused and turned around to look at Gemma, who waved at him before his face turned into a smile.


“Gemmy!” he screeched hugging her tightly.


“Hazza!” she said, looking at him once he let her go.


“Wait, you weren’t being serious were you?” he asked me.


“No, she threatened to kill me if I hurt you and I cherish my life more than shoes."

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